Now we know that it's us versus the world now.
Me and you against the world now.
Look up there in the sky now.
See those stars well they're shining just for us.

It has just been "Us" for nearly 2 months now and I will be honest here it doesn't feel much different for me. I keep having people asking me how I am and how I am getting on and I am honestly fine but I owe a lot of that to Thomas he is what keeps me going. I am sure that if he wasn't with me I would have pretty much given up and I would be a crying mess because I have been there before. Thomas is the reason I have a smile on my face and he is the reason I am being positive about our future. 

Personally I am getting on great. I am just doing what I have been doing for a long time now. The big thing for me will be dealing with my finances and getting myself sorted in that way as that was something David always dealt with and I just sorted out money for my car and organising money for the weekly food shop. Now I have to organise paying all of the other household bills myself. I am sure I will get there and I will have everything organised for us and I will be completely independent. 

Of course there are times when I get lonely when Thomas goes to bed and I have always felt like that but I think the fact that I am actually single now it is as if that feeling is increased. I have found myself going to bed around 9pm just because I am fed up of my own company. Perhaps I need to get another hobby so any suggestions are welcome.


  1. What a lovely relationship you have with your son. As for hobbies, I love a good at home exercise DVD (better for you than eating chocolate)!

  2. Hey, it may be just you and thomas at home but the blogging community are here ! I know I wouldnt care if you just wanted a chat over fb :-D Drop me a line if your bored :-D as for hobbies take up vlogging ? Lovely post apart from the lonley bit :-)

  3. I totally get the finance thing. When my ex and I split up (years ago) I was totally terrified by sorting finances as he had done everything. But I found it really empowering and enjoyed knowing how to do it all. I'm now in charge of finances in my household and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)