About a month of so ago I started my search to find myself a new summer perfume as I like to switch up my perfumes and have light, fresh or maybe sweet perfumes for Spring/ Summer to try and make me feel a little more summery despite the great British weather not getting the memo that the seasons are changing. 

After what spending what seemed like a life time searching for the perfect scent and spritzing numerous perfumes on to those little paper sticks in Boots, the only perfume that I was really drawn to was Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and just my luck was one of the most expensive perfumes that Boots stock but after much deliberation I just had to have it and so treated myself to the 30ml Eau de Parfum bottle and I have now fallen in love with it. Flowerbomb is as the name suggests a floral scent with frangrance notes of Centifolia rose, India osmanthus, catleya orchid, sambac jasmine.

 It truly is a beautiful perfume and in my eyes is actually well worth the money, I told myself that I would try to keep this for special occasions and not use it as an everyday perfume for going to work but it fast became my everyday perfume but after about a month of using it pretty much every day it barely looks used as one or two spritzes of this perfume lasts hours.

When Thomas was first born I always said that I didn't want him to be one of these children that you see at 3/4 years old with a dummy permanently in their mouth and for a long, long time he only use to have his dummy at nap times and bed times and half the time he would just use it for when he was first dropping off to sleep and then spit it out and not bother with it after that.

Over the past few months though it got to the point where he was having his dummy far too much in my eyes and he would cry or whinge all the time until I gave it to him and yes I did give in too easily especially after a long day at work. I will be honest I was starting to get sick of seeing it in his mouth and I was starting to notice that in all the photos I took of him he had his dummy in his mouth so I made the decision that it was time for the dummy to disappear.

I was actually a little scared about loosing the dummy, what if he would turn in to this monster child that never settled again? It was going to have to be something that I just dealt with because I knew he was going to have to lose the dummy sooner rather than later so one Sunday night I just made the decision to put him to bed with out the dummy. Thomas was already pretty tired anyway and on the verge of falling to sleep so I just put him in his cot and didn't offer him his dummy and he never bothered. The next day he looked around for his dummy when I was getting him out of his cot probably more out of habit than anything else but I distracted him with a car and he soon forgot about his missing dummy.

The next challenge was getting him go down for a nap without his dummy I normally put him in his cot when he is pretty awake and he lays talking to himself before he falls asleep so I thought this may be more difficult if he realised he didn't have his dummy but it didn't seem to bother him at all.

And just like that the dummy was gone and he hasn't bothered since, apart from one night when he woke up and wasn't very well I gave him his dummy as he wasn't settling, but the next morning I hid it again and he soon forgot all about his dummy.

I have been very lucky getting Thomas to give up his dummy I know some children can be very reluctant to give up their dummy. I think it is probably best to lose the dummy while your toddler is still quite young because it will be less of a fight when it comes to bedtimes and you might find they don't even think about it like Thomas didn't but I know some parent's like to use the "Dummy Fairy" who comes and takes away all of the dummies and perhaps leaves a little present instead .

How did you lose the dummy, Was it a terrible time or did your little one soon forget?

There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you.

I meant to blog about this quite a while ago now but as you may have noticed I haven't really been around much, truth be told I haven't really felt inspired to blog lately and I haven't wanted to just put out half hearted posts just for the sake of it. Although I have missed blogging and I am trying to ease myself back in to it.
Anyway I digress, shortly after I split from David my sister told me she was sending a couple of little packages to cheer me up. I wasn't expecting such a thoughtful and well planned out surprise as I got. My adorable sister sent me 3 small packages marked up 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3of 3 but I couldn't open them until I had received all three packages. 

I admit I cried when I finally got to open all three it was such a lovely thoughtful thing to do she sent me a bar of chocolate with "All you need is chocolate" on it along with a picture of Thomas which has on it "All you need is your boy" Next up was a bottle of wine that had a personalised label on it which said "All you need is wine" and the final thing was a Me to you card which you automatically know is off my sister as she is obsessed any you only ever receive Me to You cards from her. It has such a lovely message inside which had me in tears.

Even though I'm the big sister (Well the little big sister) I know I can always count on my little sister to be there to cheer me up when I am having a bad time. I just hope that one day Thomas has a sibling to do the same for him.