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A few months ago when I visited my hairdressers they had a new toy which was the GHD Creative Curl Wand which my hairdresser tested out on my hair and I instantly knew I had to have it.
I have a love/ hate relationship with wearing my hair curled, I love having my hair curler but I hate curling it.

I have tried quite a few different curling tongs and wands my favourite of which prior to the GHD wand was the Enrapture Totum Syler which I reviewed here but after it broke I needed to get something new.

I already had a pair of GHD straighteners but I just can not curl my hair with them, I have tried and tried and watched numerous tutorials but I just can't do it. So I decided to invest in the Creative Curl Wand as I loved my hair when the hairdresser used them.

Okay it's love
It was love at first use
I love how quick and easy this is to use, before I used to have to hold my hair on curlers for quite a while to make sure that it curled properly but with this because it is has an advanced ceramic coating it curls your hair beautifully in just a few seconds.

In the past I have always had trouble in getting my hair to stay curled no matter what hairspray I use, in fact that normally makes my hair drop quicker but with the GHD wand I find that my hair does stay curled a little longer. This has definitely been the best hair tool I have ever used.
Last Friday I was invited to my local shopping centre which is intu Potteries with two fellow bloggers from Stoke. Each of us were given a pre loaded gift card with three different amounts on them £15, £35 and £50 and given the task to buy a Valentine's gift for either ourselves or our partners. Of course we all chose ourselves (Women huh?)

Luckily I picked the £35 voucher at random so I was immediately thinking what would I like to receive for Valentine's day which was kinda difficult I have never been in a relationship where we have made a fuss of Valentine's day if truth be told so I don't really have much experience of giving or receiving presents.  I thought about what I needed which is what I would appreciate for Valentine's day and that is new perfume. I am running rather low on my two favourite Jo Malone perfumes so I am trying not to use them as much.

I visited Debenhams first and had a little mooch around there perfume section which is really good they have all the top brand perfumes which you would expect to see. However I wanted to get a gift set as I think when you are giving presents perfume looks better as part of a gift set. So I went to have a look in The Perfume Shop. I instantly spotted the Marc Jacobs Daisy gift set which was priced at £29.99 which when you look on the website it is still marked up at £51!

As you can see the gift set comes with the usual shower gel and body lotion which I shall be keeping in my bathroom. 

I love this fresh smelling scent it's perfect for spring, I like to switch around my perfumes throughout the year and I leave my deeper scents for winter time preferring a lighter fragrance in the spring/ summer months.

I love the bottle too, I mean how cute is that lid! It looks beautiful on a dressing table but maybe not that great for keeping in your handbag.

What would you choose as a Valentine's day treat for yourself?

After our little shopping trip we had a table booked at a new restaurant in the newly opened Hive which is part of intu Potteries which I shall be talking about here on my blog very soon.

I know feet aren’t exactly the nicest things to talk about are they but never the less I am going to as I have recently been trying out the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Hard skin remover in the quest to get super soft feet. After years of using a pumice stone or a foot file the express pedi is the perfect thing for somebody who is a tad lazy as you don’t need to put any effort in to removing any hard skin (yuck I know but it happens to us all)

Now I absolutely hate my feet being touched and do have to refrain myself from kicking people if they touch my feet even by accident so going for a pedicure is completely off the cards for me. It’s a wonder I managed to sit and have a tattoo on my foot.

Anyway foot care is something I have to do myself and it couldn’t be easier using the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. I use it once a week after having a hot shower so the skin on your feet is softer and then I use it on my heels and the balls of my feet where you tend to get hard skin the most and instantly you skin starts to feel softer. The express pedi doesn’t hurt at all it just tickles slightly which I can cope with if it means having much softer feet and then once I’m finished I smoother my feet in Soap & Glory's Heel Genius cream and pop on some cotton socks and put my feet up for a bit it works a treat. Obviously I have to do this when Thomas isn’t around.

I have been won over by the Velvet Smooth and I would recommend it if you are fed up of relying on a pumice stone. It is quick and easy to use, it comes with a cap to stop the file part from getting damaged. The file runs on AA batteries but I do think maybe they would be better if you could get a rechargeable version so you don’t have the extra cost of buying batteries all the time but maybe that is just me being a little picky.

