8:15 on Saturday I was up and at 'em feeling rather fresh ready for another day of mingling and learning lots. The day was started off by a deeply moving and inspiring lady that is the beautiful Katie Piper, I have admired her since I first heard hear story and listening to her tell her story moved me to tears. I was so happy to be able to meet her afterwards and say hi and I was able to buy her book which she signed.

The first session of the day was all about good blog design, and SEO which I was really interested in because it was one of the things I wanted to learn more about and it did make things a bit clearer in my head. So I am also hoping to make a few changes to the layout of my blog and also I am going to make a conscious effort to dabble in SEO a bit more.

I visited the TK Maxx style booth where two lovely ladies showed us how to create a capsule wardrobe of clothing items to take on holiday which they packed in to a beautiful bag, needless to say I was completely sucked in. I needed that bag! 

The session before lunch was with fellow bloggers who were sharing their stories and how they have become successful which was good to listen to because it was pretty inspiring and it was held by some fab bloggers.

Lunch was lovely it was lots of mini meals and I tried sea bass for the first time which was absolutely yummy I need to have that again.

The session I attended after lunch was about writing reviews and sponsored posts which I found quite helpful as it touched on how to build relationships with brands but more importantly how to make my reviews better for the reader, so hopefully they will be better for you from now on.

When that session was over I was still thinking about the bag I was determined to get it so off I trotted to get it horror struck when I saw another lady carrying it but then I actually saw her take it back so thank you whoever you were! I then practically ran to buy it.

The next session we went to was all about Pinterest which is something that I had been wanting to learn how to use it properly, or at least learn how to us it better as a blogger. I think I got some good tips out of it and I hope to have a mess about with it more in the future. Although I kinda wish I had gone to the photography session instead, so if anybody has notes please let me know.

After a final coffee break and a chance to do a bit more mingling it was time for the keynotes and a time to honour Kerry. I was warned you would need tissues for this and they weren't wrong. It was bittersweet there were funny posts and sad posts to be read all of the keynotes were extremely brave to stand up there and read their posts. The ending made me realise what an amazing community parent bloggers are, I've said it before and I will say it again I am super proud to be a part of it. 

Sadly that was the end of BritMums Live 2013 there was only time to grab out goody bags and rush off for the train in the scariest taxi I have ever been in!! The train journey to Birmingham flew by and I was feeling pretty sad to be leaving new friends so soon but we have promised to meet up again soon with our littlies next time. 

As I sat on my train back home all on my own I felt so lonely after spending two days surrounded by hundreds of lovely people I was returning home to a dark empty house as David and Thomas weren't returning until the next morning or so I thought....
I got home put my key in the door and realised the door was unlocked I immediately thought sh*t we didn't lock the door before we went away. The house was in darkness so I gingerly opened the door thoughts of "I'm going to have to check every corner every cupboard and wardrobe and hiding place just in case" I jumped a mile when I saw 2 people sitting on the sofa. My beautiful baby and my wonderful husband had drove home early to surprise me and what an amazing surprise that was it made my whole weekend. I got to have lots of hugs and kisses with my beautiful boy who I had missed so much whilst I had been away. Oh yeah and it was nice see David too.

 The Loot

If you are thinking about attending next year my advise for you would be DO IT. Don't be worried about meeting new people everybody was lovely and most are feeling just as nervous as you. Don't be too worried about leaving your baby/little one, yes it is really hard it was the first night I had spent away from Thomas and I missed him like mad every second but it is nice to do something for yourself and they will still be there when you get back. 
The whole experience for me has been amazing I completely left my comfort zone behind and did something I never ever thought I would and I did it for myself. I also met some amazing people who I can now call friends and I can't wait until next year now. 

My trip to BritMums Live would not have been possible without the wonderful people at www.tinytoesbabyshoes.co.uk so I would love it if you could check them out. Their site has some beautiful shoes and a growing range of clothes so suit all tastes and budgets.

