For so long now I have been dreaming about how my ideal bedroom would look, our bedroom before was pretty drab if I'm honest it was so dark and gloom. I knew when we moved house I wanted our bedroom to be as light and airy as possible. I'm petty sure I have accomplished that.

I have wanted white furniture for so long and finally settled on the Malm range from Ikea with a Brimnes wardrobe also from Ikea. I am so pleased with for the prices I will be honest I was a little worried about how they would turn out but they are brilliant quality. Even my dad said he was impressed with them when he was helping me to put them up.

I don't want our house to get cluttered again and I want our bedroom to be the same so I just wanted minimal decorative pieces. Of course Thomas has to feature in our bedroom. Seriously our house is just filled with pictures of him!

My dressing pride and joy, I have wanted a dressing table my whole life and I have finally got one. I love sitting it in a morning to do my make up. No doubt it wont be long until Thomas wants to sit with me and mess with my make up.

I love this little trinket box I found it in a charity shop for just £1.99 and it goes perfectly on my dressing table and it is just the right size to keep my face pads in.
The cute little tea cup was actually sent with a PR sample and I thought it would also look right at home on my dressing table and I now keep little jewellery bits in it

Now Thomas has a bedroom to be proud of we thought we would give you a look around. In the old house Thomas’s bedroom was more like a dumping ground than a bedroom he had all mish-mashed furniture and stuff in his bedroom that wasn’t even his because we had nowhere else to put it. Now his bedroom is just full of his stuff


"Come inside, come on follow me"

"My favourite part of my new bedroom is my bookshelf I love to sit beside it and pull my books out and flick through the pages"

"Mummy told me I have to keep my new bedroom tidy"

"This trumpet takes a lot of puffing"

"Here is my ladybird rocker, I love it now even though I use to hate it"

"Here's my bed but I'm not too keen on being in here on my own yet in this new room"

"The yellow teddy and the little person holding the star use to be mummys but I look after them now"

"Every morning when mummy opens the curtains we have a look outside and I can see my garden"

Lately Thomas and I have been going out for lunch just the two of us, when daddy is at work. 
A nice little hour out the house to spend some time together.

I love having this little friend to do things like this with.
I know on one hand Thomas growing up and getting old is sad that he is no longer this little baby
But it also makes me super happy that we can share simple moments like this together.

Things have been a little quiet around these parts just lately as you all know we have just moved house but our internet was cut off a little early which caught me a little off guard and so I didn’t have time to schedule any posts to see me through the move so a couple of lovely bloggers helped me out with some guest posts so my blog wouldn’t be completely silent whilst we wait for the internet to be installed at our new house which by the sounds of it could take a couple of weeks.

We finally got the keys after weeks of waiting on Tuesday 10th (which happened to be 2 years to the day we found out I was pregnant) We started packing up the first load in the car pretty early on in the morning even though we weren’t due to collect the keys until 2pm but excitement got the better of us.

As soon as we had the keys we went straight to the house to have a little nosey round again and measure up to buy curtains. We did a few trips moving stuff to the new house and I stayed at the new house with Thomas trying to start moving boxes in to the right rooms whilst keeping my eye on Thomas and stop him from going up and down the stairs. 

We are finally getting ourselves sorted and Thomas's room is completely finished which I am pleased about as his room was the one I wanted to get done first. I will be doing a post on how we have turned his room in to a nice little boys room soon.

Our room will be done once we have put the rest of our flat pack furniture up which my dad should be helping me do the rest tomorrow, I have put my dressing table up all by myself which I am very pleased about. 

Things will be a little quiet around this blog for a couple weeks longer as we don't know when our internet will be sorted but I hope to get some posts scheduled when I can
Today is the day we move house we leave the house we lived in as newlyweds, 
the house I found out I was pregnant in, 
the house we first brought our newborn baby back to, 
Thomas's first home. We leave this house for a fresh start in a bigger better house
A house we will be happy in 
A house with a garden, all I have ever wanted.

Of course I will miss our house like I said it's Thomas's first home
We have so many memories here already, this makes me kinda sad
but I know our next house will be a place for many more memories.

I keep thinking what will Thomas think of the new house 
Will he wonder why all of our stuff is in this new place
will he even think about it at all?

Here's to our new start...

Apologies for this update being a little late to be honest I completely forgot I was then going to wait until his 16month update but I feel a lot has happened in the last month.

Last month I touched on Thomas's eating as he was going through a bit of a fussy stage with his eating but he seems to have come out the other side of that. He is back to trying all sorts of food and this past month he has particularly enjoyed pasta bolognaise and pasta in general so I have been loading that with all different veggies. Although one food he has definitely gone off for the moment is ham he just does not like that anymore.
Thomas has also got so much better with using a spoon and fork, most meal times are so much less messy apart from when he has yoghurts he eats them with his fingers...

Nothing has really changed here Thomas is still mostly in 9-12 month clothes

New Tricks
Over the past couple of weeks Thomas seems to have learned lots of new tricks. He has a new book with 100 first words which has photos in and Thomas can point to car, dog, yoghurt, banana, spoon and fork. Thomas can also now bark (thanks again grandad) When you ask what a doggy does he woofs.
Thomas will pretend to be on the phone he walks around the house with my phone tucked under his chin and pretends to talk and the conversations are normally just "hiyaaa dadda hiyaaa" or "hiyaaa hu dis" although put his on a real phone and he goes mute.

Favourite things to do
Play with his cars - Thomas will sit for ages playing with his cars
Look through his books he particularly likes his 100 words book and often brings books for me to read to him.
If we are sitting on the settee he will plonk himself on my knee so we can sing row row row your boat and he shows me he want to this because he starts yanking my arms so he rocks himself. A new song he likes to do is round and round the garden and he will put my finger on his hand so we can sing it.

this "dis"
that "dat"
whats this "wa dis"
oh dear "oh dea" 
Juice (duce)
there (dere)

I can't quite remember when I last did an eczema update for Thomas but in the past few months it has gotten worse. I think the main trigger has been the warm humid weather that we have been experiencing in the UK over the past couple of months being hot and sticky can't be doing his skin much good so I have been keeping him in cotton short sleeve t-shirts to try and keep him as airy as I can. At home I try and keep his top off when it is warm enough so his skin can breathe and also so it is easy access for me so I can keep applying emollient to his back.

Another thing that I having been thinking may be a trigger is drinking cows milk since Thomas's birthday in May he has been drinking cows milk and I have read that this can be a trigger to eczema flare ups so for now he has been drinking dairy free milk. Thomas has been on dairy free milk for about 3 weeks now but I don't know if there has been an improvement or not. Every time his eczema patches seem to be fading I think great we've cracked it and then something makes them go bright red again.

Thomas has also started to get a really dry scalp which is itching like mad and I don't think having the amount of hair that he has is helping matters. I am seriously considering having the majority chopped off to see if that will help. 

We've been to the doctors quite a few times and I just don't feel like we are getting to be honest I don't have much faith in our doctor so I can't wait to register with a new one when we move which will be better with any luck and then I will take Thomas again and see if the new doctor can prescribe any better creams to the ones we have already tried.