The quickest and easiest crafts to do with toddlers has got to be hand prints after all they love getting messy don't they? The best thing of all is that you can turn them in to pretty much anything. So we made spiders or pyders as Thomas calls them and witches.

Mummy finds those black painted hands scarier than anything!

I think Thomas enjoyed making these pictures the best.

Another day another Halloween craft. Do you ever think about the amount of empty toilet rolls you throw away? I bet we get through loads but I have recently started to save them for lots of different crafts I have been thinking about doing with Thomas.

I am a bit of a silly mummy for not thinking about getting Thomas an apron for when we are doing crafts you definitely need one especially when you are letting a toddler loose with black paint!

To make the wings I cut out some wings from black paper and then glued them to the back. You could either draw the eyes on or use googley eyes like we did, Thomas dabbed on a little bit of glue and then chose two eyes to stick on.

I think they look super cute hanging from out stairs. 

I love it when we get to Halloween as it's only a matter of time before Christmas and there are so many different reasons for getting crafty and lets face it we need something to keep our little ones occupied when the weather isn't that great outside. This week we have been doing lots of Halloween crafts do decorate the house.

I love watching Thomas when he is really concentrating on something and he tells me exactly what he is doing and he knows when to ask for more paint so he can carry on creating his masterpiece.

These pumpkin plates are super easy for toddlers to make. Thomas loved it he kept saying "I painting mama look" and he was very proud of his plates when he had finished. I used a bit of black paint to draw the faces on or if you have and black paper or card you could cut out the shapes and let your toddler stick them on the plate how ever they like.

I then hung the pumpkins around the room and they look super cute much better than any shop bought decorations.

When you are in your teens/ early twenties your weekends are you own. Or at least they were when I was that age. I spent my weekend nights out with friends partying, drinking and staying out until 2/3 even 4 am and that was the norm. I could do it and not feel guilty about it I was working and living at home so my money was my own other than paying my dad a bit of board each month I had the rest of my money to myself. I could go out and buy myself a new outfit every weekend ready for a night of partying.

Fast forward a few years and things couldn't be more different. Weekends as a parent are completely different. There is washing to be done, piles and piles of washing as toddlers get very dirty pretty much all of the time. There's housework to be done and then there's the weekly food shop to be bought. Add actually looking after your toddler in to the mix and sometimes I'm looking forward to a break at work on a Monday.

It's hard to believe that a few years ago I was up until the early hours of the morning at weekends when now some times I struggle to stay awake past 10pm and weekend lie ins are also a thing of the past. I don't think Thomas understands that people like lie in's at the weekend, I'm sure it's something that he will learn during his teenage years though.

Even though now I only have Thomas for a full weekend every other weekend, the weekends I don't have him I miss him and I am always looking forward to when his dad brings him back home. Of course we all like a bit of time off when we are parent but I would always prefer my weekends as a parent they are much better than any night out.
I love this time of year there is nothing I like more that getting all snuggly and cosy and relaxing in front of the tele under a blanket or getting in to bed with a good book and just keeping warm. There was something about my previous house that meant that I just couldn't get cosy in there I don’t know what it was but already I love my new little house it just feels perfect for this time of the year and all of the visitors I have had so far have mentioned how cosy my house feels, Maybe it is because the rooms are a little smaller more snug.

I wanted to share with you some of the little touches I have been adding to my new home to make it feel a little more cosy 

I also love cushions and blankets for making a room look more cosy and comfy. They are also fab for layering.

I haven't had a bed with a head frame for so long, well ever really so I am so happy I finally have this bed. I love the flower fairy lights I have hung from it.

As you can see I love candles at this time of year they are my number one must have if you are wanting to make your home looks more cosy.

 I am absolutely in love with my new bedroom it feels so relaxing when I sit in there it is a perfect place to chill when I have had a long day. I just want to put a few more pictures up in the room and then it will be perfect.

A little moving in present to myself was these little candle houses they were only £12 from Asda and I love them. I uploaded a photo to Instagram and facebook and I got so many compliments on them and I know a couple of people have actually gone out and bought them. 

As I have mentioned before we love Clarks shoes and as you may have seen Thomas was lucky enough to get a new pair of boots ready for the Autumn/ Winter to keep his tootsies nice and toasty. I picked these lovely boots as I loved the colour they look perfect for this time of year. I love the pop of mustard yellow with the brown it makes the boots more fun for toddlers.

The boots are also surprisingly easy to get on even on a toddlers uncooperative feet as they have little zips down the side meaning you can open them up quite wide and your toddler can easily push their foot in and there is a little toggle at the back you can pull them on with ease. The leather is also soft and flexible making them super comfortable for your toddler no need to worry about them rubbing and they can still move easily with them on as you don't want their movements to be restricted.

