Potty Training Supplies

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how we were going to be starting to potty train Thomas, at the minute I'm not really forcing the potty on Thomas as there is no rush for him to be potty trained at the moment but i thought it would be a good idea to start getting him use to the idea of using a potty and being a big boy instead of having to wear nappies all the time.

Next week we have a week off work and nursery so I wanted to gather some potty training supplies so that we can have a good go at it when we are off and then hopefully Thomas's nursery can carry it on when he goes back.

Obviously the most important thing you need is a potty. Some people choose to toilet train their children by bypassing the potty and using the toilet with a training seat. For us though I think it would be easier to get Thomas use to sitting on the potty for a couple of weeks until he can properly identify when he needs to use the potty and when he can tell me and then maybe we will start using the toilet.

When I first bought the potty a few months back I bought a packet of pull up pants, mainly because they had Cars on and Thomas was going through a Cars phase but since then when I have been reading more about potty training I'm not sure weather I will use these much as they can slow down the training process as even though they aren't as big and bulky as a nappy I don't want Thomas to think it's okay to have accidents in them.I may save these for when we have pretty much cracked potty training and we start going out without the nappy.

The "big boy pants" last week we nipped in to Matalan to see if they had any little pants so that Thomas could start getting use to the feel of them. I think he quite likes the idea of having big boy pants as he repeats me whenever I mention them. I got these to wear around the house rather than letting Thomas just stay in the nuddy so that he can feel when he has had an accident and will quickly be able to identify that he's suppose to do a wee in the potty so that he doesn't get wet.

Finally I ordered a little selection of books from Ebay which are potty training stories. At the minute it seems like Thomas doesn't fully understand why he needs to wee on the potty so It thought it would be a good idea to get a couple of little story books that I can read to him and he can see the pictures of other little children using the potty to see if that helps him get the idea.


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