Blog Everyday In August

I recently decided to set myself a task to blog everyday in August after a recent blogging block when life bits and bobs got in the way so I am hoping that this will get me back in to the swing of things. I would love for lots more of you to get involved if you want. Below are my prompts what I will be using feel free to use them everyday use them in the same order or mix them round create your own basically do what you want. I would love it if you do decide to join me please post your blog link so I can check out your posts.
  1. Greatest achievement
  2. A photo of us
  3. Life goal
  4. Happiness is...
  5. Something new
  6. A day in our life
  7. Guilty pleasure
  8. Get crafty
  9. Self portrait
  10. How are you today?
  11. Something beautiful
  12. Nature
  13. Best bit of your day
  14. Your favourite photo
  15. I'm thankful for...
  16. Tradition
  17. 5 favourite blogs
  18. A summer memory
  19. Things you should know about me
  20. You need to read this...
  21. Promises
  22. Time for change
  23. Why do you blog?
  24. A quote to live by
  25. A wonderful day
  26. A role model
  27. Wishlist
  28. When I grow up
  29.  What's on your mind
  30. Today I ate
  31. Blog goals for next month



  1. Hey I'll join in! I need to get into the swing of blogging often too. I just noticed we have the same blog names too! I always thought yours was something different? Haha , anyway great minds think alike
    Dayle @

  2. Awesome idea! Will definitely be taking part! Will you be doing linkys for it?

  3. Good luck with the blogging everyday....
    It's I blog everyday and sometimes struggle to find something to write! Always manage though...

  4. hi not sure if my previous comment about joining in went through. i've changed my blog name to avoid any confusion between us , i was
    looking forward to a month of blogs :)

  5. Here's mine!

  6. I'm joining in too! Great idea.
    As usual I was late, but I've caught up now :)