Back in January 2014 my world was tipped upside down when my marriage ended I suddenly felt lost and I didn't know what to do. Would I be able to cope living on my own? Would I cope looking after Thomas on my own? Could I run a house on my own? I felt completely lost and overwhelmed.

Soon I began to realise that I have actually been doing the majority of the things myself anyway apart from paying the bills, How hard could it be?

There was one night shortly after the split that still sticks in my mind now. I was giving Thomas a bath when he pooped in the bath so I had to take him out to clean up and re run the bath when he ran off and did another poop on the landing so I put him back in the bathroom and held him over the toilet to see if there was any more to come. I then took Thomas off the toilet when he pooped again on the floor and stood in it. Yup and trud it in to the bath mat. I got another bath run cleaned up everywhere and then sat outside the bathroom and cried, I cried because I felt so alone, I cried because I had to deal with this on my own. Thomas called for his mama so I dried my eyes and went back in to the bathroom and saw my cheeky little boy smiling up at me and I thought to myself "Why are you crying? If I was still with Thomas's dad he probably wouldn't have been there anyway I would have still had to deal with it myself. I can do this, I can deal with whatever shit comes my way... quite literally."

This year also saw me return to full time work which along with solo parenting felt like a lot to take on but I am so glad I did. I actually like being at work full time because I get the extra adult conversation. Even though I am now in another relationship I don't get to see James every night so it's nice to get adult conversation in the day I think it actually stops me from going mad. I am also glad I work full time again because I hope one day when Thomas is grown up he is proud of his mama for doing what she can to make sure he never goes without.

Although I haven't been completely on my own this year I have an amazing family behind me who support me every step of the way and I have James and Thomas too who keep me happy and smiling. I am still proud of myself at how well I have handled this year, things can only get better onwards and upwards.

2014 has been a bit of a funny old year for me right at the beginning of the year I made the decision to go back to work full time so I knew that blogging would have to slow down and bit and I wouldn't be able to carry on with posting every single day like I was doing back in 2013 but I wanted to carry on with blogging because it's something that I loved. I soon found that sitting in front of the computer 5 days a week I simply didn't feel like coming home switching the laptop on and sitting their blogging all night. Plus not having the 2 days a week with Thomas I wanted to spend my evenings and weekends doing as much as I could with Thomas to make up for working full time again.

When I split up with Thomas's dad I just couldn't face blogging at all, I couldn't face reading blogs and seeing every bodies "perfect" lives so I think I went quite a few months with only posting 2 or 3 blog posts. After having a long break like that it's very hard to try and get your motivation back again.

Through out the year I kept having spurts of blogging and getting back on track and then drifting off again. Trying to spread your time between a full time job, a toddler, a new boyfriend and running a house on your own and unfortunately blogging definitely takes a back seat. I just haven't felt like my heart hasn't been in my blog at all and that makes me kinda disappointed in myself.

I don't want to stop blogging as I do really enjoy it but I do need to take more time for blogging and that is exactly what I want to do in 2015 I want to spent at least a couple of nights a week blogging and researching new posts and reading and commenting on other blogs so that I can try and grow my blog again and grow my love for my blog again. 
2014-12-21 22.36.27 

 2014 was a bit of a meh year for blogging if I am honest I wont go over all of my excuses again but I know that I need to try much harder in 2015 in order to get myself back to where I was towards the end of 2013. I don't want blogging to become a chore for me like it has felt this year, I want to go back to enjoying it like I use to. I need to start making more time for my blog again, I have quite a few nights to myself which I just waste watching tele or catching up on my Youtube subscriptions where a better use of my time would be to spend a couple of hours blogging or reading through the blogs I love or coming up with ideas for new blog posts.

I also need to get ahead with scheduling my posts again I use to always have around 10 posts scheduled at a time when I was really busy and I would love to have the time to get that organised again next year. I really need to get more motivated on the photography front again, these dark nights are killing me when I am in the mood to actually sit down and write a post I get demotivated again when I think that I will have to wait until the following weekend to actually take the photos to go with the posts so I think what's the point I might as well wait to write the post too.

