I feel like this month has been the month of tantrums, Thomas has been having tantrums for a while I think that is just Thomas at the minute he wants to be a very independent little boy and he doesn't like it when boring mummy comes along and disturbs him playing because he needs to have his nappy changed. This month though we have been having tantrums almost daily, not mega tantrums but just getting annoyed and throwing himself around the floor and bashing in to things which does worry me because I'm scared he is really going to hurt himself.

New Tricks
I have been looking at past monthly updates and realised that I haven't mentioned before that Thomas has learnt some body parts. For the past couple of months we have been asking him where different body parts are and he points to them. So far he knows head, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, handies and fat belly. I have been trying to teach him toes but he gets confused and points to his nose so I will have to change that to feet.

It seems like Thomas hasn't had any new teeth for a while now but then David noticed 2 molars that seemed to have both sprung from nowhere which I wont complain about as it mustn't have hurt Thomas this time as he didn't let us know as the molars are suppose to be the worst.

Thomas's speech is coming on all the time and his words are beginning to sound like proper words not like baby words if you know what I mean? 
So far we have...
this "dis"
that "dat"
whats this "wa dis"
oh dear "oh dea" 
Juice (duce)
there (dere)
Where gone
where andies (handies when we putting arms in sleeves)

Hmm what else, what else... Thomas is finally in mostly 12-18 month clothes most of the jeans are still too long and baggy for him. I suppose at least we get a lot of use out of his clothes as they fit him for a good many months before he grows out of them.
Thomas has learned how to roar and scare people lately and he thinks it's hilarious to scare people so we have to pretend to be scared. 

I need to keep note of everything Thomas does during the month whenever I come to write these posts I can never remember what he has been doing.
Pregnancy changes just about every part of you and your life and it's obvious you will change A LOT physically. Getting use to your every growing body means that you have to change the way you dress, many things you loved to wear before you go pregnant may just not suit a pregnant body. I personally loved being pregnant and actually felt it was easier to dress my pregnant body and I felt a lot more comfortable in myself than pre-pregnancy.

Wear Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts
The lose-fitting fabric of maxi dresses and skirts is ideal for a growing bump, as they can be incredibly comfortable items of clothing to wear in the daytime. I had a maxi-dress when I was pregnant with Thomas, it wasn't very expensive but the material was super stretchy so it grew with me. Towards the end of my pregnancy it was super hot so wearing a maxi dress was a god send. You could also dress a maxi dress up for a night out by adding a blazer or some accessories.
 Anastasia Gown Long (Eclipse Blue) from Tiffany Rose. £225.00.

Invest in a Maternity Support Band
The maternity support band is a staple in many expectant mother’s wardrobe. They really help to take the strain from your lower back, whilst buttoning to your regular trousers – so you could even get away with having the front open! Even sitting in an office at work made my back ache and I thought sitting down would make the pregnancy easier but it definitely didn't in fact I wish i could have walked around more.

Wear Wrap Dresses
Wrap dresses are much a staple of a maternity wardrobe as the maxi dress, as they’re equally as versatile. A great choice for weekends and workdays alike, these dresses will flatter your new body shape so well every pregnant woman could pull off a wrap dress. I will definitely invest in more of them for work for my next pregnancy as they are so much better than having to wear trousers or leggings as even pregnancy trousers with a stretchy band can still feel a little tight across your belly especially towards the end of pregnancy.
Image Credit: duematernity.

Wear your regular old t-shirts
As Tempting as it is, your favourite tops and t-shirts are better left in your drawers. Your regular clothes are likely to become too short at the front as you progress; revealing more than you might be comfortable with! I'm sorry if I offend anybody here but to me there is nothing worse than showing your belly off because your top looks 2 sizes too small.
Image Credit: SarahgPhoto.

Wear a shapeless blouse or dress
It’s unfortunate that shapeless clothes in general tend to be extremely comfortable and they are so unflattering. Pregnancy is a time to be proud of your blooming body so show it off.

Wear short dresses/ tops
As your belly starts to grow your clothes will obviously start to rise up at the front so make sure that your clothes aren't too short as you may end up showing a little too much off.
Image Credit: natsumom.
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I recently saw a blog post by Mama Owl where she shared her Autumn bucket list and thought it sounded like a lovely idea so I thought I would create one for Thomas and I to work our way through over the next couple of months.

Splash in puddles and play in the rain
Crunch in fallen leaves
Fall in love with reading again
Carve a pumpkin
Go on a autumnal walk
Play in snow
Burn wintery candles
Take long bubble baths at least once a week
Make our own Christmas cards
Find creepy crawlies
Snuggle up in bed and watch Disney films
Fall in love with hot chocolate again
Make lots of lobby
Go to a fireworks display & eat candy floss
Finish Christmas shopping before December
Go on a Christmassy day out

Looks like we have got a busy couple of months ahead!


