Our First Family Holiday - Looe Part 1

We are back from our first family holiday, let me just say holidaying as a parent is hard work and in no way relaxing and that is just my view from one holiday with one 13month old. More on this another time though.

 I think this is my favourite photo from the whole holiday and it was the first photo I took
It just shows Thomas at his cheekiest.

Thomas's first trip to the beach... He slept

We bought Thomas a little paddling pool to use at the caravan to keep him cool and he absolutely loves it, it just makes me sad that we don't have a garden for him to play with one at home.

Thomas loved his first BBQ

Being a little tinker and climbing on his deck chair

When did my baby get so big? Thomas looks like such a big boy in this photo

Thomas absolutely loved being in a new environment the first day he spent just walking around the caravan exploring all the different rooms although we had a couple of trapped fingers as there were so many cupboards and drawers we couldn't keep up with pulling him away.

As you can see from the first photo there were double doors leading out to a little balcony which was safe for him to go on by himself so because of the heat we kept the doors open all week so he could go out whenever he wanted which I think he enjoyed.


  1. Is there still a monkey sanctuary in Looe? I remember a monkey sitting on my head as a kid

    1. There is, We were going to go but didn't get round to it

  2. Lovely photos, that first one is perfect..you certainly had the weather for it

    WTTP - The little lady with a baby!


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