I recently decided to set myself a task to blog everyday in August after a recent blogging block when life bits and bobs got in the way so I am hoping that this will get me back in to the swing of things. I would love for lots more of you to get involved if you want. Below are my prompts what I will be using feel free to use them everyday use them in the same order or mix them round create your own basically do what you want. I would love it if you do decide to join me please post your blog link so I can check out your posts.
  1. Greatest achievement
  2. A photo of us
  3. Life goal
  4. Happiness is...
  5. Something new
  6. A day in our life
  7. Guilty pleasure
  8. Get crafty
  9. Self portrait
  10. How are you today?
  11. Something beautiful
  12. Nature
  13. Best bit of your day
  14. Your favourite photo
  15. I'm thankful for...
  16. Tradition
  17. 5 favourite blogs
  18. A summer memory
  19. Things you should know about me
  20. You need to read this...
  21. Promises
  22. Time for change
  23. Why do you blog?
  24. A quote to live by
  25. A wonderful day
  26. A role model
  27. Wishlist
  28. When I grow up
  29.  What's on your mind
  30. Today I ate
  31. Blog goals for next month

You may or may not have noticed that I have been pretty distant from the blogging and Twitter world it first started with a week off whilst we enjoyed our first family holiday but since then all of my spare time has gone in to trying to find us a new house. I mean literally every spare minute I have been searching Zoopla or Right move and trying to arrange viewings to go see houses and getting pretty down about it all as it seemed every house I phoned about had gone as soon as it went on the website which can make you feel pretty down about it all and thinking we are never going to find another house. 

 At last I think we have finally found our new home although we can't properly get the ball rolling until the beginning of August because the move in date wouldn't be until September but fingers crossed for us. Although we are trying not to get our hopes up we have already started to have a clear our which we needed to do anyway whether we move soon or not.

Having a new house means out with the old and in with the new but trying to do it on the semi cheap. One of the main things I want it for Thomas to have a bedroom that looks good with furniture that matches so we will be selling his old mismatched wardrobe and drawers and he will be having our wardrobe and drawers which are still fairly new because they match his cot and then we will be getting some new furniture in our room which I have already priced up and started to save for and that is a couple of bits from the Malm collection at Ikea and I want them in white as I want our new bedroom to be a nice calm tranquil room with no mess... Yeah right with my husband.

Have you seen the Ikea "My Pad" video on youtube? I love it, I've included it below even though it's a spoof type video it does also give a bit of inspiration for furniture and room looks. There is also a video on the Ikea Uk channel called One Room Paradise and this might sound a bit daft but it actually brought a little tear to my eye it's so cute! go and have a look

A good friend of mine has just finished work to start her maternity leave and I was sort of in charge of getting her present she mentioned that she wanted a gift voucher for our local shopping center but I didn't just want to get that as it isn't very thoughtful but like most mums she already has everything that she needs. So in a last minute decision I decided to make her a nappy cake.

This is how it turned out and I am really pleased with it.

I thought I would tell you how I made it just in case you wanted to give it a go to make a lovely gift to a soon to be mum.

Firstly there a few different ways you can make the base layer, most were to fiddly for me in the short amount of time I had to make it with Thomas around so I used an old Glossybox I rolled up a packet of 24 size 1 nappies and secured them with bobbles (you can use elastic bands but I couldn't find them anywhere) and stood them up in the box and at the centre I stood a bottle of Johnsons baby shampoo but you could anything really that is a similar size this will give the next layer of nappies something to to be tied to.

Around the box are 2 muslin clothes just to make it look prettier and they are also handy because every mum needs a lot of these.

For the second layer I used rolled up vests secured with a bobble again and then to keep them all in place I used a rolled up muslin which is tied round the back.

I used a cute rabbit comforter round on top to cover the top of the shampoo bottle but you could use anything really. The second rabbit in the first layer is a cute little rabbit rattle and I also used some rolled up bibs to look a bit like flowers and just make the nappy layer look a bit more pretty.

You could just leave your nappy cake like that but I chose to put it all on a cardboard cupcake stand because I had a few more little bits to add and also needed somewhere to put the gift card.

