Thomas is getting to the age now where he will sit still and concentrate for nearly a whole film so it is always nice to be able to snuggle up and put on a DVD together and watch it. We recently received The Lego Movie from for us to watch together and have a little family movie night. So Thomas, James and I snuggled up on the settee and watched The Lego Movie, James had been wanting to watch this film too so he was also glad of the chance to watch it and use Thomas as an excuse.

I will be honest I had heard mixed reviews of this film so I didn't really know what to expect but I knew that it was a film for all ages so I was hoping it was something that James and I would like to watch just in case Thomas decided he wanted to watch it all the time.

The main character of the movie is Emmet a little Lego character who is a very ordinary little chap leading quite a boring life until he is mistaken for an extraordinary person who knows exactly how to save the world. The film follows him as he kinda blags his way through. I won't spoil the whole story though.

I actually quite enjoyed the film of course they were some quite cheesy parts like the part with that song you know the one I mean "Everything is awesome" There were some jokes that James and I had a little chuckle to so it made the film watchable to adults too. I think Thomas quite enjoyed it too as he sat and watch very quietly occasionally pointing things out to us even though he probably didn't have a clue what was going on in the film. It was still nice to watch a film together and I guess we will watch it a lot more times in the future.

I’ve always dreamt of having the perfect house, white walls, white furniture everything looking clean and tidy “A place for everything and everything in its place”  A house that looks fresh out of an interior magazine… a show home. I would love to have the perfect looking house like you see in photos on your favourite blogs where everything looks neat and tidy. Then I remember I have a 2 year old son and I also work full time so I doubt that will be possible for a long, long time until Thomas has outgrown his toys and has learnt how to clean up after himself.

Every time I tidy my home and get it looking nice (Usually the weekends when Thomas is with his dad) I think to myself I will keep on top of this now but as soon as my little 2 year old whirlwind comes home and starts to play the house looks like a bomb has hit it and I sit back and think why did I bother. Is having a tidy home really that important? Is it more important than having a happy child who enjoys playing with every single one of his toys at the same time.

Another part of my problem is the fact that I work full time when I get home I want to sit down and spend time with Thomas, I don’t want to come home and then start tidying up and then when Thomas goes bed that’s my time to chill out or spend time with James when he is round. I guess I am still trying to find the right balance I suppose and it doesn’t help that in our current house there isn’t much storage space for Thomas’s toys they are always out on show in the living room. I can’t wait until we move and we will be able to store his toys under the stairs as there is a little blocked off area with a door we can hide the toys behind. At least then when Thomas goes to bed I can put Thomas’s toys out of view and sit in a grown up living room for a little while. I wont get myself worked up because I don’t live in a show home I want the house to looked lived in I don’t mind it being messy occasionally because I know Thomas is enjoying himself I want it look like a family home.

I guess if you look behind the photos on most blogs where the houses appear to be perfect most people’s houses do look a bit messy where the camera doesn’t capture and that makes me feel a little better because we can’t be perfect. And I guess if their houses are actually like perfect show homes then chances are they don’t have children.

Bourjois is a make up brand that I haven't really dabbled with much mainly because I find the products to be kinda pricey for what they are but I have been wanting to try try the Healthy Mix Foundation for a while as I have heard lots of good things about this foundation from various beauty blogs.

It's a foundation that has been around for quite a while now and I don't know why I have put off trying it for so long I guess the price put me off a little at £9.99 it is more than I normally spend on foundation and the fact that it is from a brand that I don't know much about I guess I didn't want to end up wasting money on a foundation that I wouldn't end up using.

I have been pleasantly surprised by this foundation and since I bought it I have been wearing it pretty much every single day which is quite a change for me as I normally stick to my trusty Rimmel foundations.  The first thing you will notice about this foundation is that it is quite heavily scented which I know will put some people off. I don't mind the scent it's a nice fruity smell I guess that's due to the "fruit therapy formula"

I find that this foundation applies really well and it is really easy to work with I apply it with my Real Techniques Buffing brush which I prefer to the stippling brush as I find leaves a really nice finish to your skin. I would say that the coverage of this foundation is light to medium but you can build it up if you are wanting more coverage.

My skin type like I have said before is normal/ dry and I find this foundation suits my skin pretty well it still leaves me with a nice dewy look to my skin which is great if you do suffer from slightly dry dull looking skin. It also lasts pretty well too, some foundations start to look patchy after a few hours of wear but this doesn't which is great for me as it's very rare I top up my make up during the day so at least I don't have to worry about my face looking patchy as the day goes on.

