You Know Them Days When...

Your toddler wants to
Sit on your knee
But they don't, they actually want to sit on the floor
but then they start to cry because they do really want to sit on your knee
They are hungry and desperately need food
but they think it would be more fun to throw it on the floor
or on mummy's head
What they really want is a drink
but they don't really they want to chuck that on the floor because actually
they want to eat their food.
Then your toddler wants to go play
after they have thought about it they really want to sit on your knee
They swiftly decide they made the wrong decision there so they push your face out of the way
struggle down back on to the floor and cry.
Repeat a few more times
Your toddler now decides they are tired
but they don't want to sleep
They want to play instead
but then they cry because they really want to sit on your knee
They decide they are getting hungry
You put the tea in the oven
They decide just to have a little lie down until their dinner is ready
Then they fall asleep
Don't you just love days like this


  1. Yay i thought this was just rio, so undecided on what they want!!

  2. Best days ever ;) not frustrating in the slightest!! Xo

  3. hahaha...Ohh I've had plenty of days like that....Still do and mine are 5 & 10 years

  4. Got to love these days, why? Because they happen all to often in this house. x