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 I’m a big fan of candles all through the year but especially during the Autumn/ Winter months I love the cosy feeling they create. How quickly I go through candles I really begrudge paying Yankee prices for candles as you are just burning money, I much prefer buying cheaper candles which can give off just as much scent as buying a more expensive candle.

Primark have really upped their game with candles lately, well with their homeware in general really but I am particularly enjoying their candles 

My favourite for the scent it this Oriental Spice & Ginger one which is the jam jar style one below the scent is gorgeous and definitely fills the room. I also love the packaging I think it looks really expensive when I saw it was only £3 I had to have it.

Another of my favourites is the tea light holder just behind which is quite old now and unfortunately I don't know if you can still get them but I think it was only £3

Primark also do small candles like the Sea Salt & Lavender one below that was just £1 and they have lots of different fragrances. The scent payoff on these isn't the greatest but they are pretty good for small rooms and for £1 you can't go wrong.

Finally the last candle I have been loving is in a beautiful holder with blue floral decoration on it. The scent on this is Vanilla & Coconut which smells beautiful and even when the candle isn't lit you can still smell it.

Have you tried any candles from Primark what did you think?
A little while ago I was asked if I would like to review a bouquet of flowers from Blossoming Gifts of course what woman doesn't like to receive flowers.
After looking at their website I just couldn't decide which to pick so I asked them if they could surprise me and what a beautiful surprise it was.

I received a beautiful bouquet of avalanche roses, antique carnations and lillies as soon as I opened the box I was hit with a lovely floral scent and I was also very impressed with how the flowers were packaged. I've never actually received flowers this way before so I didn't know what to expect as I know postmen aren't that careful when handling boxes and packages but the flowers were in perfect condition.

What also strikes me when looking at the other bouquets on the website is how they have quite a country chic feel to them with the colours that are used and how the bouquets are arranged they are just so pretty.
With Mother’s Day just around the corner I definitely recommend sending your mum a beautiful bunch of Mother’s Day Flowers from Blossoming gifts and I also have a code which gives you 33% off using BGIFTS33 the only flowers that are exempt is the flowers by post range.

Blossoming Gifts don’t only do flowers they also have a wide range of hampers for everybody’s tastes, wines and personalised gifts it could become your one stop shop for birthdays and other special occasions.

Today I thought I would share a few of my favourite photo editing that I use quite often to edit the photos that I take on my Iphone.

I have all of my photo editing apps grouped together in a photography folder as I can't bare to half apps just mish mashed all over my home screen.

So firstly I have the layout app which does exactly what you would think you can use it to create collage photos. It's a pretty basic app but it does just what you need it to.

Next I have ABM which is A Beautiful Mess it's quite an old app now but I like to us it to add words or symbols over the top of photos.

One of my favorite apps is Big Lens which you can use to create DSLR style photos. Basically you take your photo and you trace around your subject like I have done with Thomas in the example below

And then there are different filters that you can use, You can make the photos more vivid, you can warm them up or cool them down and one of my favourites is turning the background greyscale whilst keeping your subject in colour. I would definitely recommend you download this app I think it cost about 79p but I think it's well worth the money.

Rhondda Designs is quite similar to ABM in as much as you can add text, banners, symbols ect to a photo I find this one has a lot more choice than ABM.

Picfx has been around for quite a while now it was quite popular a while ago it has lots and lots of different filters and effects that you can add to photos as well as different bokeh effects. Can you remember a couple of years ago when everybody use to have the little hearts all over their instagram photos? Yeah that.

Pro HDR is again another app which has a lot of filters but you can also mess around with the filters as well so you can change the contrast, brightness, saturation ect, ect. I don't tend to use this app that much but it is still quite handy to have.

Finally on to the bottom we have some apps that I have only recently started to play with. Mirror is an app you can use to create mirror images of photos like I have below (How brilliant is this coat btw) and you can flip the photos all different ways and then add filters and frames.

PS Express or Photoshop Express is a very handy app to have you can basically do anything with this app, Add filters, crop photos, flip photos around, Sharpen change exposure, ect. You can remove red eye and even sort out blemishes. If you only download one photo editing app make it this one.

Do you have any other photo editing apps that you recommend? let me know in the comments

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing Pinterest which I am completely obsessed with and I spotted some pins about Bullet Journaling. After getting completely lost on Pinterest I knew I had to get myself a little note book to have a go at Bullet Journaling myself.

