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On the 7th September 2016 you started your school life in Reception. For some reason I felt nervous, I don't know who starting school is worse for the child or the parent.

This is not the first big change you have experienced, in January I moved your from a private nursery in to a school nursery and I spent the night before you were due to start worried in case I was making the wrong decision because even though you had gained a place in the nursery it didn't automatically guarantee you a place in reception at that same school so what if I was moving you from somewhere you were settled in to this new place with lots of new faces and then I would have to move you again.

You soon settled in to your new school and loved each day playing with your friends and the change in you was amazing to see you were growing and learning new things each day. I knew then that I had made the right decision for you.

Back in June I found out that unfortunately you hadn't got a place in reception at your previous school and you would have to leave behind not only your friends but also your lovely childminder who you loved. I began to feel nervous again at the thought of having to move you in to a brand new school.

We got to have a couple of trips to your new school so that both of us could get to know the school and you liked your new school straight away and by the time the end of the summer holidays you were looking forward to starting your new school but again mummy was nervous.

The 7th of September arrived the day you were to start your new school life and you couldn't wait to get to school. Seeing you in your new uniform made me so proud of you my beautiful boy. I could sense you were slightly nervous about your first day but by the time we got to the school and were waiting for the classroom door to open the nerves were gone and you were keen to get into your new classroom. I didn't want to leave you that morning but you were completely fine and waved me off with a huge smile on your face.

I couldn't be prouder of you my beautiful boy you take the big changes in your stride nothing seems to phase you at all.

Love from mummy
Even though I have been a mum for nearly 4 years I still feel like a new mum in many ways, every day is still a learning curve. I still come up against new challenges almost daily and I am sometimes left not knowing what to do for the best. Single parenting can be very lonely at times, don’t get me wrong I have amazing support from my family, friends and boyfriend. However there are times at home when it’s just Thomas and I it can be a struggle especially when he is playing up it can feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall when I am trying to discipline him and I have nobody there to back me up. Plus it gets me down when some days it seems like all I am doing is telling Thomas off for something or other I’m left always playing bad cop.

When it comes to making big decisions in Thomas’s life it is normally left to me I try and involve his dad but I rarely get anything back it’s normally “It’s up to you” Like for example when a place came up and the school nursery I made that decision myself and it was a tough one because even though I knew it would be beneficial for Thomas to be in a school environment he may only be there until the end of this school year and they he may have to start a different school in September. I didn’t know what to do for the best for him and I lay awake the night before he started school wondering if I had made the right decision. Luckily it seems to have been the right decision for Thomas he has settled in really well and has come on leaps and bounds since starting school but there is that worry about what happens when September comes.

Parenting can sometimes feel like you are constantly swimming against a tide when you are trying to get a stroppy threenager to cooperate with you particularly when they maybe don’t fully understand what you are asking of them and this is something that I need to remind myself of more. I don’t want to be a mum who constantly seems to nag and I don’t want Thomas to grow up thinking that all I ever do is moan, but then on the other hand I don’t want him to see me as being a pushover.  I guess it’s all about picking your battles and letting the things that don't really matter slide a little.

Being a mum is one of the hardest, tiring, most rewarding and amazing thing that I have ever and will ever do. Even when I am having a crappy time I still thank my lucky stars that I am a mummy to such a beautiful little boy. With each tough time you go through as a mum they are outweighed by good times. Just one single smile, cuddle or "I love you mummy" and you instantly forget the latest tantrum.

Yes that’s right Thomas has started school, I mean he was only born a short while ago and now he goes to school! A few weeks ago I phoned by old primary school which is my second choice for Reception next year just on the off chance to see whether there were any places in the Nursery for Thomas. Partly because over the past month I came to the realisation that I should have started Thomas at a school nursery back in September but as he was already in a private nursery full time I didn’t but after speaking to other parents and hearing about how much their child had come on whilst being at a school which made me regret not putting Thomas in.

Luckily Thomas got a place meaning he was off to school! The few days before I felt really nervous about it and starting having second thoughts wondering if I was doing the right think starting him at a school now that he may not even get in to the reception class come September.  With Thomas going to school it meant that he would also need to start before and after school club and a childminders which I was also really nervous about because it is throwing a lot of newness at a 3 and a half year old all in one go.

Monday came around I dropped Thomas off at school I was half expecting him to be a little clingy being in this new environment with 60 new faces but he wasn’t he did brilliantly he just sat with me whilst the teacher asked me a few questions and then we hung his coat up on his peg and then I gave him a kiss and cuddle and then he waved me off and went back in to the classroom with the teacher.