Thomas loves his new boots.

*c/o Clarks Shoes

Every payday I treat myself to something it's kinda like law isn't it? You work hard all month so you have to treat yourself on pay day. This last payday I was feeling autumnal the weather was a little chillier and the nights are getting darker so I thought I would treat myself to some new boots as it is coming up to boot weather again I thought I would get myself ready early instead of waiting until all of the shops were out of nice boots and then deciding I need a new pair.

The first place I decided to look was as I remembered that they offer buy one get one free to first time customers. I found it pretty hard at first not to get sidetracked looking at pretty high heels that I will never have chance to wear. I was overwhelmed by the amount of boots there was to choose from I was well and truly spoilt for choice.

The black pair are called "Sylvee"
And the brown pair are called "Zella"

I decided to buy 1 pair of flat black boots and 1 pair of flat brown/tan boots. I paid a couple of pound for delivery and then around 4 days later they turned up. I am really impressed with the quality of the boots especially as I got them both for £35I wasn't expecting them to be the best quality but they really are. I can't wait to start wearing them all the time as the weather gets colder.

I think I will definitely be trying out more shoes from the site, with Christmas just around the corner I think that means that I will need to treat myself to some new heels for the works Christmas party ;)
Just after I had Thomas I felt pretty sleep deprived most of the time and I had under eye bags the size of suitcases. Being somebody who suffers with dark circles the majority of the time anyway running off  4/5 hours of sleep a night didn't make them any better. So of course you need help to make you look a little bit less like death.

Concealers are something that I have probably tried hundreds of since I started wearing make up many years ago. I have forgotten more than half I have ever tried but there are a few that I have found over the past year or so that I am completely in love with and they have become beauty saviours to me


I shall start with the concealer that I am currently using and loving. At the moment I am using Benefits Erase Paste which I would consider to be quite a heavy duty concealer as it is very thick in consistency exactly like a paste (well duh) It works really well for helping to mask under eye dark circles as well as covering any blemishes or spots on your skin. As it is from Benefit it is a little pricey but in my opinion it is so worth the money as a little goes a long way. I have been using this for so many months now and I still have so much left.

My next favourite is the Benefit Fake Up which is a concealer but it also brightens making it a must have for brightening the under eye area as well concealing any dark circles you may have. It's quite a light concealer so maybe not one for the days you need some heavy duty coverage but it definitely helps.
My next two go to concealers are the Wake Me Up Concealer and Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment which I won't go in to, too much as I have already mentioned them here on my blog before. The final concealer is yet another Benefit product (I love their concealers can you tell?) Boi-ing I would say this is kinda in between the Erase Paste and Fake Up in regards to coverage. It works brilliantly on both under eye circles and blemishes and I love it, so much so that I have just purchased my third pot so it is obviously a firm favourite for me.

You know how most little boys are facinated by cars, trains, boats, or airplanes well not my little boy he goes crazy for buses, simple everyday buses. Every single car journey he points out pretty much every single bus he sees and I find myself pointing them out if he hasn't spotted them. I spend ages scouring Ebay for books about buses, whenever we go to toy shops or supermarkets I spend my time looking for bus toys. I think I am nearly as obsessed as Thomas!

Every once in a while in a town near where I live they have Classic bus day which I know sounds kinda strange, like why would people be interested in old buses but they are there was actually quite a lot of people there most of which were grandparents who looked like they had dragged their grandchild out and then there was me Thomas, my dad and a couple of my cousins who had come because a 2 year old boy is crazy about buses.

I had to drive past the buses when we first got there and Thomas started to point out all of the buses so when we passed I asked him if he wanted to go and have a look at the buses and he got so excited shouting "yeah mama yeah buses" so we parked up and walked back to the buses and then Thomas spotted his Grandad and got even more excited.

Thomas loved to climb aboard the buses and walked up and down them and when we asked him if he wanted to go on a ride on one he rushed to the front of the queue. It's been a while since we have been on a bus because I drive I never need to get on a bus and so he didn't really know what to think of it at first I guess it was strange for him not to be sitting in a car seat.

But he soon perked up once he got use to it and then he absolutely loved being on the bus.

He went and sat next to his Grandad and he was telling him how they were on a bus and then every so often he would tell me "Bus mama on bus" in such a giddy excited voice I think he thought all his Christmases and Birthdays had come at once.

Grandad also treated Thomas to a book with lots of pictures on buses in which Thomas had to sit and look at as soon as he got home. I think Thomas loves buses even more than ever now so I think we will have to start going on more trips on the bus.