I know we have now passed the season where we can get our pins out, well actually I say that but did we actually have a season this year where we can get our pins out? But seriously girls do not think about getting your winter leggings on I’m sure your other half wouldn’t appreciate it and do you really want to miss out on the feeling of having freshly shaved or waxed legs and getting in to a freshly made bed with fresh sheets because nothing beats that.

I’ve used Veet hair removal cream for as long as I can remember for both legs and bikini line but the one thing I always hated was the horrible smell that came with it kinda like a gone off cucumber but the hair removal cream from the Veet Inspirations range has a much nicer scent. I’m sure you all know how hair removal cream works but what I do like about this cream is that it comes with it’s own spatula which makes application much easier rather than trying to use your fingers and creating a huge mess. After around 5-8minutes you just need to remove the cream as if you are shaving and they you are left completely fuzz free. Simple.

Let’s move on to the wax strips now. I’ve never attempted at home waxing the thought scares me a little, not so much the pain as I hair my eye brows waxed regularly and my bikini line. I’m more worried about making a complete mess and taking half of my skin off at the same time. Plus I remember many years ago I bought some wax strips and didn’t dare use them on myself so I asked my younger sister to let me try  them out on her arm! Yes I know that is incredibly mean but after much persuading she let me put it on her arm but then wouldn’t let me pull it back off. So I never dabbled with wax strips after that, until recently that is. Feeling brave I attempted at home waxing on my legs not daring to try anywhere else and honestly it wasn’t that bad and I’m sure after a few more times once I know how to do it properly and my skin gets use to it I won’t find it that bad at all. One thing I definitely wont be trying is the facial wax strips I will leave my eyebrows to the professionals I think!
Until recently I never bothered filling in my eyebrows probably because I was a little bit scared of making myself look silly and probably a little bit lazy to be honest it just seemed like an extra step in my beauty routine that I didn’t really need. It wasn’t until recently when I dyed my hair a little darker that I looked at myself and knew I needed to make my eyebrows just a touch darker as they seemed to disappear in to my face. Now I’m not talking the ultra-dark HD brows as I’ll be honest they scare me and I am way too pale to pull that look off. I’m talking about just making my brows just a slightly darker shade of brown so it actually looks like I have brows.

As I am a complete beginner myself I thought it would be wise to experiment with a couple of different ways to fill in eyebrows to try and find a way that suited me best. After browsing around Boots looking at every single make up stand I decided to pick up a few bits from trusty old Rimmel. I didn’t want to spend too much money on products to begin with until I know what suits me. So I picked up a brow pencil and a cute little compact and a clear brow gel.

Let me give you a quick rundown of the products and my first impressions of them

Firstly the brow pencil I chose….. in the shade….. I love that there is a little brow brush on the lid of the pencil this is so handy to keep in your make up bag meaning you don’t have to bother taking an extra make up brush out with you. The pencil for me is a little harsh, now I’m not sure whether it is because it is new and it needs to be a little more blunt to get the best out of it. I will keep trying with it though to see how I get on with it.

The next thing I bought which has fast become my favourite it a cute little kit called Brow This Way. It is a little 3 step kit which contains a little eye brow spooly, an angled brow brush, eyebrow powder and brow wax. It’s such a handy little kit and again perfect to keep in your make up kit.

So here’s how I fill in my eyebrows.

Firstly I brush my brows in to place using the spooly and then they are looking neat and in place. I then take the double angle brush and using a light hand I take the brow wax and add a little bit by bit being careful not to over to it, like everything with make-up it’s better to add a little and build it up.

I then use the powder if I need to, to fill in any little gaps I may have, again go steady don’t just plaster it on your eyebrows.

To set my eye brows in place I have been using Brow This Way styling gel in clear. I find this works really well to stop your eyebrows from smudging and it really easy to work with too.

