Just lately it seems like there are newborns everywhere a couple of Twitter friends have recently given birth to beautiful little babies and it got me thinking about my newborn. Just short of 18 months ago I gave birth to a beautiful little boy as with all expectant mothers I knew I would love this tiny human unconditionally but I just didn't realise how strong and powerful that love would be and I don't think you can ever begin to understand how huge the love is until you become a parent.

I miss those first weeks of newborn-ness so much, I miss the new-ness, I miss the tiny-ness I miss that magical time in our lives. I even miss the night feeds, I know I have said that before but I do. I loved and cherished that special quiet time we shared together Thomas would be restful and enjoy the boobie or the bottle and I would just gaze at him in silence. At the time I use to be eagerly awaiting the time when he would sleep through, I didn't know just how special those times would be and how much I would miss them.

Have you ever seen such a satisfied little face?
Completely sozzled on mummy milk

17 and a half months on and the newborn has grown in to a toddler a tantrum throwing cheeky little toddler.  I couldn't love him more, with every single day I love him more and more. I love the little boy that he is growing in to I love watching his personality grow, everyday he does something new and everyday he does something that has me in stitches it's like he knows how to make you laugh. 

Thomas is also very good at cheering you up I only ever lay down on the settee when I'm not very well and he must know that, whether he senses it or just the miserable look on my face tells him that something isn't right with mummy but he will come and rest his head on the settee next to me or he will give me a kiss. Once I was watching something sad on the tele and I started to tear up and he offered me his dummy which obviously sent me over the edge he just amazes me.

Thomas is not only my son but he is already my little friend and I just hope that we will always have our close bond and so many more wonderfully funny times together. 

After nearly 2 years of pining for a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch I finally own on. I have loved these watched since they first became a popular thing amongst the blogging community but not being one to jump on the hype straight away it took me a long time before I finally decided that I needed one in my life, or on my wrist.

As this is quite a heft purchase for me I made sure that I did my research in to all of the different styles of watch from Michael Kors. I even tried a few different ones on as I know they are quite a chunky watch and I only have small wrists.

I finally made the decision to get the MK5128 in rose gold and I adore it. I love the chunkiness of the watch its quite a masculine size but the rose gold makes it super feminine. I had to have 4 links taken out of the strap but now it fits my wrist perfectly and doesn't look out of place on a small wrist. 

This is probably one of my most expensive purchases but I adore it already and I am so glad that I finally have it. I have already had quite a few comments on my watch in particularly in the colour as I guess rose gold is still quite a unique colour if you aren't in the blogging world.

 Pic Source www.weheartit.com

As parents we put enough pressure on ourselves all year round to be the best parent that we can be but at Christmas the pressure steps up a gear. It's as if parents go in to some sort of competition against each other to see who can out do each other with presents.

It got me thinking does social media and blogging make us put even more pressure on ourselves by trying to keep up with each other. I have been guilty of uploading photos of Thomas's presents last Christmas and what he had for his birthday not to brag because we get him a modest amount of presents we don't go over the top because I don't see the point as he doesn't even understand what is going on yet. There have been times though when I have seen others upload photos of huge piles of presents and I have thought to myself have we got him enough?

This is only my second Christmas as a parent and I think my dad's views on Christmas has worn off on me already. My dad has always said buying children lots of presents takes away what Christmas is all about. It makes me so sad when children expect to have piles of presents as if it is some kind of right, I have seen children like this being so ungrateful it makes me want to take all their gifts away. I would hate for Thomas to grow up like this.

We have so many people asking us what they can get Thomas for Christmas and the truth is he doesn't really want or need much. You are soon in danger of buying him things that are aimed for older ages and then next year we will be in the same position of not knowing what to get him. I have told many people if they want to get him a present then put something in his savings, something that he will need a lot more later on in life and that is what I am doing. I have bought him a few presents but not many at all and I haven't spent a lot but I will put the rest of the money that I would have spent on him in to his savings account because I know he will need that money a hell of a lot more when he comes to buy his first house than he needs some naff toy just because I felt he needed more things to unwrap Christmas morning.

I have already seen tweets off parents who feel guilty because they haven't got their child much so here is what I say.

Will your child have parents that love them? Will they have a nice warm home on Christmas day? Will they have a full belly? Will you give them lots of cuddles and kisses? Will you share a happy day full of smiles and laughter? That is all they need presents are just a nice extra but that shouldn't be the main focus of Christmas.

Even if you aren't religious Christmas should be more about spending time with your families not worrying in case you haven't got somebody enough presents that will sap the fun right out of the day straight away.
Thomas has been a little poorly recently with yet another cold he has picked up from Nursery and we have been staying nice and snug in our house but I thought we should both get some fresh air to try and get rid of the bugs. So we both got all wrapped up for a quick 10 minutes fresh air in the garden.

Thomas can be such a little poser when he wants to be, when he is in the mood to stand still for the camera which isn't very often these days sadly.

Having a little rest before we go back inside to warm up 

As you probably know I have recently started back on Slimming World and I was flicking through the latest magazine and came across an advert for the Morphy Richards Soup Maker and within about oh 10 minutes I had made my mind up that I needed one of these in my life especially now the it's getting colder again as we are well and truly in soup consuming weather.