That is completely the wrong attitude to take, instead I am going to try my hardest to plan posts as far in advance as I can so that I know what photographs I need to take each weekend and that way hopefully I wont get too stuck for photos again.

Fall back in love with Twitter again - throughout 2013 I was obsessed with Twitter I checked and tweeted umpteen times a day and I found it a brilliant way to connect with other bloggers and build up nice little friendships and also it was a way to get to know brands. Now I can go days without even looking at Twitter and I should imagine the people I also to talk to daily think I have fallen off the face of the earth.

 All in all I would like to get my blog off the ground again and in the direction it was before my name change as that was a major set back for me.
Christmas gets better with each year when you have young children, each year they start to understand a little more. Last year I don't think Thomas had much of a clue what Christmas was all about but this year he recognized more and learnt more about Christmas. We watched lots of Christmas films in the run up to Christmas and Thomas understood more who Santa was and what the purpose of Santa is.

This year we left a mince pie, a cup of milk and a carrot out for Santa and Rudolph although Thomas seemed a little confused about this stranged who would be coming in to our house and helping himself to food.
We sprinkled Reindeer food outside on our drive so that the Reindeer would see it and it would guide the sleigh in. We also watched Santa fly over on his way to other boys and girls who were already asleep (The ISS)

 When I took Thomas to bed we put his stocking up so Santa could leave him some presents in his bedroom in the morning. Thankfully we are still at the stage where Thomas doesn't get excited about Santa actually coming and Thomas doesn't get up too early so James and I were actually up before him. Thomas came padding in to my bedroom with Peppa, George and Olaf but he hadn't noticed his stocking so I asked him to go and check in his room if Santa had left him anything in his stocking and he had!

 Thomas opened his stocking presents upstairs and instantly fell in love with 2 little buses he had in his stocking, we struggled to get him to open anything else after that and he just wanted to play with his buses. When we went downstairs Thomas looked very surprised to see a big pile of presents waiting for him under the tree and we sat down and began to open them but Thomas is still at the stage where he wants to open everything as soon as he unwraps so it took us a little coaxing to get him to open all his presents.


 We had a couple of hours where Thomas could play with his new toys before we had to leave to go round my nans house for the annual gift exchange. We go round my nans every Christmas morning and we have done for as long as I can remember to see my aunties and uncle and cousins and exchange presents but I mostly look forward to the sausage rolls my nan cooks every year and we fill our faces with them as it's normally quite a wait until lunch time.

  xmas2014 1   

 We made our way round my dads house where we had a lovely Christmas dinner, I even learnt how to make napkin crowns with a little help from Youtube. Thomas knew straight away what it was
meant to be and put it on his head.

  xmas 2014 2   

 After we were completely stuffed after lunch we opened presents listened to Christmas songs, watched Thomas play and he learnt how to use his new scooter he had off his great gran. Then sipped mulled wine, champagne and had one to many After 8 mints and watched Arthur Christmas for the
umpteenth time this year, I really do love that film!

   xmas 2014 3   

 Thomas had a truly lovely day and lasted until after 10pm with no nap and lots of excitement and playing before he finally crashed and fell asleep on my knee, it was the perfect end to a lovely day.

 Today I thought I would share with you a Slimming World speed soup recipe which has fast become my favourite soup over recent weeks, which if you look at the ingredients you will probably think it will taste awful but it's actually really yummy.

2 cans of chopped tomatoes
1 can of baked beans
1 can of mixed bean salad
1/2 can of green lentils
2 leeks
1 small onion
1 chopped pepper, colour of your choice
1 pint of chicken stock
Flavourings of your choice, I like to add chilli powder to give the soup a little kick and to make it a bit more interesting.

 To make the actual soup it's easy peasy just add everything to a big saucepan I have to use the biggest I have and then just simmer, not boil everything until it is cooked through and then I blend using a hand blender.