I have mentioned quite a few times on my blog that my skin doesn't behave itself anymore around that time of the month I get awful hormonal acne around my chin which I detest. As somebody who was lucky enough not to have to deal with teenage acne I wasn't expecting to start with it in my mid-twenties but unfortunately I did. For the past year I have been on a quest to find different ways and products to cover up any spots I may get as my trusty old Collection Lasting Perfection concealer alongside a light coverage foundation just wasn't cutting it for my any more.

I found a couple of concealers I was happy with and I know flit between the two but I couldn't find a foundation that was heavy enough coverage without paying lots of money. A few months back I heard a few other bloggers talk about Rimmel’s 25 hour lasting finish foundation saying that it was quite a heavy coverage. As I love Rimmel foundation anyway I decided to give it a go.

As usual I wasn’t disappointed I have said many times that Rimmel is my favourite brand for foundation I have loved everyone I have tried. The shade range of Rimmel foundations suit my skin tone really well which I know some people have issues with when buying foundations from lower end brands. I also find that the foundation applies really well to my skin and leaves quite a nice finish when I use my Real Techniques buffing brush.
I've not used such a full coverage before so the foundation did feel quite heavy on my skin and so I did have to get use to wearing it and it does feel a little tacky on your skin at first or at least that is what I found.

I obviously can’t comment on whether the foundation will last for 25 hours because after all who would need foundation to last that long? It does last longer than my other foundations and it does give a better coverage and it keeps any blemishes hidden for longer which is exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely be buying this foundation again and it is definitely something to keep in your make up kit for days when you need a bit more coverage.
A few weeks ago I bought this nifty little facial massage mitt from Soap & Glory for just £4 in Boots to work along side my current cleanser as I wanted something to make my face feel like it was extra clean without using any harsh facial scrubs as I don't like to use them on a day to day basis. 

There was a choice between this and the Soap & Glory face brush but as I have had a facial brush in the past I decided to go with the mitt as I haven't had anything like this before and so I was quite curious to see what it was like. It reminded me of that little scrublet that you get with a L'Oreal or was it Garnier face wash but I had never gotten round to trying that I was keen to see what they were like.

As you can see the mitt has two different sections the larger section has bristles and the smaller section has small little bumps they both work together to make your cleanser work harder and make your face feel cleaner. 

The handle on the back is definitely needed it makes it so easy to grip and use because this gets very slippery when wet.

I really like the fact that using this face mitt is actually more hygenic than using a face brush as you can clean it more thoroughly and it's very quick and easy.

Have you ever tried this massage mitt from Soap & Glory or a similar product? what did you think?
As you know I am trying to wear lipstick more often and I am trying to experiment with different colours and formulas. When I noticed the L'oreal liquid lipstick I was quite intrigued to see what it would be like as I don't normally like lip glosses but as this claims to be a liquid lipstick I thought I might like it.

The colour is a beautiful peachy pink nude a very wearable colour especially for somebody who doesn't like really bright and out there colours. but for this type of product it is pretty highly pigmented I was expecting it to be a bit more sheer like a gloss. It has quite a creamy consistency and very moisturing and definitely not sticky like a gloss.

I adore the packaging too it feels quite expensive like the similar to the YSL Glossy Stain.

I apologise that the swatch isn't brilliant but it shows the colour pretty true to life.

These retail for £8.99 I know that is a pretty reasonable price but for me they are a little too expensive so I don't think I would pick up anymore unless they were on offer again like they were when I got this.
Just after I had Thomas I felt pretty sleep deprived most of the time and I had under eye bags the size of suitcases. Being somebody who suffers with dark circles the majority of the time anyway running off  4/5 hours of sleep a night didn't make them any better. So of course you need help to make you look a little bit less like death.

Concealers are something that I have probably tried hundreds of since I started wearing make up many years ago. I have forgotten more than half I have ever tried but there are a few that I have found over the past year or so that I am completely in love with and they have become beauty saviours to me


I shall start with the concealer that I am currently using and loving. At the moment I am using Benefits Erase Paste which I would consider to be quite a heavy duty concealer as it is very thick in consistency exactly like a paste (well duh) It works really well for helping to mask under eye dark circles as well as covering any blemishes or spots on your skin. As it is from Benefit it is a little pricey but in my opinion it is so worth the money as a little goes a long way. I have been using this for so many months now and I still have so much left.

