This too shall pass...

You may not remember but back in August I did a series on my blog where I blogged everyday of the month and used different prompts and one of those was A quote to live by and I said back then that this quote means a lot to me and it is a quote that gets me through tough times. Little did I know there was a crappy time just around the corner.

I also said that I would probably get this as my next tattoo to remind me that yes we do all have crappy times in our life but it will pass, we will get through it and we will definitely come through it stronger. The other week I was feeling all strong and independent woman like and thought I'm going to get a new tattoo why the heck not. The first thing that come in to my mind was this saying.

I know the world and their mum probably have this quote tattooed somewhere on their person and it isn't very unique but I love it. It is there sitting on my shoulder to remind me that whatever happens, whatever life throws at me I will get through. I will be a stronger person because of it and I will come out of everything with a smile on my face.

This also means I can tick off one of my resolutions for 2014 which was to get a new tattoo so it's win win.

Do you have a quote or saying that you live by?


  1. love this quote. lovely place for your tattoo. it looks great! i don't have a saying that i live by but i do worry a lot and my partner always says "worrying won't stop the bad from happening, it stops you from enjoying the good" x

  2. This is one of my phrases too, I'm having it and another tattooed on me this year, am excited for those and my other planned tattoo :)

  3. Love this tattoo… Such a good quote!


  4. You're doing a great job. If this helps you gets through those tough days then that's great. I think it's a great saying and a lovely looking tattoo. I now need to go and get another!!