This nappy cake was actually pretty easy to make and I may experiment with more in the future. If I can make one then anybody can
Dear my beautiful Thomas

We have recently enjoyed your very first holiday and what a lovely time we had. Although you were harder work than normal you enjoyed every second and so did Daddy and I, we absolutely loved watching you toddling around have having fun. We got you a little paddling pool and you LOVED it, you didn't even wait for me to put your swim shorts on half the time just climbed in fully clothed. You love being treated like a big boy, you enjoyed your morning walk to the shop with daddy to get a paper and watching you toddle off waving at me just filled my heart with so much love.

You have recently learned how to get peoples attention and how to make people laugh the main thing you do is the cheeky grin like in the photo above and you are a monkey with it! You like to pull it out when you know you are doing something naughty like throwing your food on the floor and I tell you it's naughty and you flash this grin I have to turn away because it makes me smile so much. You do it all the more if we smile or laugh at you.

If we are in a small shop or if I am talking to somebody and they don't speak to you or pay you any attention you will make noises and try to get in their line of view until they speak to you and then you act all cute.

Just lately you seem to be learning something new everyday and I'm just left in awe of you just lately grandad taught you to climb stairs which I wasn't too chuffed about as now every step you see you want to climb up. You recently come home from Grandads after an afternoon of playing with your cars together and you now make "brrrrrm" noises whenever you play with them it's just so cute and special I love watching you in your own little world when you're playing. You are growing far too quick but I am loving every second.

Love you so much baby boy
Mummy xx
On the Friday during our holiday my sister and her boyfriend came to us as they were staying in the caravan the week after and my sister brought along her dog. Thomas was fascinated by her, he has seen other dogs before my auntie has a dog but Poppy is a lot more calmer so Thomas dared to get a little closer.

"You stay there Poppy so we can look out of the window"

"What can you see Poppy" 

It was very cute watching how Thomas was with the dog he was desperate to touch her and kept trying to get really close but Poppy just wandered off. By the end of their time together Poppy did finally let Thomas stroke her although it was a bit more heavy handed than a stroke and she soon trotted off again.
Here are a few things I learned during our first family holiday.

  • Country air does something funny to Thomas
  • Not taking a travel cot was a big mistake
  • Bedtime goes out the window
  • Long drives with a toddler who is awake are not fun
  • Keeping a toddler entertained in a car is hard work
  • Snacks will be your best friend
  • Thin curtains result in waking up before 6am
  • New environments are extremely exciting for toddlers
  • Hundreds of drawers and cupboard doors that are in a toddlers reach are not good and results in lots of trapped fingers.
  • Curtains and nets that go down to the floor are really fun for toddlers to play hide and seek in
  • Afternoon naps are a waste of time
Whilst on holiday Thomas had his first trip to the beach. it took him a little while to get use to walking on the sand especially where the sand was really soft. Thomas is an expert sandcastle crusher as quick as you build one he knocks it down again.

Taking Thomas to the beach was the one experience I was looking forward to the most during our holiday. Seeing my beautiful boy having fun and playing in the sand without a care in the world and for that half hour or so the world was perfect.

However I will be glad of the day when Thomas doesn't think the sand looks tasty you literally can't take your eyes off toddlers for a moment as they will try to take a mouthful of sand. I did warn him it would hurt on the way out though....

My son use to be a bit weird with grass it use to bother him for some strange reason but whilst on holiday he started to love it when he realised there was nothing bad about it and it actually hurt a lot less if he fell on it.

Mamma I'm coming for you

Helping mummy eat/drink her slush puppy

We are back from our first family holiday, let me just say holidaying as a parent is hard work and in no way relaxing and that is just my view from one holiday with one 13month old. More on this another time though.

 I think this is my favourite photo from the whole holiday and it was the first photo I took
It just shows Thomas at his cheekiest.

Thomas's first trip to the beach... He slept

We bought Thomas a little paddling pool to use at the caravan to keep him cool and he absolutely loves it, it just makes me sad that we don't have a garden for him to play with one at home.

Thomas loved his first BBQ

Being a little tinker and climbing on his deck chair

When did my baby get so big? Thomas looks like such a big boy in this photo

Thomas absolutely loved being in a new environment the first day he spent just walking around the caravan exploring all the different rooms although we had a couple of trapped fingers as there were so many cupboards and drawers we couldn't keep up with pulling him away.