This makes a heck of a lot of soup, I find I can make enough for 5 days at work so you could perhaps half the recipe if you didn't want to make quite that much. Don't knock this soup until you have tried it, it really is good.

I can't believe how quickly Christmas has crept up on us this year. I have actually impressed myself the majority of my Christmas presents have been bought and wrapped already, There are just a couple of little bits and bobs that I need to get last minute kinda things. One of which is getting this photo of Thomas printed out and framed for family members. 
Yes I am now one of those people that will be giving photos as gifts from now on but when you have a photo that cute you just have to share it don't you.
Thomas and I were very pleased to be chosen to take part in the 12 days of Christmas Snowman and Snow dog blog tour. So here we are today on the penultimate day of the blog tour with a lovely little puppet book to share with you.

I have mentioned many times before that I love these types of puppet books to ready with little ones as I think they really help you to make the story come alive in little minds and it really helps to keep your child interested in the book you are reading.

I am a big fan of the short Snowman film and as far as i'm concerned it's not Christmas without watching it at least once. So this year I have also bought Thomas the snowman film for his Christmas eve basket. So I haven't actually shown Thomas this book yet as I am going to save it for Christmas eve.

I really do love this book, it is a nice chunky board book perfect for little hands to turn the pages with ease.

The pages are filled with beautiful illustrations and a nice simple story for your little one to follow with you. I just love the little snow dog finger puppet too, I am sure Thomas will be the one controlling the little snow dog with his little finger.

Tomorrow the blog tour is ending over at Mother Geek's blog so I would love it if you could pay her a visit.

Earlier in the year I bought myself my first couple of Bourjois nail polishes and I was really impressed with them so when I spotted 3 for 2 on all make up items in Boots recently I picked up another colour as part of the 3.

I wanted a nice glossy berry colour that was perfect for this type of year so I chose "Fushia Hype" The name doesn't really scream Autumn/ Winter more like Summer. The actual shade of the nail varnish is quite a deep pink/ berry colour which I love.

I love the consistency of Bourjois nail polishes they just go on like a dream and they only take 2 coats to leave a really gorgeous glossy colour to your nails. For £5.99 I think they are quite a reasonable price. I don't normally like spending much on nail polish as I don't really see the point so these are probably the most expensive nail polishes I would buy, I will definitely be picking more colours up soon.

I'm really in to making bucket lists these days which you will know if you have seen my recent Christmas bucket list post I wrote. It got me thinking about something else I want to do over the coming years which is to explore more of the UK. Considering I have lived here all my life I feel like I haven't visited many different places.

1, Go to London for a weekend and do lots of sightseeing. I haven't been to London properly before I've only really passed through or when I went to Britmums the other year. So I think I am due a visit I would love to save up some money and go for the weekend. Eat out in fancy restaurants, do some shopping and maybe take a trip up the thames.

2, Visit York - York is somewhere I have wanted to go for the longest time but I have never been. I imagine it to be such a pretty place I really must go soon.

3, Go shopping in Liverpool- I have heard that Liverpool is a really good shopping destination and as well as having lots of bars and restaurants. Even though I love shopping Liverpool is somewhere I have never ventured too.

4, Have a mini break in Scotland - Again somewhere I have never been but I have been told there are some really beautiful places and sights but with so many different towns I wouldn't know where to go

5, Visit Chester - I've been to Chester once before a couple of years ago before I had Thomas but it was quite a quick visit so I didn't really get to look around much plus the weather was pretty rubbish from what I can remember so I would love to go again, maybe when the weather is better.

6, Manchester - I have only been Manchester a couple of times but I do quite like it. I'm hoping to visit the Christmas markets this year as I have heard they are really good. I’ve also heard Manchester is pretty good for a night out too. So maybe next year book a room at the Travelodge at  Manchester Piccadilly right next to the train station and then I can see what the night life is like.

7, Newcastle – I am a huge fan of Geordie Shore… Sad I know but since watching that I really want to go to Newcastle. Not only does the night life look pretty good but it looks like quite a nice city with many different places to visit.