Now I have tried this foundation from Bourjois I'm tempted to give their other foundations a whirl to see how they compare. Before I do that though I need to use up all of the foundations I have as I am getting quite a hoard of them!

Ever look at your child and think "Gosh when did you get so big" I seem to be doing that a lot lately, whenever Thomas says something new or does something that seems so grown up. Just simple things like pulling out a book and climbing up on the settee getting himself comfy and then sitting there flicking through his book. The other day when I gave him a yoghurt for his pudding he said "Ohh ank you mama" before gobbling his yoghurt all up. I stand there looking at him my heart completely melted.

When Thomas was much younger I used to look forward to a time we could have little conversations and I could watch him playing with his toys. Now we have got to that point when I watch him growing up as much as I love to see him develop and grow I still get a little pang of sadness that my baby is growing up and it's happening too fast for my liking it is so bittersweet. It wont be long until he is ready for school life will zoom by so fast I can't bare to think about it.
I just hope I can keep all of these simple little memories safe forever

I could sit and watch him playing for hours and not get bored it fascinates me to watch him and wonder what on earth goes through that beautiful little head of his. Thomas has recently starting making little conversations between his toys when he is playing most of which I can't understand but it sounds fun whatever is going on and he gets himself ever so excited.

Right now he is playing with one of his favourite toys his Little People London Bus and I don't know what is happening but two of the little figures seem to having quite a heated discussion I would love to know what about.

The slight downside to Thomas becoming older and wiser is that he is getting more head strong and he doesn't like me telling him what to do much and often thinks he's too big for simple things like holding mummy's hand... he's 2 for heavens sake. There will soon come a time when he thinks he is too cool for anything to do with his mama.

I had seen reviews of the Breville Blend Active popping up on various blogs over the past couple of months and I had been intrigued to see what it was actually like, whether it was really as good as it sounds. When I spotted it in The Range for £24 I decided to take the plunge in a bid to start being a little more healthy. As soon as I bought it I dragged my mum to Tesco so that I could buy lots of fruit to test out the Blend Active when I got home.

You can use the Blend Active to make Smoothies, Shakes and slushies. It comes with two 600 ml bottles with leak proof lids perfect if you are taking you smoothie out and about. I really like the fact that you make the smoothie in the bottle because obviously it saves on washing up which lets face it nobody likes making lots of washing up for themselves.

I was going to buy a book on smoothies but lets face it we have the internet where you can find hundreds if not thousands of different smoothie recipes so there isn't much point in spending money of smoothie books when you could jot down the recipes in a notebook.

I have only had the Blend Active for about 2 weeks now but I love it already! I have been having a smoothie every morning for my breakfast and I find them so filling. They are also quick and easy to prepare so it is much easier than sitting down and eating breakfast I can just blitz it and then take it work and sip it at my desk whilst I work and I don't feel the need to sit munching on biscuits for my breakfast.

One of my favourite smoothies so far has to be banana, pineapple, low fat natural yoghurt and porridge oats. With the added porridge oats it makes it super filling

Another smoothie I have been loving is a Summer fruits smoothie where I use mixed frozen summer berries which you can buy from Tesco, banana, low fat natural yoghurt, porridge oats and a little bit of Oatly. I love it and I'm not much of a fan of the mixed summer fruits on their own but mixed together in a smoothie I love them!

I have seen lots of other parent bloggers share a tag recently on Instagram where they share 20 facts about their child and I wanted to join in but to be honest I couldn't be bothered to sit and type that much on my phone so I thought I would turn it in to a blog post.