My next favourite is the Benefit Fake Up which is a concealer but it also brightens making it a must have for brightening the under eye area as well concealing any dark circles you may have. It's quite a light concealer so maybe not one for the days you need some heavy duty coverage but it definitely helps.
My next two go to concealers are the Wake Me Up Concealer and Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment which I won't go in to, too much as I have already mentioned them here on my blog before. The final concealer is yet another Benefit product (I love their concealers can you tell?) Boi-ing I would say this is kinda in between the Erase Paste and Fake Up in regards to coverage. It works brilliantly on both under eye circles and blemishes and I love it, so much so that I have just purchased my third pot so it is obviously a firm favourite for me.

Bourjois is a make up brand that I haven't really dabbled with much mainly because I find the products to be kinda pricey for what they are but I have been wanting to try try the Healthy Mix Foundation for a while as I have heard lots of good things about this foundation from various beauty blogs.

It's a foundation that has been around for quite a while now and I don't know why I have put off trying it for so long I guess the price put me off a little at £9.99 it is more than I normally spend on foundation and the fact that it is from a brand that I don't know much about I guess I didn't want to end up wasting money on a foundation that I wouldn't end up using.

I have been pleasantly surprised by this foundation and since I bought it I have been wearing it pretty much every single day which is quite a change for me as I normally stick to my trusty Rimmel foundations.  The first thing you will notice about this foundation is that it is quite heavily scented which I know will put some people off. I don't mind the scent it's a nice fruity smell I guess that's due to the "fruit therapy formula"

I find that this foundation applies really well and it is really easy to work with I apply it with my Real Techniques Buffing brush which I prefer to the stippling brush as I find leaves a really nice finish to your skin. I would say that the coverage of this foundation is light to medium but you can build it up if you are wanting more coverage.

My skin type like I have said before is normal/ dry and I find this foundation suits my skin pretty well it still leaves me with a nice dewy look to my skin which is great if you do suffer from slightly dry dull looking skin. It also lasts pretty well too, some foundations start to look patchy after a few hours of wear but this doesn't which is great for me as it's very rare I top up my make up during the day so at least I don't have to worry about my face looking patchy as the day goes on.

Now I have tried this foundation from Bourjois I'm tempted to give their other foundations a whirl to see how they compare. Before I do that though I need to use up all of the foundations I have as I am getting quite a hoard of them!

I have been looking for products to help my skin look more healthy, glowing and radiant for a while now as after I had Thomas I noticed my skin had started looking tired and dry and just generally not that good, hooray for hormones giving us bad skin.

I have a nice little selection of products now that I turn to on a daily basis which help me achieve a more glowing finish to my make up. I find it best to start with a good base for your make up and using a product like L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer. I have talked about this product before I think it is brilliant for creating a nice glowing base for your make up.

I would say my skin type is dry/ combination and so I have found that there are a few foundations I like to use for a dewy finish to my skin and they are Rimmel Perfect Match, Rimmel Wake me up, No7 Instant Radiance, L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation and lastly quite a new purchase for me Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I love all of these foundations and find they are all pretty perfect for helping me achieve the glowing finish I want to my skin and also they give me the right amount of coverage I need without looking cakey in the slightest.  As I said my skin is pretty dry so I can’t really comment on whether these foundations would suit oily skin types or they might be a bit too much for your skin.

The final product I turn to, to help with a more dewy look is  a Seventeen highlighter which I have mentioned here on my blog before it really helps to add a glow to your cheeks and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a highlighter.

What are your favourite products for glowing skin?
It has been quite a while since I did a post featuring my everyday make up products and I have been using quite a few different products over the past few months so I thought today I would share with you my current favourite make up items that I turn to on a daily basis.

Primer is a product I don't really use everyday but when I do need my make up to last longer I turn to L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer it creates a really nice base for foundation whilst giving your face a really nice healthy glow without looking shiny or glittery.

