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On the 7th September 2016 you started your school life in Reception. For some reason I felt nervous, I don't know who starting school is worse for the child or the parent.

This is not the first big change you have experienced, in January I moved your from a private nursery in to a school nursery and I spent the night before you were due to start worried in case I was making the wrong decision because even though you had gained a place in the nursery it didn't automatically guarantee you a place in reception at that same school so what if I was moving you from somewhere you were settled in to this new place with lots of new faces and then I would have to move you again.

You soon settled in to your new school and loved each day playing with your friends and the change in you was amazing to see you were growing and learning new things each day. I knew then that I had made the right decision for you.

Back in June I found out that unfortunately you hadn't got a place in reception at your previous school and you would have to leave behind not only your friends but also your lovely childminder who you loved. I began to feel nervous again at the thought of having to move you in to a brand new school.

We got to have a couple of trips to your new school so that both of us could get to know the school and you liked your new school straight away and by the time the end of the summer holidays you were looking forward to starting your new school but again mummy was nervous.

The 7th of September arrived the day you were to start your new school life and you couldn't wait to get to school. Seeing you in your new uniform made me so proud of you my beautiful boy. I could sense you were slightly nervous about your first day but by the time we got to the school and were waiting for the classroom door to open the nerves were gone and you were keen to get into your new classroom. I didn't want to leave you that morning but you were completely fine and waved me off with a huge smile on your face.

I couldn't be prouder of you my beautiful boy you take the big changes in your stride nothing seems to phase you at all.

Love from mummy

Yes that’s right Thomas has started school, I mean he was only born a short while ago and now he goes to school! A few weeks ago I phoned by old primary school which is my second choice for Reception next year just on the off chance to see whether there were any places in the Nursery for Thomas. Partly because over the past month I came to the realisation that I should have started Thomas at a school nursery back in September but as he was already in a private nursery full time I didn’t but after speaking to other parents and hearing about how much their child had come on whilst being at a school which made me regret not putting Thomas in.

Luckily Thomas got a place meaning he was off to school! The few days before I felt really nervous about it and starting having second thoughts wondering if I was doing the right think starting him at a school now that he may not even get in to the reception class come September.  With Thomas going to school it meant that he would also need to start before and after school club and a childminders which I was also really nervous about because it is throwing a lot of newness at a 3 and a half year old all in one go.

Monday came around I dropped Thomas off at school I was half expecting him to be a little clingy being in this new environment with 60 new faces but he wasn’t he did brilliantly he just sat with me whilst the teacher asked me a few questions and then we hung his coat up on his peg and then I gave him a kiss and cuddle and then he waved me off and went back in to the classroom with the teacher.

The teacher has been telling me about how well he has been doing since he started and how well he is settling in. Thomas has also started the before and after school club and childminders like I mentioned and he has been doing really well with both of them, they have both said it's like he has always been there. I'm already noticing changes in Thomas especially with the things he comes out with like he tells me to talk in a little voice and if he wants me to do something for him he will ask me if I want to be his special helper its ever so sweet. I'm really looking forward to seeing how he develops even more in the coming months