1. Thomas was born 14/15 days late. He was born via emergency C-Section after his heart rate continuously dropped when I contracted.
2. My dad told me that I would have a boy as soon as I told him I was pregnant so all the way through my pregnancy I "knew" I would have a boy the 20 week scan just confirmed it.
3. Thomas was born with a full head of very dark thick hair.
4. Thomas is obsessed with Peppa Pig and goes crazy whenever he sees her or George.
5. Buses are also a big obsession of Thomas's he goes crazy whenever we see one.
6. Thomas is 27 months old and I have just bought him some new jeans in size 12-18 months and they are a little too long.
7. Thomas is the first grandchild for my parents and great grandchild in my family.
8. Thomas moved in to his cot in his own room at around 4 months as there wasn't room in my bedroom for him.
9. Thomas's favourite snack is yoghurt, bananas and blueberries.
10. Thomas's favourite drink at the moment is apple juice.
11. Thomas is a really good sleeper and has been pretty much since he was around 4/5 months old except for the odd blips when he's either not well or when he use to suffer when teething.
12. Thomas is such a cheeky chappie and has such a cheeky personality and always manages to make me smile and cheer me up.
13. Potty training has kinda come to a standstill as I just don't think he was ready. We will give it another go in a few months time.
14. Thomas is a mummy's boy without a doubt
15. Thomas hates ham, I have tried it numerous times and he just does not like it at all.
16. Thomas loves nursery and has always enjoyed going which makes it easier for me working full time now.
17. Thomas is turning in to a book worm
18. Thomas loves playing with cars, buses, trains basically anything transport related.
19. Thomas doesn't like to sit still for long.
20. Thomas loves spicy crisps like chilli heatwave doritos and always pinches some of mine whenever I have them.

I've always wondered why there was such a big hype around Yankee Candles as to me they just seem like an over priced over hyped candle that proved popular amongst bloggers as it is the "in" thing and people to have them as a showy extra in blog photographs. That is part of the reason why I was put off trying Yankee candles for the longest time, that and the fact that they are really expensive.

Every time I walk past a Yankee Candle shop I am drawn inside by the beautiful scents which waft out of the shop and each time I step inside I peruse the shelves and sniff the candles yet still walk out empty handed I just can't justify that much money on a candle it is just burning money.

However on a recent try to B&Q I spotted a lovely little Yankee Wax Tart burner for £7 and thought I would treat myself along with a couple of Wax Tarts from the Yankee home range which are only around £1.50 each. I also purchased a big bag of 100 tea light candles for £2. When I got home I chose one of my new Wax Tarts which was the "Garden Sweet Pea" placed it in the wax burner and lit a tea light. Instantly you are hit with the beautiful aroma and it really does fill your room with a gorgeous scent. My home is pretty open so you can smell the wax tart all around your house which is great too.

I have since bought a few more wax tarts to try out currently I am using Clean Cotton which smells of exactly that it is such a fresh clean smell just like clean laundry. I am already in love with these little Wax Tarts they are a great way to scent your home but at just a fraction of the price of a jar. I can see these growing in to an addiction.

Every New Years Eve Facebook and Twitter gets filled up with everybody posting about how they are looking forward to having a fresh start right at the beginning of 2014 I never imagined that I would be facing a year full of fresh starts.
I faced my first fresh start when my marriage ended it felt like a weight had been lifted and I was looking forward to a fresh start with Thomas spending time on my own and concentrating on being the best mum that I could to Thomas and trying to make sure that his life still went on as normal as it could which is why I made the decision to stay in our home even though my ex was pushing for us to move out. I didn't want to uproot Thomas when he was going to have to get use to his parents being separated even though in the beginning it probably wasn't much different for him.

My next fresh start come shortly after when I started a new relationship with James started it was something I wasn't expecting to happen but it is something that I am so very happy that it did happen. James makes me happier than I have been in a very long time and I would never have expected to feel this way so soon.

I will soon have another fresh start coming my way, I have given notice on my house which means we will be moving again soon. This house is simply too expensive for me to afford living in on my own and it's quite far away from the rest of my family so I am looking to move closer to my dad again. I will also be glad to move out of this house because it is a house I chose to live in with my ex so I am looking forward to finding a house myself with input from James as hopefully it will become our family home. I just hope I am able to make the transition in to a new house as easy as possible for Thomas as I don't want to disturb him too much.
PicStick transform your favourite photos into high quality glossy magnets. It couldn't be easier to do either, all you need to do is create and account on their site and then you have the option to upload your photos straight from your computer, Facebook account or dropbox.

You can create them in sheets of 9 photo magnets which cost £9.99 with free worldwide shipping. I was really impressed with how fast they arrived, they only took a couple of days I was expecting them to take around a week to turn up so I was surprised when the popped through my letterbox.

They really are great quality magnets and would make a great gift so maybe one to remember for Christmas. Both of my Nans have fridges covered in magnets so I am thinking about ordering them both a sheet of magnets with photos of their grandchildren on them for an extra special personal Christmas gift.

Why don't you make use of 25% off these lovely magnets and order some today using MEMORIES25 when you check out