My First Nappy Cake

A good friend of mine has just finished work to start her maternity leave and I was sort of in charge of getting her present she mentioned that she wanted a gift voucher for our local shopping center but I didn't just want to get that as it isn't very thoughtful but like most mums she already has everything that she needs. So in a last minute decision I decided to make her a nappy cake.

This is how it turned out and I am really pleased with it.

I thought I would tell you how I made it just in case you wanted to give it a go to make a lovely gift to a soon to be mum.

Firstly there a few different ways you can make the base layer, most were to fiddly for me in the short amount of time I had to make it with Thomas around so I used an old Glossybox I rolled up a packet of 24 size 1 nappies and secured them with bobbles (you can use elastic bands but I couldn't find them anywhere) and stood them up in the box and at the centre I stood a bottle of Johnsons baby shampoo but you could anything really that is a similar size this will give the next layer of nappies something to to be tied to.

Around the box are 2 muslin clothes just to make it look prettier and they are also handy because every mum needs a lot of these.

For the second layer I used rolled up vests secured with a bobble again and then to keep them all in place I used a rolled up muslin which is tied round the back.

I used a cute rabbit comforter round on top to cover the top of the shampoo bottle but you could use anything really. The second rabbit in the first layer is a cute little rabbit rattle and I also used some rolled up bibs to look a bit like flowers and just make the nappy layer look a bit more pretty.

You could just leave your nappy cake like that but I chose to put it all on a cardboard cupcake stand because I had a few more little bits to add and also needed somewhere to put the gift card.

This nappy cake was actually pretty easy to make and I may experiment with more in the future. If I can make one then anybody can


  1. such a lovely idea, I am sure ur friend will love it!

  2. This is great! I made one once but it was a pretty big one and I wanted the nappies flat so I used safety pins which wasn't always fun! I like it though. Your one is the nicest if seen using the rolled method xx