Mocc -ons Review*

Before we moved in to our current house I use to like the idea of having laminate flooring as I thought it would be a massive plus with having a messy toddler roaming about and whilst it does make cleaning up any spillages quick and easy the downside is obviously that it can be very slippy for a toddler who loves nothing more than running around like somebody gone mad and there have been plenty of times where he has been running a little too fast and he has gone head over heels.

That is where Mocc-Ons come in handy. Mocc-Ons are a cute mix between a slippers and socks but with a thicker soft leather sole that have grips to prevent your little one from slipping and sliding as they wander about. They will also keep little feet nice and toasty but still allow for lots of movement and you don't have to worry about them falling off every 5 minutes.

The Mocc-Ons come in four fun designs: Pink Spot, Zebra Stripe, Rainbow and funky Cow Print and are available in sizes:6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months. Thomas has them in 18-24month and I would say they fit quite well but then I think Thomas has quite small feet which are around 4&1/2-5  so if your toddler has bigger feet than these you may find they wont fit which is a bit disappointing.

I would love to see these in bigger sizes as I think they would be great for maybe 2-3yr olds too.


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