My concealer of choice is Benefit Boi-ing at nearly £20 for a little pot of concealer it is definitely much more than I would normally spend but the fact that I am on my second pot of it speaks for itself. I love it! It lightens and covers dark under eye circles as well as conceals spots.

I have a few foundations on the go at the moment but my favourite is Rimmel's Match Perfection which is a foundation I have bought over and over for a good few years now. I love the shade it is pretty perfect for my skin colouring, it never leaves me looking orange and the coverage it gives me is just what I am looking for.

I have recently started using a highlighting product daily which I have never bothered with for on my quest for dewy looking skin and the product I use it Seventeen Instant Glow. At under £5 I think it is pretty perfect! The downside for most "cheap" highlighers is that they can look too glittery but this doesn't it gives you skin a nice little shimmer and doesn't make you look like you belong on the set for Twilight.

My blusher changes on almost a daily basis but my favourite is Benefit's Bella Bamba again it is a product that I wouldn't normally spend much money on but I really do like and enjoy using this product.

I'm kinda stuck in an eye shadow rut and my go to combination is Bootycall & YDK from the Naked 2 palette. They go so well together and look nice and subtle for everyday wear as I don't like to look like I'm ready for a night out everyday.

The last 2 products I use on a daily basis is my Liz Earle kohl eye liner in black and my Revlon Photoready 3D Volume mascara which is quite a new purchase for me and so far I am really enjoying using it, it definitely makes my lashes appear fuller and longer.

How often do you switch up your daily make up products?

It's no secret that once you have a child your usual beauty regime goes out of the window because you simply don't have the time to leisurely get ready in the mornings anymore. For me in order to have enough time to get ready for work I have to get up an hour earlier than I use to before having Thomas just so I have enough time to shower and make myself look presentable for work before I get Thomas up and ready for nursery.

At the weekends when I'm not at work I'm obviously not going to get up super early just to get ready before Thomas wakes (I'm not mad) So if James isn't around to keep his eye on Thomas whilst I get ready I have to get showered, dressed and sort my hair and make up out in super quick time.

I have rounded up a few products I turn to when I need to get ready as quick as I can.

Dry shampoo is a must have in my opinion, not washing, drying and straightening my hair can cut off at least 30 minutes from the time it takes for my to get ready. So if my hair isn't looking too bad I freshen it up with dry shampoo to get it looking better.

The next hair product I use that saves me time when I am getting ready is John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 day straight spray. I love this product I have reviewed it before here on my blog.  I'm now on my third bottle. I really do think it keeps my hair straighter for longer so there is no need to waste time straightening my hair everyday.

Another great time saver for me is Nivea In shower body moisturiser. I will be honest I tend to skip using normal moisturiser because I simply haven't the time to wait around to dry before I get dressed. So I simply use this in the shower and it leaves me with soft skin in half the time.

I use Micellar water to remove any stubborn make up and generally clean my face when I don't have time to properly cleanse and tone. It is also so much better than just using make up wipes.

I like to paint my nails but simply don't have the time to sit and do nothing whilst I wait for them to dry so I use Elegant touch rapid dry spray which dries your nails really quickly so you don't waste any precious time.

What beauty products do you use to save you time?
I was lucky enough to receive the Ghost Deep Night perfume gift set from my Poppatron for Christmas I have had this perfume before and my mum also use to wear it. I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the scent just in case you were thinking of treating yourself to a new perfume and wanted to try something new.

As you can probably guess from the name the perfume is quite a deep scent a scent that I would only really wear around this time of year. I don't know about you but I have perfumes that I wear around different times of the year. In the winter I feel that deeper scents are better and more suited to the season and then in the summer I like to wear lighter, fresher scents like D&G Light Blue

Anyway back to describing the scent I'm not really much good at picking out different scents in a perfume so I thought I would use a description that I have found. Base note are Amber and Vanilla, heart notes apricot, peach and white wood  with the top notes of Cereus and rose.

What I will say is that this type of scent is definitely a more grown up type of scent it's very feminine and sexy perfect for a date night.