8, Lake District- I have been wanting to visit the Lake District for so long and I can’t believe I haven’t been yet. I would love to visit in maybe the Autumn or the Spring and stay in a nice little country hotel. I bet there are lots of out doorsy things to see and do and wonderful views. I am hoping next year will be my year to finally go.

9, Brighton – Again Brighton is somewhere I have never been but would love to, you never hear people say anything bad about it. I’ve seen bits of Brighton on various vlogs on Youtube as it seems to be quite popular among Youtubers these days.

10, Bath – I would love to go to Bath as it seems like quite an idyllic place full of lots to see and do. A little weekend away here is definitely on the cards in the future.

One of my lucky readers could win the chance of a 2 night stay in one of Travelodges various hotels around the UK so maybe you could tick something off your travel bucket list. I am extremely jealous of this opportunity as unfortunately I can’t enter. For details on how to enter please check out the Rafflecopter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Giveaway in association with Travelodge UK
UK entries only
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2 night stay for 2 only
Must be taken within 6 months of competition closing.
Booking subject to hotel availability
I love me a bargain website, especially those that sell beauty products at bargain prices. There are quite a lot of these kind of sites around but I recently had the chance to try a site which is new to me which is Direct Cosmetics and after endless browsing I finally picked three products to try out.

Last year I received the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream which I love but I don't think I have actually ever mentioned it on my blog before for some reason. When I noticed an Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour product on the site I knew I had to try it especially when it was only £10.99 and my first impressions are it is really nice and already I have noticed that it is helping my lips. I will do a full review on it when I have used it for a little while longer.

Another Elizabeth Arden product I got was a hydrating face mask which at only £6.99 for a 100ml  product was a complete steal. I'm really getting in to face masks lately and I have gotten in to a little routine of applying one at least once a week and so I can't wait to try this one out to see if it is as good as the other Elizabeth Arden products I have tried. Again I will do a full review of this products when I have used it more. So keep your eyes open for that.

Lastly I chose a completely different product by Skin Doctors which is their Hair No More, which is a hair removal cream but also it has a hair growth inhibitor spray which I was quite intrigued by so I can't wait to see if it actually works, even if it keeps hair at bay for a couple of extra weeks that is a bonus for me. So I shall definitely be sharing more about this product and whether it is worth the £11.99 you can buy it for on Direct Cosmetics.

Delivery was super quick too from this site and I shall definitely be treating myself to more goodies from their after Christmas when I have some extra pennies to treat myself with. 

Last Friday I drove over something at my local Aldi carpark and punctured my tyre which resulted in me having to hurry across to a local mechanic which luckily was just across the road. I should have really called somebody out but I didn't actually have my phone on me! The one and only time I ever forget my phone and this happens! Just my luck.

Whilst I was having my punctured tyre replaced I thought I may aswell get the front two replaced too as the tread on them was getting pretty low and I needed to get them replaced anyway as winter is here just in case we get any snow and ice any time soon.

As well as checking your tyres make sure you check all the levels in your car. Oil level, water level, screen wash level, The last thing you want is to break down on a cold and dark night and be stuck for ages waiting for your breakdown services. Also make sure you have anti freeze in your screen wash the last thing you need is your window screen freezing over.There are lots of guides for getting your car ready for the winterto give you lots of tips for not getting caught out again.

It might be worth keeping a little emergency kit in your car too, Things to include could be a pair of boots, an extra jumper, a torch, a high vis jackets just in case you ever break down and need to leave your car. I think I will also keep a little wallet with break down cover details and I know I will be keeping a note of my local Point S Tyres in Cheadle just in case I ever get caught with a puncture again in the future.

Last Christmas I cam across the idea of book advent calendar on Pinterest but when I saw it I think it was part way through Advent and so too late to start it, so I made note of the idea as a must for this Christmas.

One thing I would recommend when you are buying books for this is to try The Book People or The Works as they often to lots of different deals which can save a lot of money as buying 24 books at £5+ each will get expensive but I got two packs of 10 books for £9.99 on The Book People.