The teacher has been telling me about how well he has been doing since he started and how well he is settling in. Thomas has also started the before and after school club and childminders like I mentioned and he has been doing really well with both of them, they have both said it's like he has always been there. I'm already noticing changes in Thomas especially with the things he comes out with like he tells me to talk in a little voice and if he wants me to do something for him he will ask me if I want to be his special helper its ever so sweet. I'm really looking forward to seeing how he develops even more in the coming months

Back in May I did something completely out of my comfort zone, in fact it was so far out of my comfort zone I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it. I took Thomas on holiday abroad on my own, yes completely on my own! As we missed out on a holiday the year before I was craving a holiday and I didn’t want Thomas to miss out on another holiday so I made the decision to get something booked.

After much deliberation I booked a 5 day holiday to Alcudia in Majorca. Spain seemed like the best option as the flight time was only around 2 hours which was what I was worrying about the most and the weather for May should have been pretty decent.

As the holiday got closer and closer I began to panic and started to doubt myself, could I actually do it? Being a naturally very shy person the thought of being on my own and having nobody else to rely on terrified me but then being a single parent I don’t want Thomas to miss out on holidays because I don’t dare do things because that’s unfair on him.

The thing I was most worried about was the plane journey but in fact Thomas couldn’t have been more well behaved. The outgoing flight was quite early in the morning so Thomas was a little groggy at the airport and didn’t fancy walking and got bored rather quickly whilst we were queuing to check our bags in and I can’t blame him to be honest because nobody likes queuing.

Once we had gone through security and I felt a bit calmer we had a little walk through duty free and sat in the children’s area and watched the television for a little while before moving to somewhere we could watch the aeroplanes take off Thomas was quite happy with that and then before we knew it, it was time to move to the gate. I hadn’t realised but with my outgoing flight I had booked priority boarding which I would definitely recommend if you are traveling with young children.

Thomas was brilliant on the flights both going and coming back too I was a bit worried about how to keep him occupied for 2 hours but I bought a portable DVD player which was well worth the money and Thomas quite happily sat and watched that for most of the journey and I packed some snacks for us to eat so Thomas was as happy as a pig in muck.

It was the bit in between the flights, the actual holiday which was the most stressful for me. When we got to the holiday via the transfer somebody took our case which sent me in a total panic what on earth was I going to do if I didn’t get it back. I was stuck in a foreign country on my own with nothing I was stressed because we couldn’t even go and enjoy the sun whilst I waited for news on the case because I was in jeans hot and bothered and I had no sun cream for Thomas. Luckily the case was found later that day and I had to drag Thomas on a 20 minute round taxi journey to collect my case.

When you are on holiday just you and a child relaxing in the sun is completely off the cards. Thomas didn’t want to go out when it was sunny  but when the weather was a bit chilly he loved playing football on the beach. So finding a football, a bucket and spade and some cheap toys that you can just leave at the hotel at the end of your holiday is a must to keep your child entertained.

Meal times were my biggest nightmare of the week. It’s really difficult to help yourself to food at an all-inclusive buffet with one pair of hands trying to fill two plates and keep control of a toddler who doesn’t want to use his legs anymore. The only way around it was to try and sit as close as I could to the buffet so that I could get Thomas his food sit him down and get my own and still be able to watch him the whole time.

All in all the holiday was quite a stressful experience but I am so proud of myself for actually doing it. Would I take Thomas on holiday on my own again? If you had asked me this when I came back from my holiday in May I would have said no never again but now I am already looking at where the two of us can go next year.

....Taking Thomas to the farm

Last week I spotted a post about Amerton Farm here on Sophie's blog and made a note in my mind to take Thomas again when it gets a bit warmer as we haven't been since his first birthday. On Sunday morning when Thomas was dropped off I wanted to get out of the house with him and I was going to take him to the park but as it was nearing lunch time I decided to go for a little run out in the car to Amerton Farm as there is a nice little cafe there we could get some lunch.

I can't believe the last time we visited the farm Thomas was barely walking or talking and now we were back Thomas was running around and we were chatting about all of the animals and he was pointing things out to me getting himself so excited. They really do grow up too quick, in a blink of an eye a year and a half had passed.

This year I am definitely going to start taking Thomas out more and explore more places and make the most of our time together. So much time is wasted doing nothing.
Dear Thomas, This year I have decided to make some promises to you to make our year the best one yet.