Quite a few weeks ago now I was invited to an Event hosted by Braun but unfortunately I was unable to attend as I had nobody to pick Thomas up from Nursery. I was gutted as I was really looking forward to a bit of me time and pampering. I love having a bit of a pampering session although I don't really get much time for it these days. I was over the moon when I was given the chance to try out the Epil 7 Skin Spa, when it arrived I was actually excited to try it out which was a little strange as I have heard lots of people talk about how epilating can hurt.

Not being one to wimp out on trying something new I readied myself for my first ever epilation experience. You can use this epilator wet or dry so I decided to have my first attempt after a hot bath as that would open pores and make the hair removal a little easier and hopefully slightly more pain free. Epilation really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The epilator has a high frequency massage system which actively stimulates your skin to make epilation gentler.

Epilation works better with shorter hair and in the little instruction book that comes in the box you are advised that if your hair is longer than the recommended then to shave slightly before so that the hair you are wanting to remove is short enough. The Silk-epil 7 has close-grip technology with 40 razors and can remove hair as short as a grain of sand which I think is pretty amazing so you can make sure you have completely fuzz free legs.

The epilator attachment looks a lot more scary than it actually is

I also love the fact that this little device comes with a light with comes on automatically when you switch it on so that you can see exactly what you are doing and you wont miss any little stray hairs.

 The Epil 7 comes with a skin refinement brush attachment which has sonic exfoliation technology it has more than 3000 micro-vibrations a minute which exfoliates your skin 4x more than if you were to use a manual brush. The brush head also contains 10,000 fine bristles which gently sweep away any dead skin and stimulates your skin.

I love that you also get a normal razor head as I don't think I would ever dare use an epilator anywhere near more sensitive areas such as your arm pits. You get a few extra attachments which include a trimmer cap to trim hair in more sensitive areas. A sensitive area cap which allows you to use it for your underarms and bikini area.
There is also a facial cap which allows you to remove any unwanted facial hair.

The epilator is rechargeable which is great as you don't have to keep spending lots of money on replacement batteries the only downside I found was that you have to plug it in to a shaver port in your bathroom which isn't a problem for me at the moment as our bathroom has a shaver port but I know a lot of houses don't have them. I should imagine you can get adapters so that you can plug them in to normal plug socks but I am not quite sure where you would get them from or how much they would cost.

I have been thinking of doing this post for a while now, even though I love my dressing table I'm not entirely happy with how my make up is organised inside everything just looks messy.

The dressing table is from Ikea and it is their Malm dressing table and it was £90 which I think is a complete bargain it has a glass top which makes it look really expensive and like with all of the Malm range it is really good quality for the price.

On the top of my dressing table I have some pretty looking trinkets which I think I have mentioned before on my blog when I did my room tour post but in the trinket box I keep my cotton wool pads and then in the little cup I keep little jewellery bits and bobs.

On the opposite side of my table is where I keep my brushes and palettes I can't remember where I got the holders from which is helpful I know but I got them quite a while ago now so I doubt you could find them which is a shame because I really like them and I need another brush holder as this one is over flowing a little now.

In case you want a little run down of my palettes I have they are as follows. The large one at the back is a cheap blush one that I got from Ebay quite a while ago it was from China and contains 28 blushes and was under £10 I hardly use it anymore but it's always nice to have just in case. Next to that I have the new Neutral Barry M eyeshadow palette which I reviewed here
I then have 4 Sleek palettes Storm, Sunset, The Original and Oh so Special. Then I have MUA heaven and earth palette. Finally there is the Naked palette which in a couple of weeks will be joined by number 3. Can you spot a bit of a trend here? Mostly neutral palettes I want to start experimenting more with more daring colours.

I own mostly Real Technique brushes I love them! For the price the quality is brilliant I would definitely recommend them to anybody and I am wanting to get more as I am missing a few brushes from my collection.

I also keep my beautiful Michael Kors watch, glasses and my perfume of choice in easy reach for when I am getting ready in a morning with my deodorant tucked away because let's face it they aren't very pretty.

So here is where my problem starts I store all of my make up in the dressing table drawer in cutlery trays and glossyboxes but it just looks so untidy and cramped as I am slowly out growing the drawer. In a perfect world I would love the Ikea Alex or the tall Malm drawers so I can spread out but I just can't justify that. 