Now I think most people buy 24 books all about Christmas or Winter but I decided to do half and half. Half winter books and half normal books as I wanted to get Thomas lots of new books we can read all year round. I wouldn't really want to read books about Winter in July.

Next was the task of wrapping up 24 books and wow that took a long time nearly 2 hours but it will hopefully be worth it when Thomas and I can unwrap one of the books each night and snuggle up and read them. I'm just not sure how to display them come the 1st December. One things for sure Thomas wont be needing any more books for a long, long time.

I have always thought Bingo was something for old ladies but over past years it is proving quite popular among younger people especially after adverts on the television seem to be more aimed and younger women. I have never actually been to Bingo so i'm not really sure what it is actually like but I know many friends around my age go regularly and get quite lucky when playing. Did you know the average age for  bingo player has dropped from 65 to 42 which just proves it's not just for OAPs

I've never actually played Bingo before but I'm always up for winning a bit of money, I mean who isn't?

I don't much time for going out so I doubt I would actually go out to Bingo so maybe using websites like Paddy Power and I can try my luck with it and see if I can win any extra pennies for Christmas! Considering the highest online payout was from this year and it was £5million! Think of the amazing Christmas and well life you could have with that!

Did you know the first Bingo website was launched in 1996?! That seems mad that they have been going for that long. Check out this fab little infographic for lots more interesting bingo facts
*collaborative post 
I once tried one of the original L'oreal Volume Million lashes which I really liked at the time but as with most mascaras I never repurchased as there are just so many out there but I did like it enough to want to try another from the range so I bought this when I first saw it in Boots.


First things first I really like the wand it has a plastic brush, which I prefer to the big bulky brushes as I feel like are quite out dated now. The brush is the perfect size and I like how it is kinda tapered so you can get even the smaller lashes in the corners of your eyes. 

I apologise for the photo of the lashes I am still trying to work out how best to take a photo showing the mascara properly as it doesn't look that great on the photo but it really does make your lashes look fuller. My only problem with the mascara is that it does smudge and I am left with panda eyes by the end of the day. Maybe it's because it isn't a waterproof mascara and I find that always happens when I don't wear waterproof. I'm not sure they do a waterproof version but if they do then I would recommend you buy that one instead.

I recently updated my winter wardrobe with a few new items and I thought I would share one of my favourite outfits with you all.

The skirt is from New Look and it was only £12.99 and it comes just above the knee and it is made from quite a stretchy material and I love the print and the fact that you could either dress it up for a night out or you could team it with more casual items for every day wear.

A woman at work told me about this gorgeous blanket wrap from F&F at Tesco and I had to have it. For just £17 it's an absolute bargain. I love how there is fur around the neck and where your arms come out to make it look like the wrap has sleeves. It's really nice and warm and brilliant for days where it's not cold enough for a coat but you need an extra layer for warmth. Perfect for this country as the weather is never able to make it's mind up one day it's freezing cold and the next it's pretty mild for November.

Underneath I was just wearing a basic long sleeve black top and a statement necklace both from Primark.

Now I don't have a pair or shoes on in the above photo but I would wear either a pair of flat patent ballet shoes or maybe a pair of ankle boots.
The Ombre hair trend is a trend that has been around for quite a few years now and I have loved the look of it for a long time but I have held off doing it for a while simply because I was a bit chicken. I’m not really very adventurous with my hair especially colouring it in case something goes wrong and it ends up looking terrible and then it will cost a lot of money to sort it out afterwards.

At the beginning of the year though I did as most girls do following a break up and I decided to change my hair style so I changed from a full fringe to a side fringe again and then I also decided to experiment with my hair colour and to finally try Ombre.
So off I tootled to my hair dressers in the quest of perfect Ombre hair. I started off gradually and then got blonder and blonder each time I went as I still didn’t want to rush in and get a bleach blonde Ombre straight away in case I didn’t like it.

