Until recently I never bothered filling in my eyebrows probably because I was a little bit scared of making myself look silly and probably a little bit lazy to be honest it just seemed like an extra step in my beauty routine that I didn’t really need. It wasn’t until recently when I dyed my hair a little darker that I looked at myself and knew I needed to make my eyebrows just a touch darker as they seemed to disappear in to my face. Now I’m not talking the ultra-dark HD brows as I’ll be honest they scare me and I am way too pale to pull that look off. I’m talking about just making my brows just a slightly darker shade of brown so it actually looks like I have brows.

As I am a complete beginner myself I thought it would be wise to experiment with a couple of different ways to fill in eyebrows to try and find a way that suited me best. After browsing around Boots looking at every single make up stand I decided to pick up a few bits from trusty old Rimmel. I didn’t want to spend too much money on products to begin with until I know what suits me. So I picked up a brow pencil and a cute little compact and a clear brow gel.

Let me give you a quick rundown of the products and my first impressions of them

Firstly the brow pencil I chose….. in the shade….. I love that there is a little brow brush on the lid of the pencil this is so handy to keep in your make up bag meaning you don’t have to bother taking an extra make up brush out with you. The pencil for me is a little harsh, now I’m not sure whether it is because it is new and it needs to be a little more blunt to get the best out of it. I will keep trying with it though to see how I get on with it.

The next thing I bought which has fast become my favourite it a cute little kit called Brow This Way. It is a little 3 step kit which contains a little eye brow spooly, an angled brow brush, eyebrow powder and brow wax. It’s such a handy little kit and again perfect to keep in your make up kit.

So here’s how I fill in my eyebrows.

Firstly I brush my brows in to place using the spooly and then they are looking neat and in place. I then take the double angle brush and using a light hand I take the brow wax and add a little bit by bit being careful not to over to it, like everything with make-up it’s better to add a little and build it up.

I then use the powder if I need to, to fill in any little gaps I may have, again go steady don’t just plaster it on your eyebrows.

To set my eye brows in place I have been using Brow This Way styling gel in clear. I find this works really well to stop your eyebrows from smudging and it really easy to work with too.

I've not done one of these types of posts for a while so I thought I would share the love a bit and share some of my favourite blogs that I have been loving lately

Gemma has recently announced that her and her husband are expecting their first child and already she is documenting her pregnancy beautifully. I can't wait to see her pregnancy develop.

I have followed Kerry's blog for a long, long time as her daughter is just a little older than Thomas. Her blog always looks beautiful and she is always posting really helpful posts. Kerry has also recently had her second child harrison who is such a little cutie.

I have followed Lorna for many, many years and I always make sure I keep up with her blog I would recommend it to anybody.

I absolutely love Amelia's blog and I always get major blogger envy whenever I visit it.
Amelia and her boyfriend have also just rehomed the most adorable dog, it certainly doesn't help when I really want a dog.

I have only recently discovered this blog but already I love it. I particularly love when she posts about blogging and shares hints and tips, I feel like I learn so much from her blog.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read more and so far I’m failing if I’m honest but I really do need to start making more time to read as I’m building up quite a collection of books now. I thought I would share with you my TBR pile which seems to grow and grow without any books moving to my read pile. I wonder how many of these I could read before July?

In no particular order we have

Confessions of a mother inferior by Ericka Waller
The girl with all the gifts by M. R Carey
We are all completely beside ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler
The shock of the fall by Nathan Filer
If I stay by Gayle Forman
The husbands secret by Liane Moriarty

My current book is Confessions of a mother inferior and I am hopefully going to finish that in the next couple of weeks and then I hope to start reading two books a month which shouldn’t be too hard should it? I love reading once I get in to it.
I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day when I am in a relationship but it is even worse when you are single, especially if like me you are a big fan of social media and it seems like everybody is happily coupled up and they want to ram their romance down your throat.

I thought today I would share my top tips on how you can still have a fab Valentine’s Day even if you are on your own and how being single of Valentine’s Day is actually better.

1, You get to keep your money in your pocket. No need to waste money of expensive romantic gestures, no expensive meals out to jam packed restaurants. Instead treat yourself to your favourite bottle of wine and your favorite meal. For me it will be a nice bottle of Gallo White Zinfandel and a chicken jalfrazi.

2, Stay away from obvious couple filled locations. I managed this by taking Thomas on a date to the cinema. There wasn't a soppy happy couple in sight.... We went to see the new Peppa Pig film and we were surrounded by tired looking parents and toddlers. No romance anywhere.

3, Enjoy a night in on your own. When Thomas goes bed I plan to drink wine, eat some Lint Lindor chocolates that I bought as a special treat, paint my nails and put a face mask on... Bliss

4, Treat yourself, I plan to look at cars, that would be better than any Valentine's day gift a nice new car. I've also bought myself wine and chocolates and I don't have to share them with anybody!.

5, Stay off social media, no singleton needs to see hundreds of photos of people sharing their happiness and romance!
Okay, Okay so I'm not keeping up with this every week but did you think I would? because I didn't. I will probably do these posts when I have something really worth while to be talking about.

This week I have enjoyed spending time with my sister. Back in December we have the marvelous idea of filling my dads living room up with balloons as an early 50th birthday surprise. Who knew blowing up balloons would be such a painful task! In the end I wanted to cry every time I tied a balloon and ended up using a pen to help me tie. My sister ended up with blisters on her fingers!