Thomas is having a kitchen for Christmas mainly because I am always being told that he loves playing in the home corner at nursery and also because I can’t really want to play with it with him. When I have told people that Thomas is having a kitchen some people still have the views that children can only play with gender specific toys.

Thomas already has a hoover which he hoovers round upstairs with every day and he loves it but it took me ages to find a unisex one all the ones I could find were pretty pink things with flowers on specifically aimed for girls now to me that isn’t setting out the right message is it. Girls aren’t the only ones to do housework these day roles around the homes have changed more and more women are going back to work after having children and more men are becoming house husbands and looking after the house.

I hate that in this day and age people think children should only play with gender specific toys what on earth do they think will happen if a girl decided she wants cars for Christmas and a boy wants a doll? Who are they hurting?

It’s not just gender specific toys that bug me it’s also activities that children can get forced in to. Some mums are desperate to have girls as they think their little girl will automatically want to do all the “girly” things, bake cakes, go on girly shopping trips and become best friends. They automatically assume girls will want to do these things like this just like David is desperate for Thomas to want to play rugby but I have to keep reminding him that he may not want to do that, he may want to go to dance classes or he might want to spend his Saturdays shopping and having lunch with his mum.  (I wouldn’t blame him rugby is painful and messy)

I wish people could just allow children to be children and to have fun playing with what they want while they can.

What do  you think

I have seen this term mentioned quite a few times in parenting magazines it is the effect that having a baby has on a relationship. I personally think you have to be quite naïve if you think having a baby wont effect your relationship in some way. Having a baby is a massive life change possibly the biggest change of your life and it will change even the strongest relationship in some way.

I would say that David and I hardly ever argued before we had Thomas and we have a strong relationship but since Thomas came along there have been so many times when we have argued and disagreed over things that in heat of the moment seemed like the most important thing in the world and then the day after I thought what was the point in that argument.  

In the early days after your baby is born it can become like a competition for who is more tired. In our relationship I did all the night feeds as David was going out to work and doing long shifts but then I don’t think Dads realise just how tiring it is staying home with a small baby all day. Doing 2 or 3 night feeds a night and then having a 5:30am wake up isn’t easy. I can probably count on one hand the amount of lie ins I have had since Thomas was born and this has always been my biggest bug bear.  When we have another baby in the future I will definitely be kicking David out of bed more in the mornings so I can have a lie in after all I will need it looking after two babies!

Another thing that changed massively is obviously the amount of alone time you get with your partner. In the first couple of months any sort of intimacy went out the window for the simple fact that having a baby is bloody tiring and as soon as Thomas went to bed so did I. Most women also hate their partners seeing their body after having a baby for me this has never been a problem, the way I look at it is David is the one who got me pregnant so he can’t complain and my body is the way it is now because I have given him a beautiful son so he can either like it or have a slap.

I think David and I have been out on our own twice I think since Thomas was born we don’t have a baby sitter on tap but to be honest when we go out these days we would rather go somewhere with Thomas and take him to different places.  The only thing I do miss out is being able to go for a night out together but I suppose we can do that again when Thomas is a bit older at the moment I don’t feel ready to leave Thomas with somebody overnight other than David but saying that Thomas will be having his first ever sleep over with his granddad in December when it’s my work’s Christmas party and I am staying over and David will be working late.

My advice I would give to new parents is that getting through the first couple of months of parenthood is definitely give and take and be considerate to each other.  Tiredness can make even the smallest things seem like the end of the world. If you are building up to an argument step away take a breather and think about whether the situation really matters, is it worth falling out over? 

Has having a baby changed your relationship much? What would be one piece of advice you would give to new parents?

As you already know we have recently moved in to our new home at long last and you may have noticed my blog posts have been a bit sporadic as I wait for our internet to get sorted. Before we moved I had wondered how Thomas would take to being in a new house and to be honest moving coupled with Thomas getting hand foot and mouth didn’t make the whole transition to the new house easy. 

For the first couple of days Thomas wouldn’t let me out of his sight if I left the room he would start to cry and the nights weren’t much better Thomas just wouldn’t settle in his new room. I think this was partly because it was so much darker than his room at the old house because there was a street light right outside so I think it was a bit scary to suddenly be in pitch black.

I decided to get a little night light to stop the room from being completely pitch black while he gets use to it. I know lots of people see night lights and things like that as a bad thing but to be honest if it helps Thomas to get use to his new environment then that’s good enough for me I will probably use the night light for a few more weeks and then start switching it off.

The nightlight hasn’t completely worked though we still had a couple of nights where Thomas had to come in to our bed and David was kicked out of bed and even a night or two where Thomas decided to stay awake most of the night but I feel like he has finally got use to his new room and he has gone back to sleeping all the way through again which makes for a happier Thomas and a happy mummy again.