After a couple of times at the hair dressers I was feeling a little braver and I decided to give  D.I.Y Ombre a go so I bought the L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre in shade No2. I thought as I already had my hair ombre’d I could use that as a guide but make the ends of my hair lighter without another expensive trip to the hairdressers.

The kit worked really well and it was super easy to do you just need to mix the dye up as your normally would when you are dying your hair. This kit comes with a mini brush which you apply the dye to and then you split your hair in to two bunches and then brush the dye through the ends of your hair starting from the back of your head and then make your way round to the front of your hair.

I am really happy with my Ombre hair, I love it! I especially love wearing my hair curly when now it’s curly. It looks nice and summery but it can also be warmed up depending what colours your use for the winter months. I will definitely be keeping my Ombre hair for a long time to come.
Silent sunday  

I was trying to leave it as long as possible before mentioning Christmas on my blog but as it is now November I thought it was now suitable to mention it. So I have created a bucket list to keep us busy over the Christmas season.

1. Wrap all of Thomas's advent books ready for the 1st December 
2. Fill Thomas's normal advent calendar with goodies before the 1st December
3. Finish Christmas shopping by the 1st December
4. Make a gingerbread house.
5. Watch as many new Christmas films as we can.
6. Donate toys to a local toy appeal.
7. Try mulled wine for the first time.
8. Make Thomas a hot chocolate for the first time
9. Make lots of Christmas decorations with Thomas.
10. Listen to Christmas songs in the car.
11. Take Thomas to a Christmas lights switch on 
12. Take Thomas to see Santa
13. Take a Christmas photo of Thomas
14. Buy a Christmas Jumper
15. Leave cookies, milk and a carrot out for Santa and Rudolph
16. Make Christmas cards with Thomas again.
17. Send a secret gift to somebody
18. Decorate the tree whilst watching The Muppets Christmas Carol
19. Build a snowman if it snows
20. Bake Christmas cookies 

Over the past month or so Thomas has taken to looking after me. I'm not really sure why I am pretty capable of looking after myself but Thomas has taken it upon himself to watch what I am doing and to make sure I am doing things right.

Thomas has always helped me to find my shoes when we go out I think he quite likes to pick my shoes for the day, he even places them right at my feet so all I have to do is step in to them. Thomas then though it necessary to start helping me step down little steps he reaches out for my hands like I would for him.

Every time we leave the house Thomas likes to remind me to put my coat on and then just before we leave the house he double checks "coat on mama" Yes Thomas yes I have. When we are out and about Thomas will check a couple of times that I still have my shoes on, I'm not really sure where he thinks I am going to lose them. "Got shoes on Mama" Yes Thomas got my shoes on. "I got my shoes mama" Many time I have caught people smiling at Thomas when they hear our conversations.

Just the other day I quickly nipped outside to take the bins out and Thomas came to the door with me to keep his eye on me and he told me to come inside because it was cold "Oooo cold mama come in ouse"

I think sometimes Thomas likes to think he is the grown up looking after me not the other way round.
As you know I am trying to wear lipstick more often and I am trying to experiment with different colours and formulas. When I noticed the L'oreal liquid lipstick I was quite intrigued to see what it would be like as I don't normally like lip glosses but as this claims to be a liquid lipstick I thought I might like it.

The colour is a beautiful peachy pink nude a very wearable colour especially for somebody who doesn't like really bright and out there colours. but for this type of product it is pretty highly pigmented I was expecting it to be a bit more sheer like a gloss. It has quite a creamy consistency and very moisturing and definitely not sticky like a gloss.

I adore the packaging too it feels quite expensive like the similar to the YSL Glossy Stain.

I apologise that the swatch isn't brilliant but it shows the colour pretty true to life.

These retail for £8.99 I know that is a pretty reasonable price but for me they are a little too expensive so I don't think I would pick up anymore unless they were on offer again like they were when I got this.
The quickest and easiest crafts to do with toddlers has got to be hand prints after all they love getting messy don't they? The best thing of all is that you can turn them in to pretty much anything. So we made spiders or pyders as Thomas calls them and witches.