What do you think? Do you have any ideas on what I can do to make my make up drawer look a bit neater and more organised?
 I'd had my eye on the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette since it came out but I'd never been able to justify the £20 I know it's not much in comparison to some products but something has always come in the way so when the lovely Hannah was selling it I jumped at the chance to buy it off her.

I have fallen in love with it already! The shades seem perfectly suited to my colouring, The bronzer is a nice medium brown colour so it doesn't look too dark on pale skin and I also like the fact that it's matt as I don't like shimmery bronzers as I think they can look a bit much.

The blush is quite a dark shade of berry pink but it doesn't look too much on pale cheeks and you can definitely build it up if you have a darker skin tone.
The highlight leaves a really subtle sheen without leaving you looking glittery which is not a good look for anybody.

I love how this palette leaves your skin looking and it has fast turned in to a make up bag must have for me and would be a great product for traveling

Let me introduce to you the best hair tool ever to touch my hair! I gave my hubby a list of items to choice for me for Christmas and I am absolutely over the moon he picked this. I put the Make it big hot air styler on my list after seeing Miss Budget Beautys Gift guide - for her I had been wanting the Babyliss version of this for ages but after hearing this was a good alternative and less than half the price I put this on my Christmas list.

The beauty of this is that you can give yourself an easy at home blow dry with out having to mess about with a hairdryer and barrel brush. The hot air blows through the bristles so it drys and styles your hair at the same time meaning you cut down the time it takes to do you hair (Perfect for us mums who don't get that much time to get ready anymore) If like me you wear your hair straight you don't need to dry your hair and then straighten it after as this hair styler leaves your hair looking straight. Also it adds volume to your hair so that it doesn't just look limp against your head.

The Styler can be used on wet or damp hair. I find it is easier to use on towel dried hair. I section my hair horizontally and do it in about 4 sections starting with the hair closest to the nape of your neck. I find it much easier to do small sections of hair at a time, don't use big clumps of hair at once as obviously you will have to go over it numerous amounts of time before your hair drys. When using this I curl my hair under at the ends and it is so easy to do and looks really nice. You can also use the styler to flick your hair out or curl all over. I can't wait to try curling it all over but I think I need my hair to grow a lot longer than it is first because the barrel is pretty big so I wouldn't be able to really curl my hair over it very well.

As you can see the styler has 2 different heat settings as well as a cool shot setting with helps to set your hair. The green button is for removing the barrel so that you can clean any hairs away so that it doesn't get clogged up.

The only difference between this and the Babyliss Big hair I think it that the barrel on this doesn't rotate which to be honest I don't think it really matters, this is so easy to use and it doesn't give you arm ache.

I absolutely love this, I haven't used my normal hair dryer or straighteners since I got it, in fact I've stored them away somewhere now. Another great point about this is that it's brilliant for traveling too as you don't need to take away a hair dryer and straighteners just take this in your case.

This little beauty costs just £16.50 and is exclusive to Tesco so you can purchase it here

This is quite an old and well known product now but I wanted to talk about it and share my love for it. The first thing that hits you about this product is the delicious smell I seriously have to stop myself from eating it when I'm using it. It's a good job I didn't use this so much when I was pregnant or I don't think I could have stopped myself from eating it.


So what does this product contain? Well the main ingredients are Shea Butter, Honey almond and Banana extracts, Golden sugar, oatmeal and Maple fragrance.

This product is on the Boots website for £9.50 for a 300ml tub and believe me a little goes a long way with this product as it is really thick. A tub of this lasts me a very long time. Saying that though for £9.50 at this point in time I wouldn't like to pay that amount of money on one product I got this from a past gift box that Boots often sell around Christmas time, so if they are doing them around Christmas this year I would definitely recommend you getting them as they are great value for money. It is quite a harsh scrub so it's not something that I use every day I use it once maybe twice a week. It leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft afterwards.

Now I'm not a fake tanner but I should imagine this would make a great exfoliater before you tan or even to help remove any patchy tan.