Apologies for the rubbish phone pic, the camera on Samsungs is terrrible

We had actually had such a good time doing it even with all the pain we just kept randomly laughing at what we were doing. Thankfully my dad saw the funny side when he came in, I think he was actually very impressed at the effort we put it hehe.

I loved spending time with my sister as we don't live close to each other and rarely have the chance to see each other so it was also just nice to spend time with her.

We are now planning what to do for his 60th birthday...
I have mentioned quite a few times on my blog that my skin doesn't behave itself anymore around that time of the month I get awful hormonal acne around my chin which I detest. As somebody who was lucky enough not to have to deal with teenage acne I wasn't expecting to start with it in my mid-twenties but unfortunately I did. For the past year I have been on a quest to find different ways and products to cover up any spots I may get as my trusty old Collection Lasting Perfection concealer alongside a light coverage foundation just wasn't cutting it for my any more.

I found a couple of concealers I was happy with and I know flit between the two but I couldn't find a foundation that was heavy enough coverage without paying lots of money. A few months back I heard a few other bloggers talk about Rimmel’s 25 hour lasting finish foundation saying that it was quite a heavy coverage. As I love Rimmel foundation anyway I decided to give it a go.

As usual I wasn’t disappointed I have said many times that Rimmel is my favourite brand for foundation I have loved everyone I have tried. The shade range of Rimmel foundations suit my skin tone really well which I know some people have issues with when buying foundations from lower end brands. I also find that the foundation applies really well to my skin and leaves quite a nice finish when I use my Real Techniques buffing brush.
I've not used such a full coverage before so the foundation did feel quite heavy on my skin and so I did have to get use to wearing it and it does feel a little tacky on your skin at first or at least that is what I found.

I obviously can’t comment on whether the foundation will last for 25 hours because after all who would need foundation to last that long? It does last longer than my other foundations and it does give a better coverage and it keeps any blemishes hidden for longer which is exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely be buying this foundation again and it is definitely something to keep in your make up kit for days when you need a bit more coverage.
A few weeks ago I bought this nifty little facial massage mitt from Soap & Glory for just £4 in Boots to work along side my current cleanser as I wanted something to make my face feel like it was extra clean without using any harsh facial scrubs as I don't like to use them on a day to day basis. 

There was a choice between this and the Soap & Glory face brush but as I have had a facial brush in the past I decided to go with the mitt as I haven't had anything like this before and so I was quite curious to see what it was like. It reminded me of that little scrublet that you get with a L'Oreal or was it Garnier face wash but I had never gotten round to trying that I was keen to see what they were like.

As you can see the mitt has two different sections the larger section has bristles and the smaller section has small little bumps they both work together to make your cleanser work harder and make your face feel cleaner. 

The handle on the back is definitely needed it makes it so easy to grip and use because this gets very slippery when wet.

I really like the fact that using this face mitt is actually more hygenic than using a face brush as you can clean it more thoroughly and it's very quick and easy.

Have you ever tried this massage mitt from Soap & Glory or a similar product? what did you think?
So you know when I said I wasn't spending money, well I failed....

I spotted this gorgeous Khaki green kimono style cardigan in New Look which I loved, I haven't owned many things this colour before but I love it. When I got it home I was actually contemplating taking it back because to me it is more of an autumnal piece but I will still get some wear out of it now until we hit spring and it is a piece I doubt will go out of fashion and so I can bring it out again in autumn/ winter.

Please ignore the rogue hairdryer 

I next spotted this tribal print top with cut out detail around the neck and I thought the colours went perfectly with this cardigan.

I finished the outfit with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans which I have had for ages and are also from New Look I really love their jeans and I'm pretty sure all of the jeans I own are from New Look. I am also wearing a pair of brown ankle boots from you guessed it New Look which I bought around Christmas time and they were on sale for £14 and I have been pretty much living in them since. They are just so comfy a complete bargain.

January has been quite a positive month for me obviously it was the start of a new year 2015 and although I don't get excited about the New Year like a lot of people do, I do like the feeling of a fresh start with a whole year ahead of me to look forward to. A new year to try and achieve more of the things I want.

January also marked a year since Thomas's dad and I split I have changed and grown so much as a person since then. I no longer feel like I rely on somebody else I feel more independent than I ever have before and I feel happier than I have done in a long time. I am also pretty glad that myself and Thomas's dad can talk to each other and sometimes even share a joke and behave like grown-ups. I know so many parents split up and there is so much hate and animosity between them that it must make life even more difficult to their children and I would never want that for Thomas.
Thomas will always connect us and I don't want a life of arguments and there are going to many things we have to have proper discussions about in the future and I want to keep things as friendly as I can for Thomas's sake.

I want 2015 to be the year that I take Thomas to different places and show him lots of different things and just to have more fun together and make the most of the time we have and I started this in January by taking him to Amerton Farm which we both enjoyed and I can't wait for us to have more mini adventures over the coming months.

Something that I have been trying to improve in January is how I use my time, there seem to always be so many things that I want to get done and just so little time to do it. I really need to get better at managing my time and making the most of every moment.

After seeing a few other bloggers to post similar to this I have decided to set myself mini goals each month to try and spur myself on to accomplish more each month.

* Save £200

* Finish one book

* Lose 6lb

* Start improving my blog

* Comment on every blog post I read

* Finish January Project Life

* Don't buy any make up

* Take more photos