Mummy finds those black painted hands scarier than anything!

I think Thomas enjoyed making these pictures the best.

Another day another Halloween craft. Do you ever think about the amount of empty toilet rolls you throw away? I bet we get through loads but I have recently started to save them for lots of different crafts I have been thinking about doing with Thomas.

I am a bit of a silly mummy for not thinking about getting Thomas an apron for when we are doing crafts you definitely need one especially when you are letting a toddler loose with black paint!

To make the wings I cut out some wings from black paper and then glued them to the back. You could either draw the eyes on or use googley eyes like we did, Thomas dabbed on a little bit of glue and then chose two eyes to stick on.

I think they look super cute hanging from out stairs. 

I love it when we get to Halloween as it's only a matter of time before Christmas and there are so many different reasons for getting crafty and lets face it we need something to keep our little ones occupied when the weather isn't that great outside. This week we have been doing lots of Halloween crafts do decorate the house.

I love watching Thomas when he is really concentrating on something and he tells me exactly what he is doing and he knows when to ask for more paint so he can carry on creating his masterpiece.

These pumpkin plates are super easy for toddlers to make. Thomas loved it he kept saying "I painting mama look" and he was very proud of his plates when he had finished. I used a bit of black paint to draw the faces on or if you have and black paper or card you could cut out the shapes and let your toddler stick them on the plate how ever they like.

I then hung the pumpkins around the room and they look super cute much better than any shop bought decorations.

When you are in your teens/ early twenties your weekends are you own. Or at least they were when I was that age. I spent my weekend nights out with friends partying, drinking and staying out until 2/3 even 4 am and that was the norm. I could do it and not feel guilty about it I was working and living at home so my money was my own other than paying my dad a bit of board each month I had the rest of my money to myself. I could go out and buy myself a new outfit every weekend ready for a night of partying.

Fast forward a few years and things couldn't be more different. Weekends as a parent are completely different. There is washing to be done, piles and piles of washing as toddlers get very dirty pretty much all of the time. There's housework to be done and then there's the weekly food shop to be bought. Add actually looking after your toddler in to the mix and sometimes I'm looking forward to a break at work on a Monday.

It's hard to believe that a few years ago I was up until the early hours of the morning at weekends when now some times I struggle to stay awake past 10pm and weekend lie ins are also a thing of the past. I don't think Thomas understands that people like lie in's at the weekend, I'm sure it's something that he will learn during his teenage years though.

Even though now I only have Thomas for a full weekend every other weekend, the weekends I don't have him I miss him and I am always looking forward to when his dad brings him back home. Of course we all like a bit of time off when we are parent but I would always prefer my weekends as a parent they are much better than any night out.
I love this time of year there is nothing I like more that getting all snuggly and cosy and relaxing in front of the tele under a blanket or getting in to bed with a good book and just keeping warm. There was something about my previous house that meant that I just couldn't get cosy in there I don’t know what it was but already I love my new little house it just feels perfect for this time of the year and all of the visitors I have had so far have mentioned how cosy my house feels, Maybe it is because the rooms are a little smaller more snug.

I wanted to share with you some of the little touches I have been adding to my new home to make it feel a little more cosy 

I also love cushions and blankets for making a room look more cosy and comfy. They are also fab for layering.

I haven't had a bed with a head frame for so long, well ever really so I am so happy I finally have this bed. I love the flower fairy lights I have hung from it.

As you can see I love candles at this time of year they are my number one must have if you are wanting to make your home looks more cosy.

 I am absolutely in love with my new bedroom it feels so relaxing when I sit in there it is a perfect place to chill when I have had a long day. I just want to put a few more pictures up in the room and then it will be perfect.

A little moving in present to myself was these little candle houses they were only £12 from Asda and I love them. I uploaded a photo to Instagram and facebook and I got so many compliments on them and I know a couple of people have actually gone out and bought them.