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 I’m a big fan of candles all through the year but especially during the Autumn/ Winter months I love the cosy feeling they create. How quickly I go through candles I really begrudge paying Yankee prices for candles as you are just burning money, I much prefer buying cheaper candles which can give off just as much scent as buying a more expensive candle.

Primark have really upped their game with candles lately, well with their homeware in general really but I am particularly enjoying their candles 

My favourite for the scent it this Oriental Spice & Ginger one which is the jam jar style one below the scent is gorgeous and definitely fills the room. I also love the packaging I think it looks really expensive when I saw it was only £3 I had to have it.

Another of my favourites is the tea light holder just behind which is quite old now and unfortunately I don't know if you can still get them but I think it was only £3

Primark also do small candles like the Sea Salt & Lavender one below that was just £1 and they have lots of different fragrances. The scent payoff on these isn't the greatest but they are pretty good for small rooms and for £1 you can't go wrong.

Finally the last candle I have been loving is in a beautiful holder with blue floral decoration on it. The scent on this is Vanilla & Coconut which smells beautiful and even when the candle isn't lit you can still smell it.

Have you tried any candles from Primark what did you think?

I've always wondered why there was such a big hype around Yankee Candles as to me they just seem like an over priced over hyped candle that proved popular amongst bloggers as it is the "in" thing and people to have them as a showy extra in blog photographs. That is part of the reason why I was put off trying Yankee candles for the longest time, that and the fact that they are really expensive.

Every time I walk past a Yankee Candle shop I am drawn inside by the beautiful scents which waft out of the shop and each time I step inside I peruse the shelves and sniff the candles yet still walk out empty handed I just can't justify that much money on a candle it is just burning money.

However on a recent try to B&Q I spotted a lovely little Yankee Wax Tart burner for £7 and thought I would treat myself along with a couple of Wax Tarts from the Yankee home range which are only around £1.50 each. I also purchased a big bag of 100 tea light candles for £2. When I got home I chose one of my new Wax Tarts which was the "Garden Sweet Pea" placed it in the wax burner and lit a tea light. Instantly you are hit with the beautiful aroma and it really does fill your room with a gorgeous scent. My home is pretty open so you can smell the wax tart all around your house which is great too.

I have since bought a few more wax tarts to try out currently I am using Clean Cotton which smells of exactly that it is such a fresh clean smell just like clean laundry. I am already in love with these little Wax Tarts they are a great way to scent your home but at just a fraction of the price of a jar. I can see these growing in to an addiction.