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I wanted to share with you my new favourite dress which I recently got from Miss Selfridge. I'm not really much of a Miss Selfridge fan to be honest I can't remember the last time I even stepped inside a shop but. I recently went to my local Outfit store to collect a parcel and thought I would browse the shop whilst I was there.

I spotted this dress and instantly thought it would go perfectly with my leather look jacket

I also those these new ankle boots that I got recently from Topshop. I really needed a new pair of black boots. I've been wearing a previous pair that I got from Tesco last year, or maybe the year before to death and it's really beginning to show so I thought it was time to get some new ones as I know I will definitely get the wear out of them. At under £40 I thought that was a really good price for boots from Topshop.

A few weeks ago I fell in love with this coat from Ark, now sadly Ark has gone in to Administration and so my local store was having a closing down sale and when I went out for a meal a couple of weeks ago with the lovely lady that looks after the marketing for intuPotteries she was wearing this coat and I knew I had to have it.

As soon as I got home I went straight on to Ark's website to look for this leopard print coat but they only had a size 6 which I am definitely not! The next day I went back to town to have a look whether still had this coat in the store and they didn't I was gutted.

A few weeks later I decided to nip in again to see whether they had any and they did! Just one coat left in a size 8 I knew I had to get it and it was a bargain at just £12.50 down from £50. I't quite an over sized coat so even though i'm normally at 10/12 it fits me beautifully.

What do you think? I'ts not to everbody's taste my sister hates it but I love it. It's very out there and quite out of my comfort zone but I love it. Even though I love the pink fur I think that's what drew me to the coat to begin with, it is detachable. I think it will fast become my most worn coat.
Now that January has come to an end and we are over the longest month of the year it wont be long until Spring is upon us. Especially now that it is nearly half term once the children go back to school it will be practically March. It’s got me thinking about Thomas’s wardrobe at the minute it is full of big thick jumpers and cosy thick coats, hopefully it wont be long until the weather starts to get a little warmer and we can start to wear lighter clothes

I have been looking on the Joules website  for some ideas and inspiration for some Spring/ Summer clothing to update Thomas’s wardrobe with. I order some bits from Joules a couple of months back, one of which was a lovely fox jumper for Thomas it is such good quality and it washes really well which I get a little worried about when washing woollen jumpers. So I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing Thomas more clothes from Joules as I know even though it’s a little more expensive you can definitely tell that the quality of the clothing is better.

Even though the weather supposed to get warmer during Spring Thomas will still need some jumpers and I love the colours of this crew neck sweatshirt even though the colours are great for Spring it will also keep Thomas warm.

How cute it this dark blue rocket print t-shirt I love it and I think any little boy would think this is so cool!

Finally as the weather gets slightly warmer it will be time to swap Thomas out of his big thick winter coats and in to a lighter coat and this showerproof would be perfect to keep him sheltered from wind and rain but without making him too hot. 

*PR collab
I wanted to share with you today another one of my favourite outfits of the moment which is prefect for this time of year. I am loving the Khaki trend at the moment and the oversized shirt dress so when I spotted this little gem in New Look that combined the two I just had to have it.

It is a super comfy and relaxed shirt dress with a little D-ring tie around the waist to cinch it in to give you a bit more shape. I teamed the dress with a pair of leggings some super thick ones from next and my favourite go to boots

I absolutely love New Look and I have done for many years, I just find their clothes are so affordable and such good quality. In fact over the coming weeks I have a few more outfits to share with you from New Look. 

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite Autumn outfits. I love Autumn/ Winter fashion I love being snuggled up in chunky knits and thick tights and boots and I always feel much more comfortable and relaxed as opposed to Spring/ Summer fashion.

One thing I’ve not tried before is tights under shorts but I think with this outfit the tights work really well with the dark floral cotton shorts. I actually bought these shorts from Ebay they were originally from F&F but I love Ebay for finding little gems like these and they were only a couple of pound so even if I only wear them this season I have still got my monies worth out of them.

Next I am just wearing a super cheap black vest top which is made from a chiffon type material which was from Primark it was a bargain at only £4 and I have bought this in a couple of Autumn colours and they all look fab.

My cardigan it a super slouchy chunky knit batwinged cardigan that I got from New Look much earlier on in the year but I should imagine you could find similar on the high street.

Lastly I just finished my outfit off with some black boots that I wore to death last year and I should imagine I will wear them non-stop this year too!
One thing that every girl should have in her wardrobe for the winter is a soft knit dress. This year I have started to wear dresses a lot more but it was getting a bit too cold for my normal style of dress which is a short sleeve skater skirt. So as soon as I saw this dress I fell in love with it, the style, the colour, the details everything.

This beautiful knit dress comes to just above the knee making it the perfect length for day wear and it is in a lovely burgundy colour which is my ultimate winter colour. The dress is quite a light knit for me as I don't like really chunky knit dresses or jumpers as I tend to overheat and feel like I am going to pass out but this dress keeps me just nice.

I adore the peter pan style collar, i've never actually owned anything with this style of collar before and I love the really girly look it gives.

For a simple knit dress I love all of the cute details like the peter pan collar and then the triangle cut out on the back it just makes the dress a little more special.

My favourite part of the whole dress is the bow detail on the sleeves I love them! They just make the dress look ultra girly.

I know I will be getting lots of wear out of this dress over the winter as I think it will fast become my go to outfit. Keep your eyes peeled as I shall be featuring it in an outfit of the day post very soon.
As promised here is a look at some of the things I carry around with me on a daily basis when Thomas and I go out anywhere. I love these types of posts probably because I'm nosey. I also love the normal what's in my bag posts I did one quite a while ago you can find the post for that here

This is my new Séraphine Puffa Quilt Changing Bag I have done a full review of this bag a couple of posts back.

As this is a new bag it is junk free at the minute, it wont stay this way for long. When I was transferring things from my old changing bag to this one I had everything in there, receipts, bus tickets, pennies, odd socks and scratch mitts an odd shoe the top off a dummy.

So what do I have in my bag.
My blog diary/notebook and a pen just incase I have any ideas on the go.
A small zip bag which I have nappies and nappy bags in.
The insulated bottle bag.
The changing mat
2 hand sanitisers, you can never be too clean.
2 small pots of sudocrem
Baby wipes
A hat and mittens for Thomas although I wish I could get one of these in my size.

Other items I normally carry around with me are about 10 bibs, baby shoes, my phone and keys.

I'd love to see what you carry around in your changing bag so if you have done a post like this please link me up.