Christmas Crafty Fun

 This year I decided that Thomas and I would make the Christmas cards for our family instead of spending a fortune on shop bought cards that will probably get thrown away after Christmas I instead spent a fortune on various craft supplies that we can of course keep for future crafts so that Thomas could make his own cards for his grandparents and they will have something handmade that they can keep forever.

I bought pretty much everything from The Range which is brilliant for all different types of craft supplies from your basic painting and gluing and sticking for your little ones to much more adventurous crafts like fabric crafts and lots of really good art supplies.

Thomas loves to get messy with paints, we haven't really got the paints out much lately but I know Thomas does a lot of painting at nursery and he is always bringing home different little pictures he has done. As we haven't done any painting lately I have definitely noticed a difference in him it seems like he's gotten so much better with it he holds the paint brush properly now and instead of waiting for me to put more paint on his brush he puts it in the paint pot himself and he knows if he wants to change colour he has to get a new brush.

Thomas also had a go at stamping which he loves to do especially when I say splodge when he does it. I'm also surprised that he didn't want to taste the paint as much as he use to although he did wipe his hands around his face a colour of times.

Here are Thomas's finished masterpieces aren't they fab! We also had a little play with some glue I glued some little dots around the cards and Thomas stuck the pompoms on the cards. So far everybody who has had a card loves it so much better than shop bought cards.

We also found some little wooden tree decorations in The Range and they were really good prices the little decorations were 75p and the larger ones £1 Thomas only did 2 as I think he got a little bored after that so we have a couple to do a bit more painting with at the weekend.


  1. That's a great idea as people will treasure that card and keep it for years. The range is fantastic for crafty things we get all our stuff from there :-)