I don't think I have ever talked about wee and poo as much as I do these days I am constantly asking Thomas if he needs a wee and not to forget he needs to wee on the potty and not in his pants. Whenever I talk to Thomas's dad our main topic of conversation is wee or poo related. It has seriously taken over my life!

Potty training has been one of the most frustrating things I have had to do as a parent. Like how do you make a toddler understand the feeling of needing to wee and then make them understand that after 2/3 years they have got to stop just letting go in their nappies and they have to do their business in a potty.

After feeling like Thomas would never get using the potty this last week he has done brilliantly we there has been 1 or 2 accidents at nursery which may be down to not getting there in time but at home we haven't had any accidents, I don't really have to remind him about using the potty either he tells me when he needs to sit on the potty. The only thing we are having a little problem with is pooping he's still not keen on doing that on the potty and gets himself worked up so I have to sit with him and hold his hand and try to keep him on the potty until he's finished but we will get there I'm sure.

I am so proud of my little man and how well he is doing and you can see on his face that he is proud of himself. If you are struggling a bit with potty training keep with it! You will be pleasantly surprised at how it all just clicks with your child.