My Life To Do List

Become better at saving
Get another tattoo completed June 2015
Own a Mulberry bag
Own a pair of Louboutins
Start giving blood Completed 19/2/15
Get laser eye surgery
Raise £1000 a charity
Drink more Champagne
Get a dog
Send flowers to somebody for no reason
Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
Get to my 9st goal weight
Make more friends
Get our back garden looking good ready for the Summer
Fill my terramundi pot by the end of the year.
Complete the Cancer Research Pretty Muddy 5k 

Places to visit
Take Thomas on holiday Completed May 2015
Visit London
Visit the Lake District
Explore Scotland
Visit Ireland
Visit Brighton
Visit Paris
Visit Italy
Stay in a 5 star hotel

Do a sky dive
Get a massage and facial Facial completed April 2015
Have afternoon tea somewhere posh
Watch a play on West End
Watch Swan lake or the Nutcraker
Learn to run
Go to the cinema at least once a month with Thomas
Start to take Thomas swimming
Meet a friend I have made from blogging
Ride of my dads scooter

Complete a year of Project Life
Finish a journal
Document a day in our life
Learn a new language
Read 50 new books
Watch 50 new films
Learn to be better at taking photographs
Write out my "Letters to my son" blog posts in a journal and add to them.
Watch every episode of Sex and the city
Watch every episode of Gossip Girl Completed July 2015

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  1. Love this! I might just take 'inspiration' from you (well, steal your idea) and do my own bucket list....putting it in print forces you to stick to it, I think! x