I promise to spend more time playing with you and all of your toys television off and phone away.

I promise that we will start to do more crafts together, I am hoping for us to do something new each week to make the most of all your craft supplies, even it ifs just an hour of colouring together.

I promise that we will have more trips to the park.

I promise that we will go out on more day trips and we will visit the seaside

I promise that I will continue reading to you every single night. I hope that 2015 will be even better
for us

Lots of love Mummy


Over the past month or so Thomas has taken to looking after me. I'm not really sure why I am pretty capable of looking after myself but Thomas has taken it upon himself to watch what I am doing and to make sure I am doing things right.

Thomas has always helped me to find my shoes when we go out I think he quite likes to pick my shoes for the day, he even places them right at my feet so all I have to do is step in to them. Thomas then though it necessary to start helping me step down little steps he reaches out for my hands like I would for him.

Every time we leave the house Thomas likes to remind me to put my coat on and then just before we leave the house he double checks "coat on mama" Yes Thomas yes I have. When we are out and about Thomas will check a couple of times that I still have my shoes on, I'm not really sure where he thinks I am going to lose them. "Got shoes on Mama" Yes Thomas got my shoes on. "I got my shoes mama" Many time I have caught people smiling at Thomas when they hear our conversations.

Just the other day I quickly nipped outside to take the bins out and Thomas came to the door with me to keep his eye on me and he told me to come inside because it was cold "Oooo cold mama come in ouse"

I think sometimes Thomas likes to think he is the grown up looking after me not the other way round.
The quickest and easiest crafts to do with toddlers has got to be hand prints after all they love getting messy don't they? The best thing of all is that you can turn them in to pretty much anything. So we made spiders or pyders as Thomas calls them and witches.

Mummy finds those black painted hands scarier than anything!

I think Thomas enjoyed making these pictures the best.

Another day another Halloween craft. Do you ever think about the amount of empty toilet rolls you throw away? I bet we get through loads but I have recently started to save them for lots of different crafts I have been thinking about doing with Thomas.

I am a bit of a silly mummy for not thinking about getting Thomas an apron for when we are doing crafts you definitely need one especially when you are letting a toddler loose with black paint!

To make the wings I cut out some wings from black paper and then glued them to the back. You could either draw the eyes on or use googley eyes like we did, Thomas dabbed on a little bit of glue and then chose two eyes to stick on.

I think they look super cute hanging from out stairs. 

I love it when we get to Halloween as it's only a matter of time before Christmas and there are so many different reasons for getting crafty and lets face it we need something to keep our little ones occupied when the weather isn't that great outside. This week we have been doing lots of Halloween crafts do decorate the house.

I love watching Thomas when he is really concentrating on something and he tells me exactly what he is doing and he knows when to ask for more paint so he can carry on creating his masterpiece.

These pumpkin plates are super easy for toddlers to make. Thomas loved it he kept saying "I painting mama look" and he was very proud of his plates when he had finished. I used a bit of black paint to draw the faces on or if you have and black paper or card you could cut out the shapes and let your toddler stick them on the plate how ever they like.

I then hung the pumpkins around the room and they look super cute much better than any shop bought decorations.

When you are in your teens/ early twenties your weekends are you own. Or at least they were when I was that age. I spent my weekend nights out with friends partying, drinking and staying out until 2/3 even 4 am and that was the norm. I could do it and not feel guilty about it I was working and living at home so my money was my own other than paying my dad a bit of board each month I had the rest of my money to myself. I could go out and buy myself a new outfit every weekend ready for a night of partying.

Fast forward a few years and things couldn't be more different. Weekends as a parent are completely different. There is washing to be done, piles and piles of washing as toddlers get very dirty pretty much all of the time. There's housework to be done and then there's the weekly food shop to be bought. Add actually looking after your toddler in to the mix and sometimes I'm looking forward to a break at work on a Monday.

It's hard to believe that a few years ago I was up until the early hours of the morning at weekends when now some times I struggle to stay awake past 10pm and weekend lie ins are also a thing of the past. I don't think Thomas understands that people like lie in's at the weekend, I'm sure it's something that he will learn during his teenage years though.