As you can see from the first photo there were double doors leading out to a little balcony which was safe for him to go on by himself so because of the heat we kept the doors open all week so he could go out whenever he wanted which I think he enjoyed.

Your toddler wants to
Sit on your knee
But they don't, they actually want to sit on the floor
but then they start to cry because they do really want to sit on your knee
They are hungry and desperately need food
but they think it would be more fun to throw it on the floor
or on mummy's head
What they really want is a drink
but they don't really they want to chuck that on the floor because actually
they want to eat their food.
Then your toddler wants to go play
after they have thought about it they really want to sit on your knee
They swiftly decide they made the wrong decision there so they push your face out of the way
struggle down back on to the floor and cry.
Repeat a few more times
Your toddler now decides they are tired
but they don't want to sleep
They want to play instead
but then they cry because they really want to sit on your knee
They decide they are getting hungry
You put the tea in the oven
They decide just to have a little lie down until their dinner is ready
Then they fall asleep
Don't you just love days like this
Every so often a news story comes about and it seems to cause uproar amongst mums, especially on Twitter people then seem to think it's ok to turn against each other and be pretty bitchy. A small number of people seem to believe that there is only one way to parent and if you go against their parenting styles well then quite frankly you are the most rubbish parent on this earth. To these people I say get a grip nobody knows what your family life you are the only one who knows how to parent your child. What works for you may not work for your neighbour, sure I have asked for advice from people who had children before I had Thomas some of it was the best advice I have ever been given, some didn't work for us it doesn't mean that they had it wrong it just means our children are different. If people were to ask me for advice which they have before I can only tell them my views and experiences on things if doesn't work for them doesn't mean I've done anything wrong.

I often feel like banging my head against something very hard on days like this you can't do right for doing wrong and you will definitely never win. I have compiled a list of things not to do so I hope it helps you become one of those perfect parents.

Don't bottle feed because that's bad
Don't Breastfeed because that is also bad especially if done in public
Don't co-sleep because that's bad
Don't rock your baby to sleep because that is bad
Don't let your baby cry it out because that's bad
Don't move your baby in to their own room too soon because that's bad
Don't wean your baby before 6 months even if you feel they are ready because that's bad
Don't wean your baby with purees because that's bad
Don't follow BLW because that is bad
Don't give your baby anything sweet because that is bad
Don't put your child in nursery
Don't take your child to a childminder
Don't go back to work
Don't be a SAHM

These are just a few rules you should follow during the first year of your child's life so that you can be sure you are doing it right. Although what do I know I bottle fed, co-sleep sometimes, moved Thomas to his own room before 6 months, fed Thomas purees and also we did a bit of baby led, I give Thomas sweet stuff, I put Thomas in nursery and shock horror I went back to work! So I am pretty rubbish on the parenting scale but we can't all be perfect parents can we?

Today I turn 24
Getting closer to my mid-twenties
Nearly a quarter of a century!

I did it, I finally did it, I had been putting off taking Thomas to the hairdressers for the longest time. I have given him a couple of little trims myself but he needed a full on tidy up so I finally bit the bullet and booked him at my hair dressers.

I was so proud of Thomas he sat on my knee for around 30minutes and he was such a good boy, of course he kept having a look around but that was easy to deal with I am just so pleased he would sit on my knee that long without wanting to go for a walk.

Thomas's hair looks so much neater now all ready for his first holiday next week.

How did your child's first hair cut go?
On Monday my baby moved up to the Tweenies room at nursery that means my baby is now a big boy. I knew this day was coming since he started walking but Monday morning when I took him to his new room I felt a little sad, it was the end of another little chapter in his life. Moving up to the next room was the end of him being a baby, I know he hasn't been a "baby" for a while now he has become more independent, he started walking and now he has moved in to the toddler room.

 My baby is now a toddler

What next? Talking more, being transferred in to a big boys bed, potty training, becoming a big brother? It is very true what people say time goes so fast when you have children and babies don't stay babies for long.

Even though Thomas is growing older
He will always be my baby