Now when you look at Bullet Journaling on Pinterest you will see that a lot of people choose either a Moleskine or leuchtturm1917 notebooks but for somebody who is just starting out with this kind of thing I didn't want to spend that much money for something that I might not stick to. So instead I chose a basic pink NU A5 case bound notebook which was under £5 and I found it in Wilkos but I think you can find them in any supermarkets or stationary shops.

The Basics

To me Bullet Journaling is all about creating a journal/ planner that suits you own personal needs. There are so many planners that are on the market but they can be a little pricey for people living in the UK as planners seem to be a big thing in the USA and are practically non existent in the UK.
When I was reading up about Bullet Journals I made lists and pinned lots of ideas and things that I wanted to include in my journal that I thought would be helpful for me

The Key

When planning my week out I use a key for my tasks, events and appointments which I already find makes it easier to see what I have got on for the week

Setting out my month

Okay so I have only been using my Bullet Journal for a couple of weeks but this is how I set out my February  month plan. On one page I have done a quick month to view list which just shows a very basic list of what I have going on in my month.

I also have a monthly goals lists... Lets see how we get on with this part I'm not really that good at sticking to goals. I have also added a monthly to do list which I like as it shows me what important things I really need to get done in the month.

Setting out my week

At the minute I am playing around with the different weekly layouts which I quite like. I have been looking on Pinterest for different layout ideas and I am enjoying getting creative. But I think I may start adding a weekly to do list every week as I have found that comes in quite handy.

Things to add

I already have ideas about what I am going next month.

Monthly blog planner - Okay so I am getting back in to blogging again so I have been thinking that creating a monthly blog calendar may be a good idea so I can make a list of post ideas and then a calendar or when posts are going up.

Monthly spend/ save chart- I really need to start cutting down on my spending and start putting money in to a savings account to that I can actually have a holiday this year so this needs to be done so I can see exactly where I am wasting money.

I will post an update of my Bullet Journal after a few more weeks use to show how I am getting along with it, hopefully with better photos too!

I have been living on my own (Well just me and Thomas)  now for just over 2 years although it does feel like a lot longer now as when I was with Thomas's dad it felt like towards the end I was practically living on my own. Even though it's only been 2 years I already can't remember what it was like to live with somebody and what is even scarier is that I can't imagine living with somebody again.

You control the television. Need I say more? No more watching sport.

Using the bathroom without closing the door. We all do it and there is no need to deny it.

Singing and dancing whilst nobody watches. I particularly like to sing as loud as I can to the most cring-worthy songs in the shower and I really like to dance in my kitchen whilst cooking tea and the only person who can see is Thomas and he joins in so it doesn't bother him

The fridge and cupboards are filled with food only you like The only downside to this is there is nobody else to blame if you don't have anything in you actually fancy eating

When you don't feel like talking, you don't have to We all have those down days where we just don't feel like talking or being a people person and living on your own is perfect for those days and you have nobody complaining that you are being miserable.

Want to spend the morning slobbing in bed... you can Okay so this only happens about once a fortnight when Thomas is with his dad but I love it. I can snooze until whatever time I please make myself a cuppa and then get back in to bed and just slob. I actually think this is good for you.

You can decorate exactly how you want. If you want hearts and candles and pretty girly things all over your home you can

Your house your rules. There's nobody to answer to, nobody to tell you what you can and can't do

You can have friends around when ever you want without having to check with anybody. If I want a girly night in with a friend I can whenever I want without having to worry about checking if it's okay with anybody else

You don't have to be tidy all of the time. Can't be bothered to do the dishes right after a meal.. meh it'll wait there's always tomorrow. Clothes been folded on the side for a few days now... who cares they will find their way upstairs before anybody comes over.

There's nobody to think you're weird if you talk to yourself. I do this all the time and do you know what sometimes I even answer myself do I care? Nope

You don't have to worry about waking anybody if you roll in at 2am drunk. Obviously this only happens if it's a Thomas free weekend. I can have a night out with the girls and come home with donner meat and chips and get in bed and watch old episodes of Geordie shore without a care in the world and there is nobody there to stop me.

You can walk around in the nude without a care in the world Again it's something that we all do and yes there are times I walk around my boyfriends house starkers but you are always wondering what you look like from behind. Does my bum wobble as much as I think it does when I walk?
But when you are in the comfort of your own home with the curtains closed of course you can walk around completely naked without giving a monkeys what you look like from different angles..