Even though now I only have Thomas for a full weekend every other weekend, the weekends I don't have him I miss him and I am always looking forward to when his dad brings him back home. Of course we all like a bit of time off when we are parent but I would always prefer my weekends as a parent they are much better than any night out.
I’ve always dreamt of having the perfect house, white walls, white furniture everything looking clean and tidy “A place for everything and everything in its place”  A house that looks fresh out of an interior magazine… a show home. I would love to have the perfect looking house like you see in photos on your favourite blogs where everything looks neat and tidy. Then I remember I have a 2 year old son and I also work full time so I doubt that will be possible for a long, long time until Thomas has outgrown his toys and has learnt how to clean up after himself.

Every time I tidy my home and get it looking nice (Usually the weekends when Thomas is with his dad) I think to myself I will keep on top of this now but as soon as my little 2 year old whirlwind comes home and starts to play the house looks like a bomb has hit it and I sit back and think why did I bother. Is having a tidy home really that important? Is it more important than having a happy child who enjoys playing with every single one of his toys at the same time.

Another part of my problem is the fact that I work full time when I get home I want to sit down and spend time with Thomas, I don’t want to come home and then start tidying up and then when Thomas goes bed that’s my time to chill out or spend time with James when he is round. I guess I am still trying to find the right balance I suppose and it doesn’t help that in our current house there isn’t much storage space for Thomas’s toys they are always out on show in the living room. I can’t wait until we move and we will be able to store his toys under the stairs as there is a little blocked off area with a door we can hide the toys behind. At least then when Thomas goes to bed I can put Thomas’s toys out of view and sit in a grown up living room for a little while. I wont get myself worked up because I don’t live in a show home I want the house to looked lived in I don’t mind it being messy occasionally because I know Thomas is enjoying himself I want it look like a family home.

I guess if you look behind the photos on most blogs where the houses appear to be perfect most people’s houses do look a bit messy where the camera doesn’t capture and that makes me feel a little better because we can’t be perfect. And I guess if their houses are actually like perfect show homes then chances are they don’t have children.
Ever look at your child and think "Gosh when did you get so big" I seem to be doing that a lot lately, whenever Thomas says something new or does something that seems so grown up. Just simple things like pulling out a book and climbing up on the settee getting himself comfy and then sitting there flicking through his book. The other day when I gave him a yoghurt for his pudding he said "Ohh ank you mama" before gobbling his yoghurt all up. I stand there looking at him my heart completely melted.

When Thomas was much younger I used to look forward to a time we could have little conversations and I could watch him playing with his toys. Now we have got to that point when I watch him growing up as much as I love to see him develop and grow I still get a little pang of sadness that my baby is growing up and it's happening too fast for my liking it is so bittersweet. It wont be long until he is ready for school life will zoom by so fast I can't bare to think about it.
I just hope I can keep all of these simple little memories safe forever

I could sit and watch him playing for hours and not get bored it fascinates me to watch him and wonder what on earth goes through that beautiful little head of his. Thomas has recently starting making little conversations between his toys when he is playing most of which I can't understand but it sounds fun whatever is going on and he gets himself ever so excited.

Right now he is playing with one of his favourite toys his Little People London Bus and I don't know what is happening but two of the little figures seem to having quite a heated discussion I would love to know what about.

The slight downside to Thomas becoming older and wiser is that he is getting more head strong and he doesn't like me telling him what to do much and often thinks he's too big for simple things like holding mummy's hand... he's 2 for heavens sake. There will soon come a time when he thinks he is too cool for anything to do with his mama.

I have seen lots of other parent bloggers share a tag recently on Instagram where they share 20 facts about their child and I wanted to join in but to be honest I couldn't be bothered to sit and type that much on my phone so I thought I would turn it in to a blog post.

