Steri-Bottle Review *

Everybody knows that bottle feeding is in no way as fuss free as breast feeding (Once you have mastered it that is) With breast feeding you don't have to worry about being caught short without a sterilised bottle when you are out and about. To make that easier for bottle feeding parents Tommee Tippee have bought out these Steri-Bottles. These bottles are BPA free they have special "breast like" teats so that if you use these along with breast feeding your little one wont get confused.

These bottles would be fab to keep in your changing bag just in case especially with a small baby because a trip may over run and nobody wants to be caught short away from home with a baby screaming for their next feed.

They are also handy for day trips with older babies you can just give them their morning bottle in the car and then bin it when they have finished simple as that. You can get these bottles in packs of 5 so I would probably get these if I was going abroad instead of taking my own bottles and sterilizing equipment it would be so much easier especially in areas where you can't use their tap water.

A sign that Thomas loves his milk a little milk dribble.

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  1. I love the idea of these! I think they are fab!

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