There have been many times in the past when I have felt like I have needed time off from being a mum, Which I don’t think is a bad thing, all parents need a break, a little breather, a little time to yourself. Being a parent of a toddler can be hard work sometimes so I find having a little break every so often leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to deal with tantrums again without being too stressed and worked up.

Since Thomas’s dad and I broke up earlier this year I have had to get use to spending time away from Thomas and whilst I do enjoy having a little more time to myself and having time with James to enjoy being a couple. No sooner had I got use to Thomas being away one night a week which in the beginning that was hard but luckily I had James to take my mind off it. My ex and I have recently decided that he will start having Thomas every other weekend for the whole weekend so I don’t see him from Friday morning when I drop him off at nursery to Monday night when I collect him from nursery again.
We have only done this for one or two weekends so far and the first weekend it was tough, when I got home on the Friday night I felt pretty empty even though I should have been use to not having Thomas on Friday nights, but just the thought of a whole weekend without him made me feel sad.

Of course I would never stop Thomas from seeing his dad but I do occasionally get this pang of jealousy that I have to share Thomas. One thing that does make me feel a little better is the thought of seeing his cheeky little face on a Monday night when he spots me walking through the door at nursery and seeing his face light up again when he sees his mama standing there. I have to fight off tears of joy when he comes running over to me so fast he nearly falls shouting “Hi mama” with the biggest smile of his face.

On the flipside I think that Thomas spending a bit more time away from me will actually do him good, he is very much a mummy’s boy which of course makes me secretly happy but I don’t want him to grow up and for him to want to be permanently glued to my side because I know that wouldn’t be good for him.

I guess I should just enjoy my time off to enjoy being Sarah without having to think about changing nappies.

It's no secret that once you have a child your usual beauty regime goes out of the window because you simply don't have the time to leisurely get ready in the mornings anymore. For me in order to have enough time to get ready for work I have to get up an hour earlier than I use to before having Thomas just so I have enough time to shower and make myself look presentable for work before I get Thomas up and ready for nursery.

At the weekends when I'm not at work I'm obviously not going to get up super early just to get ready before Thomas wakes (I'm not mad) So if James isn't around to keep his eye on Thomas whilst I get ready I have to get showered, dressed and sort my hair and make up out in super quick time.

I have rounded up a few products I turn to when I need to get ready as quick as I can.

Dry shampoo is a must have in my opinion, not washing, drying and straightening my hair can cut off at least 30 minutes from the time it takes for my to get ready. So if my hair isn't looking too bad I freshen it up with dry shampoo to get it looking better.

The next hair product I use that saves me time when I am getting ready is John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 day straight spray. I love this product I have reviewed it before here on my blog.  I'm now on my third bottle. I really do think it keeps my hair straighter for longer so there is no need to waste time straightening my hair everyday.

Another great time saver for me is Nivea In shower body moisturiser. I will be honest I tend to skip using normal moisturiser because I simply haven't the time to wait around to dry before I get dressed. So I simply use this in the shower and it leaves me with soft skin in half the time.

I use Micellar water to remove any stubborn make up and generally clean my face when I don't have time to properly cleanse and tone. It is also so much better than just using make up wipes.

I like to paint my nails but simply don't have the time to sit and do nothing whilst I wait for them to dry so I use Elegant touch rapid dry spray which dries your nails really quickly so you don't waste any precious time.

What beauty products do you use to save you time?

  1. You find yourself scared of silence, if your toddler is being too quiet chances are they are doing something they shouldn't be.
  2. You start to speak like your parents for example "If I have to tell you once more there will be trouble" or "You sound like you are making a mess in there"
  3. It gets to a point where you grow to like Peppa Pig or which ever cartoon your child is loving at the moment.
  4. You become obsessed with asking your toddler if they need a wee and being constantly on edge whilst they are nappy free.
  5. Instead of having the latest chart hit stuck in your head you find yourself singing random parts of Go!Go!Go! songs from Nick Jr throughout the day and drive yourself absolutely batty with it.
  6. You are scared to stay up too late just in case your toddler wakes up too early.
  7. Going to work is classed as time off, and you actually look forward to not having to deal with tantrums or nappy changes for 8 hours a day.
  8. You agreed most of these points 

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how we were going to be starting to potty train Thomas, at the minute I'm not really forcing the potty on Thomas as there is no rush for him to be potty trained at the moment but i thought it would be a good idea to start getting him use to the idea of using a potty and being a big boy instead of having to wear nappies all the time.

Next week we have a week off work and nursery so I wanted to gather some potty training supplies so that we can have a good go at it when we are off and then hopefully Thomas's nursery can carry it on when he goes back.

Obviously the most important thing you need is a potty. Some people choose to toilet train their children by bypassing the potty and using the toilet with a training seat. For us though I think it would be easier to get Thomas use to sitting on the potty for a couple of weeks until he can properly identify when he needs to use the potty and when he can tell me and then maybe we will start using the toilet.

When I first bought the potty a few months back I bought a packet of pull up pants, mainly because they had Cars on and Thomas was going through a Cars phase but since then when I have been reading more about potty training I'm not sure weather I will use these much as they can slow down the training process as even though they aren't as big and bulky as a nappy I don't want Thomas to think it's okay to have accidents in them.I may save these for when we have pretty much cracked potty training and we start going out without the nappy.

The "big boy pants" last week we nipped in to Matalan to see if they had any little pants so that Thomas could start getting use to the feel of them. I think he quite likes the idea of having big boy pants as he repeats me whenever I mention them. I got these to wear around the house rather than letting Thomas just stay in the nuddy so that he can feel when he has had an accident and will quickly be able to identify that he's suppose to do a wee in the potty so that he doesn't get wet.

Finally I ordered a little selection of books from Ebay which are potty training stories. At the minute it seems like Thomas doesn't fully understand why he needs to wee on the potty so It thought it would be a good idea to get a couple of little story books that I can read to him and he can see the pictures of other little children using the potty to see if that helps him get the idea.