1. Thomas was born 14/15 days late. He was born via emergency C-Section after his heart rate continuously dropped when I contracted.
2. My dad told me that I would have a boy as soon as I told him I was pregnant so all the way through my pregnancy I "knew" I would have a boy the 20 week scan just confirmed it.
3. Thomas was born with a full head of very dark thick hair.
4. Thomas is obsessed with Peppa Pig and goes crazy whenever he sees her or George.
5. Buses are also a big obsession of Thomas's he goes crazy whenever we see one.
6. Thomas is 27 months old and I have just bought him some new jeans in size 12-18 months and they are a little too long.
7. Thomas is the first grandchild for my parents and great grandchild in my family.
8. Thomas moved in to his cot in his own room at around 4 months as there wasn't room in my bedroom for him.
9. Thomas's favourite snack is yoghurt, bananas and blueberries.
10. Thomas's favourite drink at the moment is apple juice.
11. Thomas is a really good sleeper and has been pretty much since he was around 4/5 months old except for the odd blips when he's either not well or when he use to suffer when teething.
12. Thomas is such a cheeky chappie and has such a cheeky personality and always manages to make me smile and cheer me up.
13. Potty training has kinda come to a standstill as I just don't think he was ready. We will give it another go in a few months time.
14. Thomas is a mummy's boy without a doubt
15. Thomas hates ham, I have tried it numerous times and he just does not like it at all.
16. Thomas loves nursery and has always enjoyed going which makes it easier for me working full time now.
17. Thomas is turning in to a book worm
18. Thomas loves playing with cars, buses, trains basically anything transport related.
19. Thomas doesn't like to sit still for long.
20. Thomas loves spicy crisps like chilli heatwave doritos and always pinches some of mine whenever I have them.
There have been many times in the past when I have felt like I have needed time off from being a mum, Which I don’t think is a bad thing, all parents need a break, a little breather, a little time to yourself. Being a parent of a toddler can be hard work sometimes so I find having a little break every so often leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to deal with tantrums again without being too stressed and worked up.

Since Thomas’s dad and I broke up earlier this year I have had to get use to spending time away from Thomas and whilst I do enjoy having a little more time to myself and having time with James to enjoy being a couple. No sooner had I got use to Thomas being away one night a week which in the beginning that was hard but luckily I had James to take my mind off it. My ex and I have recently decided that he will start having Thomas every other weekend for the whole weekend so I don’t see him from Friday morning when I drop him off at nursery to Monday night when I collect him from nursery again.
We have only done this for one or two weekends so far and the first weekend it was tough, when I got home on the Friday night I felt pretty empty even though I should have been use to not having Thomas on Friday nights, but just the thought of a whole weekend without him made me feel sad.

Of course I would never stop Thomas from seeing his dad but I do occasionally get this pang of jealousy that I have to share Thomas. One thing that does make me feel a little better is the thought of seeing his cheeky little face on a Monday night when he spots me walking through the door at nursery and seeing his face light up again when he sees his mama standing there. I have to fight off tears of joy when he comes running over to me so fast he nearly falls shouting “Hi mama” with the biggest smile of his face.

On the flipside I think that Thomas spending a bit more time away from me will actually do him good, he is very much a mummy’s boy which of course makes me secretly happy but I don’t want him to grow up and for him to want to be permanently glued to my side because I know that wouldn’t be good for him.

I guess I should just enjoy my time off to enjoy being Sarah without having to think about changing nappies.

  1. You find yourself scared of silence, if your toddler is being too quiet chances are they are doing something they shouldn't be.
  2. You start to speak like your parents for example "If I have to tell you once more there will be trouble" or "You sound like you are making a mess in there"
  3. It gets to a point where you grow to like Peppa Pig or which ever cartoon your child is loving at the moment.
  4. You become obsessed with asking your toddler if they need a wee and being constantly on edge whilst they are nappy free.
  5. Instead of having the latest chart hit stuck in your head you find yourself singing random parts of Go!Go!Go! songs from Nick Jr throughout the day and drive yourself absolutely batty with it.
  6. You are scared to stay up too late just in case your toddler wakes up too early.
  7. Going to work is classed as time off, and you actually look forward to not having to deal with tantrums or nappy changes for 8 hours a day.
  8. You agreed most of these points 

Just before Thomas's 2nd birthday I made the decision to move Thomas in to a big boy bed. I knew the time to make the move was fast approaching as he was getting older and I felt he was getting to "old" for his cot even thought he was nowhere near outgrowing it yet. I will be honest I was a little nervous about making the move as Thomas is a great sleeper and has been for a long, long time I was worried than moving in to a bed would disrupt his bedtime routine and I definitely didn't want to go back to having sleepless nights.

We only have a bit of an off night every so often where Thomas makes a fuss about going to bed but on the most part I could just put him in his cot and leave him to fall asleep on his own and then not hear a peep out of him until the morning when he wakes up. This was my biggest concern, how do you put a toddler to bed at night in a toddler bed and get him to stay there without getting up wandering about and playing with his toys?

Answer is you can't... well I don't think you can anyway. Every night I put him to bed and he causes a fuss and cries for a while, sometimes has a little strop where I can hear him thrashing about on the floor, other nights he just gets out of bed plays a bit until he is tired and then gets himself back in bed and tucks himself in which I don't mind. The only nights I can put him straight to bed and he stays there without a fuss are nights he is super tired.

