Even though I have been a mum for nearly 4 years I still feel like a new mum in many ways, every day is still a learning curve. I still come up against new challenges almost daily and I am sometimes left not knowing what to do for the best. Single parenting can be very lonely at times, don’t get me wrong I have amazing support from my family, friends and boyfriend. However there are times at home when it’s just Thomas and I it can be a struggle especially when he is playing up it can feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall when I am trying to discipline him and I have nobody there to back me up. Plus it gets me down when some days it seems like all I am doing is telling Thomas off for something or other I’m left always playing bad cop.

When it comes to making big decisions in Thomas’s life it is normally left to me I try and involve his dad but I rarely get anything back it’s normally “It’s up to you” Like for example when a place came up and the school nursery I made that decision myself and it was a tough one because even though I knew it would be beneficial for Thomas to be in a school environment he may only be there until the end of this school year and they he may have to start a different school in September. I didn’t know what to do for the best for him and I lay awake the night before he started school wondering if I had made the right decision. Luckily it seems to have been the right decision for Thomas he has settled in really well and has come on leaps and bounds since starting school but there is that worry about what happens when September comes.

Parenting can sometimes feel like you are constantly swimming against a tide when you are trying to get a stroppy threenager to cooperate with you particularly when they maybe don’t fully understand what you are asking of them and this is something that I need to remind myself of more. I don’t want to be a mum who constantly seems to nag and I don’t want Thomas to grow up thinking that all I ever do is moan, but then on the other hand I don’t want him to see me as being a pushover.  I guess it’s all about picking your battles and letting the things that don't really matter slide a little.

Being a mum is one of the hardest, tiring, most rewarding and amazing thing that I have ever and will ever do. Even when I am having a crappy time I still thank my lucky stars that I am a mummy to such a beautiful little boy. With each tough time you go through as a mum they are outweighed by good times. Just one single smile, cuddle or "I love you mummy" and you instantly forget the latest tantrum.

 I’m a big fan of candles all through the year but especially during the Autumn/ Winter months I love the cosy feeling they create. How quickly I go through candles I really begrudge paying Yankee prices for candles as you are just burning money, I much prefer buying cheaper candles which can give off just as much scent as buying a more expensive candle.

Primark have really upped their game with candles lately, well with their homeware in general really but I am particularly enjoying their candles 

My favourite for the scent it this Oriental Spice & Ginger one which is the jam jar style one below the scent is gorgeous and definitely fills the room. I also love the packaging I think it looks really expensive when I saw it was only £3 I had to have it.

Another of my favourites is the tea light holder just behind which is quite old now and unfortunately I don't know if you can still get them but I think it was only £3

Primark also do small candles like the Sea Salt & Lavender one below that was just £1 and they have lots of different fragrances. The scent payoff on these isn't the greatest but they are pretty good for small rooms and for £1 you can't go wrong.

Finally the last candle I have been loving is in a beautiful holder with blue floral decoration on it. The scent on this is Vanilla & Coconut which smells beautiful and even when the candle isn't lit you can still smell it.

Have you tried any candles from Primark what did you think?
I have always wanted to go for Afternoon Tea, so as a treat after my mum's 50th birthday and just before Mother's Day I thought I would treat her and my Nan to afternoon tea. I wanted to take them somewhere a little special as none of us have ever done anything like this before so I chose The Upper House in Barleston and I have heard that there afternoon tea is really nice and a great price too.

The tables were all set out beautifully with locally made tea sets of course I adored this I love anything vintage and cute.

We had a lovely 3 tier cake stand filled with lots of little treats, we all had 4 little sandwich fingers each, there was tuna and cucumber, coronation chicken, cheese and onion and ham.

There were two tiers of beautiful little cakes there was a brownie square each, a Viennese whirl and a mini Victoria sponge and if that wasn't enough after we had finished there were warm fresh out of the oven scones with a choice of raspberry or strawberry jam and clotted cream.

By the end I was definitely suffering from a major sugar rush! In fact I couldn't even finish the scone I was so full. 

The afternoon tea was only £14 per person which I thought was brilliant for the amount you get, we all agreed it was definitely enough for us. The Upper House is also a lovely place we felt so relaxed just sitting having a natter whilst sipping on tea and coffee. If you are local to the Upper House I would definitely recommend booking in for Afternoon Tea it is definitely well worth the money. I'm just wondering when I can go again.

I wanted to share with you my new favourite dress which I recently got from Miss Selfridge. I'm not really much of a Miss Selfridge fan to be honest I can't remember the last time I even stepped inside a shop but. I recently went to my local Outfit store to collect a parcel and thought I would browse the shop whilst I was there.

I spotted this dress and instantly thought it would go perfectly with my leather look jacket

I also those these new ankle boots that I got recently from Topshop. I really needed a new pair of black boots. I've been wearing a previous pair that I got from Tesco last year, or maybe the year before to death and it's really beginning to show so I thought it was time to get some new ones as I know I will definitely get the wear out of them. At under £40 I thought that was a really good price for boots from Topshop.