I'm sure there are many more reasons why living on your own is great I would love to hear your reasons.
Of course there will come a day when I will live with somebody again (hopefully anyway) but for now I am loving having my own freedom but of course I would love to be able to teleport my boyfriend over whenever I wanted snuggles or a bit of company though.

This year I never made any resolutions simply because I know that I never stick to them so I thought what was the point? Instead this year I am going to try and write monthly goals at the beginning of each month and then at the end of the month I am hoping to do a monthly round up.

1, Carry on blogging - I feel like I am slowly falling back in love with blogging so I am hoping to carry on blogging through the month as at the moment I am feeling really inspired again.

2, Read at least 1 book - I can't actually remember the last time I read a book I think it may have been last summer which is really bad for somebody who used to love reading so I am hoping to start having at least 2 nights a week where I get in to bed early and read.

3, Get up to date with Project Life - I have fallen quite far behind with my Project Life I think I am currently at August time! which is terrible but I have just had a load of photos printed off so I am hoping to get up to date pretty soon.

4, Engage more on Twitter - I used to be obsessed with Twitter but haven't really used it in the longest time and I have lost touch with such a lot of people I used to speak to on there so I really need to start using it more.

5, Eat better - Over the past couple of months I have put on a bit of weight and I can definitely tell, I feel really sluggish and uncomfortable in my clothes I want to start eating better more fruit and veg and I want to make a conscious effort to drink more water too.
Who else gets really excited about this time of year? I always look forward to Autumn/ Winter so much more than any other season. I know a lot of people look forward Summer because the weather is supposed to be nice but for me Summer always seems to turn out to be a let-down. You start of dreaming of BBQs, hot summer nights, afternoons spent in the garden but in reality in England we get rain, lots and lots of rain. The most annoying thing for me is that you can never dress for the season yes it’s none stop rain but then if you try and wear a coat you end up nearly passing out from heat stroke. That is why I love the Autumn/ Winter season you can rely on the weather yes it rains but at least you can wear a coat without passing out. Here are a few of the other things I love about this time of year.

I love candles, candles make your room look and feel so cosy and I also love scented candles in really festive scents.

I love snuggling up on the settee watching a film under a blanket with candles flickering. That could quite possibly be my favourite way to spend an evening.

Festive drinks
Hello Starbucks festive drinks. Toffee Nut latte thank you very much.

Frosty Autumn Mornings
I just love frosty Autumn mornings where the grass is glistening with frost and you can see your breath getting wrapped up in a nice warm coat and a scarf.

Crunchy leaves
Who else loves walking through crunchy leaves? Even at 26 I still do but now I can take Thomas for walks with me and use him as an excuse to walk through and kick crunchy leaves in the park.

Lobbys/ Stews comfort foods
As soon as the weather gets colder outcomes the slow cooker for lots and lots of stews and casseroles much nicer than a summer salad don’t you think?

Getting wrapped up
Chunky jumpers, thick tights and boots. I do love A/W fashion much more than summer and I also feel a lot more comfortable with less body on show! 
I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day when I am in a relationship but it is even worse when you are single, especially if like me you are a big fan of social media and it seems like everybody is happily coupled up and they want to ram their romance down your throat.

I thought today I would share my top tips on how you can still have a fab Valentine’s Day even if you are on your own and how being single of Valentine’s Day is actually better.

1, You get to keep your money in your pocket. No need to waste money of expensive romantic gestures, no expensive meals out to jam packed restaurants. Instead treat yourself to your favourite bottle of wine and your favorite meal. For me it will be a nice bottle of Gallo White Zinfandel and a chicken jalfrazi.

2, Stay away from obvious couple filled locations. I managed this by taking Thomas on a date to the cinema. There wasn't a soppy happy couple in sight.... We went to see the new Peppa Pig film and we were surrounded by tired looking parents and toddlers. No romance anywhere.

3, Enjoy a night in on your own. When Thomas goes bed I plan to drink wine, eat some Lint Lindor chocolates that I bought as a special treat, paint my nails and put a face mask on... Bliss

4, Treat yourself, I plan to look at cars, that would be better than any Valentine's day gift a nice new car. I've also bought myself wine and chocolates and I don't have to share them with anybody!.