Once Thomas is asleep though I don't hear a peep out of him until morning still which I am glad of as I was expecting him to start waking up during the night and getting out of bed and trying to get out of him room. I actually think mornings are better now he is in his toddler bed as when he wakes up he is now happy to play with his toys in his room instead of being eager to get out of his cot and for me to take him downstairs.

How did the transition go from cot to toddler bed for your toddler?
Let me just start by saying that admitting that you want/ need a break from time to time does not make you a bad mum. It seems that some see admitting you want a night off from looking after your child is a bad thing but it isn't. Being a parent is bloody hard work at times, you are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Throw in being the primary carer for my son and working full time and I'm exhausted, people with more than one child I take my hat off to you because I don't think I could cope.

Now Thomas's dad and I have split up I am going to have to get use to spending more and more time away from Thomas as he is going to have to spend time with his dad obviously.  The first afternoon he spent with his dad I cried when I watched him get in to the car with his dad I'm not really sure why I guess it was because that's when it dawned on me that Thomas is going have to start splitting his time between both parents and soon he was going to be spending nights and weekends and maybe even a week away from me at some point if his dad decides to take him on holiday and that is just something I am going to have to get use to.

Thomas has recently started staying his dads house on Friday nights and I'm not afraid to admit I like it. I like not worrying about having one glass of wine too many and I love being able to have a lie in on a Saturday morning after a week of 6am starts. I also enjoy being able to go shopping on my own on a Saturday because Thomas has turned in to a typical male and cannot stand going shopping anymore he hates being in his pushchair for any length of time and gets very restless very quickly. And if I fancy it I can have a long hot bath in the middle of the afternoon.

I find just having that little bit of time to myself once a week leaves me feeling so refreshed and I feel ready to deal with Thomas again if he has been especially hard work that week. I enjoy being able to have a bit of me time because lets face it we all need some pamper time every once in a while don't we?

As Thomas grows and develops he starts doing new things everyday he will come home with a new trick something else to amaze me but as he learns new things he stops doing other things or simply just grows out of doing something.

I never want to forget what he was like when he was a baby.

I never want to forget the look of complete satisfaction on newborn Thomas's face
after mummy milk.

I never want to forget those middle of the night feeds.

I never want to forget how Thomas says Mama.

I never want to forget those cute little chubby wrist creases.

I never want to forget how easy it is to make Thomas laugh

I never want to forget those cuddles that Thomas gives.

I never want to forget how Thomas slides his hand in to mine
when he is tired or just wants a little comfort.

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As parents we put enough pressure on ourselves all year round to be the best parent that we can be but at Christmas the pressure steps up a gear. It's as if parents go in to some sort of competition against each other to see who can out do each other with presents.

It got me thinking does social media and blogging make us put even more pressure on ourselves by trying to keep up with each other. I have been guilty of uploading photos of Thomas's presents last Christmas and what he had for his birthday not to brag because we get him a modest amount of presents we don't go over the top because I don't see the point as he doesn't even understand what is going on yet. There have been times though when I have seen others upload photos of huge piles of presents and I have thought to myself have we got him enough?

This is only my second Christmas as a parent and I think my dad's views on Christmas has worn off on me already. My dad has always said buying children lots of presents takes away what Christmas is all about. It makes me so sad when children expect to have piles of presents as if it is some kind of right, I have seen children like this being so ungrateful it makes me want to take all their gifts away. I would hate for Thomas to grow up like this.

We have so many people asking us what they can get Thomas for Christmas and the truth is he doesn't really want or need much. You are soon in danger of buying him things that are aimed for older ages and then next year we will be in the same position of not knowing what to get him. I have told many people if they want to get him a present then put something in his savings, something that he will need a lot more later on in life and that is what I am doing. I have bought him a few presents but not many at all and I haven't spent a lot but I will put the rest of the money that I would have spent on him in to his savings account because I know he will need that money a hell of a lot more when he comes to buy his first house than he needs some naff toy just because I felt he needed more things to unwrap Christmas morning.

I have already seen tweets off parents who feel guilty because they haven't got their child much so here is what I say.

Will your child have parents that love them? Will they have a nice warm home on Christmas day? Will they have a full belly? Will you give them lots of cuddles and kisses? Will you share a happy day full of smiles and laughter? That is all they need presents are just a nice extra but that shouldn't be the main focus of Christmas.

Even if you aren't religious Christmas should be more about spending time with your families not worrying in case you haven't got somebody enough presents that will sap the fun right out of the day straight away.