Now I know what you are probably thinking why have you just wasted £40 on something that basically does what a saucepan and blender does. I am a lazy cook, I think that is why I went so off the rails recently with my diet I just lost all motivation in the kitchen and I just couldn't be bothered to cook something after being at work all day so I am all over a gadget that makes cooking easier.

Making soup couldn't be quicker and simpler all you need to do is chop up your veg and chuck it in with whatever stock you are using basically whatever you would put in a saucepan switch it on and forget about it until it beeps.

The soup maker has a 1.6litre capacity which serves up to 6 people and as you can see on the photo above there are markers both on the inside and outside to show you the minimum and maximum capacity.

The soup maker is so easy to use as soon as you plug it in it switches on and then the little light flashes between the different settings until your choose which one you need and then you press select and it gets to work.

You can choose how you want your soup whether you want it smooth or chunky. Once you have chosen your desired setting it the starts to heat up the contents cooking them through and then if you choose to have you soup smooth it then goes on to blend.

The end result is perfect tasty soup every time. The soup maker is also super easy to clean although you are warned that some things can burn on the bottom but I haven't experienced that yet but if it does happen then in the instruction booklet it gives you advice on the best way to clean it.

I know I said the soup maker is perfect for this time of year but you can also use it as a juicer and to make smoothies so it will come in useful during the summer months.

I am so glad that I decided to buy this it has fast become my new favourite toy and I can't wait to experiment with lots of different soup recipes. So now I have no excuse for not eating properly when it is so easy and quick to make a tasty healthy meal.
Woohoo I have ticked off another thing on my Autumn Winter bucket list and I have made a big batch of lobby. You know it's turning to winter when all you crave is a big steaming bowl of lobby. The best thing is that it is completely Slimming World friendly! Yep I have started back on Slimming World again. For the past couple of months my diet has been shocking and it's gotten to the point where I am constantly eating crap and I just feel so uncomfortable in myself and permanently bloated. So I knew it was about time to get something done.

In case you have never heard of Lobby before it is basically what we call stew where I live. I haven't actually made it since Thomas has been eating proper solid foods and he tried some tonight and he loved it and basically helped me eat it hence why he is floating around on the photo waiting for me to feed him some more so I will definitely have to give him his own bowl next time I make it.

What is your ultimate winter dish?

The Slightly Annoying Elephant is the first ever picture book by David Walliams and it tells the story of a young boy who adopts an elephant through a zoo and little does he know his adoptive elephant will turn up one day to live with him.

The illustrations are done by Tony Ross and they are fab I much prefer these type of illustrations than the typical cartooney pictures you get in most childrens books these days. 

This is a really fun book and Thomas and I have read it a couple of times and he enjoys listening to it and points to the pictures and it is a pleasure to read you know some times when your little one brings you a book and you feel like "ohhh not this again" well I'm like that with a couple of Thomas's books now but even after 4 times in a week I still don't mind reading it. Knowing that David Walliams wrote this book I'm imaging him reading it in my head perhaps that is why I'm not getting bored of it yet.

This book is available to buy from 7th November and will be available to buy from Amazon.
On the 24th October we ticked off the our first task of my Autumn Winter bucket list. We took Thomas to his very first fireworks display. I was a little nervous as Thomas gets a bit nervous with really loud noises, you can't do drilling around him because it scares him. He's sensitive is my little pud.

It's a shame the photos are pants but they are just off our phones I didn't want to lug my big camera just in case anything happened to it.


I took Thomas out of his pushchair when the fireworks started as I new he would get a little jumpy with the loud noises but after the first few he was mesmerized by them. 

 Look at those tired eyes, that's the only bad thing about fireworks displays is that they start too late for really little ones. We went to one at a local school but even that didn't start until after 7

Have you been to any Firework displays yet this year?
I'm whizzing through this bucket list aren't I. One of my goals on the bucket list was to carve a pumpkin for Halloween and I did it, although they don't look brilliant it was the first time I have ever done them and I think I did a pretty good job with a crappy knife.

Next year they are going to be bigger, better and fancier and I'm going to get stencils and a pumpkin carving
kit and create some amazing  pumpkins.

I'm a bit sad I didn't get any good photos of Thomas in his outfit he didn't really keep it on for long and it was a work day so I didn't have much time but we took him trick or treating round some family members and they all though he was super cute. Maybe next year we can start experimenting with face paints!

Thomas received this lovely little wooden train for his birthday but at the time he was still obsessed with putting things in his mouth I was a little worried about letting him play with it then. Now Thomas has gotten older he is less interested in putting things in his mouth I thought it was time to bring out his train.

I love to just sit and watch Thomas when he is concentrating you can really see his brain ticking away. I love this train for introducing more fiddly play, Thomas has already learned the right way to put the blocks for example he knows that the curved blocks fit on better with the straight edge at the bottom, it's great for teaching your toddler about problem solving.

When Thomas has put all the block on to the train he simply tips it up so he can start all over again and he will sit for quite a long time in Thomas time (He normally prefers more active play)

When Thomas gets bored of putting the blocks on and off the train he can also just play with them pushing them around. I love how colourful and bright the train and blocks are it makes it so much more fun for toddlers to play with, colourful toys are always the best.