5, Stay off social media, no singleton needs to see hundreds of photos of people sharing their happiness and romance!
January has been quite a positive month for me obviously it was the start of a new year 2015 and although I don't get excited about the New Year like a lot of people do, I do like the feeling of a fresh start with a whole year ahead of me to look forward to. A new year to try and achieve more of the things I want.

January also marked a year since Thomas's dad and I split I have changed and grown so much as a person since then. I no longer feel like I rely on somebody else I feel more independent than I ever have before and I feel happier than I have done in a long time. I am also pretty glad that myself and Thomas's dad can talk to each other and sometimes even share a joke and behave like grown-ups. I know so many parents split up and there is so much hate and animosity between them that it must make life even more difficult to their children and I would never want that for Thomas.
Thomas will always connect us and I don't want a life of arguments and there are going to many things we have to have proper discussions about in the future and I want to keep things as friendly as I can for Thomas's sake.

I want 2015 to be the year that I take Thomas to different places and show him lots of different things and just to have more fun together and make the most of the time we have and I started this in January by taking him to Amerton Farm which we both enjoyed and I can't wait for us to have more mini adventures over the coming months.

Something that I have been trying to improve in January is how I use my time, there seem to always be so many things that I want to get done and just so little time to do it. I really need to get better at managing my time and making the most of every moment.

....Taking Thomas to the farm

Last week I spotted a post about Amerton Farm here on Sophie's blog and made a note in my mind to take Thomas again when it gets a bit warmer as we haven't been since his first birthday. On Sunday morning when Thomas was dropped off I wanted to get out of the house with him and I was going to take him to the park but as it was nearing lunch time I decided to go for a little run out in the car to Amerton Farm as there is a nice little cafe there we could get some lunch.

I can't believe the last time we visited the farm Thomas was barely walking or talking and now we were back Thomas was running around and we were chatting about all of the animals and he was pointing things out to me getting himself so excited. They really do grow up too quick, in a blink of an eye a year and a half had passed.

This year I am definitely going to start taking Thomas out more and explore more places and make the most of our time together. So much time is wasted doing nothing.
When you are in your teens/ early twenties your weekends are you own. Or at least they were when I was that age. I spent my weekend nights out with friends partying, drinking and staying out until 2/3 even 4 am and that was the norm. I could do it and not feel guilty about it I was working and living at home so my money was my own other than paying my dad a bit of board each month I had the rest of my money to myself. I could go out and buy myself a new outfit every weekend ready for a night of partying.

Fast forward a few years and things couldn't be more different. Weekends as a parent are completely different. There is washing to be done, piles and piles of washing as toddlers get very dirty pretty much all of the time. There's housework to be done and then there's the weekly food shop to be bought. Add actually looking after your toddler in to the mix and sometimes I'm looking forward to a break at work on a Monday.

It's hard to believe that a few years ago I was up until the early hours of the morning at weekends when now some times I struggle to stay awake past 10pm and weekend lie ins are also a thing of the past. I don't think Thomas understands that people like lie in's at the weekend, I'm sure it's something that he will learn during his teenage years though.

Even though now I only have Thomas for a full weekend every other weekend, the weekends I don't have him I miss him and I am always looking forward to when his dad brings him back home. Of course we all like a bit of time off when we are parent but I would always prefer my weekends as a parent they are much better than any night out.
I love this time of year there is nothing I like more that getting all snuggly and cosy and relaxing in front of the tele under a blanket or getting in to bed with a good book and just keeping warm. There was something about my previous house that meant that I just couldn't get cosy in there I don’t know what it was but already I love my new little house it just feels perfect for this time of the year and all of the visitors I have had so far have mentioned how cosy my house feels, Maybe it is because the rooms are a little smaller more snug.

I wanted to share with you some of the little touches I have been adding to my new home to make it feel a little more cosy 

I also love cushions and blankets for making a room look more cosy and comfy. They are also fab for layering.

I haven't had a bed with a head frame for so long, well ever really so I am so happy I finally have this bed. I love the flower fairy lights I have hung from it.

As you can see I love candles at this time of year they are my number one must have if you are wanting to make your home looks more cosy.

 I am absolutely in love with my new bedroom it feels so relaxing when I sit in there it is a perfect place to chill when I have had a long day. I just want to put a few more pictures up in the room and then it will be perfect.

A little moving in present to myself was these little candle houses they were only £12 from Asda and I love them. I uploaded a photo to Instagram and facebook and I got so many compliments on them and I know a couple of people have actually gone out and bought them.