Friday morning I woke before my alarm with butterflies going mental in my stomach and then that nervous sicky feeling hit me. Friday was the day of BritMums Live, I had been waiting since January for this day to come and couldn't believe it was finally here. The day where I stepped out of my comfort zone, well I couldn't even see my comfort zone from how far away I was from it. I am a very shy person and spending two days meeting people who I have never met before filled me with dread. Yes I speak to lots of these people daily, numerous times a day, more than I speak to actual "real life" friends yet I was unbelievably nervous. Talking to people through Twitter or other forms of social media is completely different than just walking up to people and starting a conversation.

Friday didn't start off too well, I missed my train by a minute due to fumbling around collecting my tickets and then when I went to ask the bloke behind the desk if that was my train he checked my ticket and told me that it wouldn't be valid for the next train which was great complete waste of money and then I had to spend another £18.50 for a ticket to the next train. 
When I finally got to Birmingham I met up with 3 lovely ladies the #brumtrainbuds who were Charlotte Zoe and Emma Once on the train we got chatting and started to relax a bit. it made me feel much better getting to know a few people before the madness of being in a room full of bloggers. Once we arrived in London Charlotte and Emma went to find their hotel and Zoe and I finally found ours after lots of walking up and down streets. We met up with Nicola, Kerry, Lotte and Bex before registering and then once inside the venue we had a bit of a mooch around chatting to the brands on the stalls before the opening session and the talk from Kirstie Alsopp 

Our first session was the brand panel debate which talked about what brands and bloggers really want from each other. It was really good to listen to experienced bloggers sharing their views and tips. Brands are always looking for unique blogs what can you offer brands that others can't. Make relationships with brands if they email you strike up conversation don't just answer with your address, they wont come back to you. 

After this there was a tea break where I took part in a research group but I was a bit gutted as it meant I would miss my next session that I was really wanted to go too. Although I did learn a bit from other bloggers while taking part in the group. During the day I also met a fab lady called kel who I'd only started talking to this weekend and I am so glad I had.

The next session I went to was all about getting paid and different ideas on how you can start to make money from your blog as in a perfect world I would love to blog full time. The key is to not forget why you started to blog in the first place, yes I would love to make a living from my blog but I wouldn't want to sell out and do sponsored post after sponsored post so I learnt there are other ways I could start to make money in future when my blog has grown some more.

After the last session of the day we got to sip champagne and eat canap├ęs before the BiBs got underway. It was a lovely evening seeing bloggers getting the recognition they truly deserve. Who knows one day it could be me up there. (Very,very highly doubt that but a girl can dream) Later we went to All Bar One to grab some much needed food, glasses of bubbly and wine on an empty stomach is not good! By half 10 I was suitably tipsy and snuggled up in bed but I was missing one thing, the sound of Thomas snoring that's like my comforter. I was expecting to have a lovely night of unbroken sleep but of course that didn't happen I was still in mummy mode and woke up a few times out of habit I think expecting to be able hear Thomas snoring. I did miss my little man so much but it was nice to be able to have a cuppa in bed the next morning.

This Fridays I will be joining around 500+ bloggers and attending BritMums Live 2013 *Nervous smile* This is my first time attending something like this and to say I'm nervous is an understatement I am a very shy person so meeting that many people that I have never met before leaves me panicking.
I am determined to try and leave my shyness at home and really make the most out of the 2 days. I want to get chatting to as many people as I can. Plus judging by the conversations going on, on Twitter it seems that there are lots of us in the same boat as it will be the first time for lots of us and lots of us are nervous.

I thought I would share with you what I am taking with me in my handbag. Of course there is a packet of sweets for the journey to share with my #brumtrainbuds I will refrain from eating them whilst in the sessions, I don't want to be the one annoying everybody with the sweet wrappers.

My Vaseline hand cream with anti-bac and normal hand cream as I carry this everywhere plus I thought the cream with anti-bac would be good for when traveling as I have heard those tubes are mucky things.

Perfume - I have a selection of two so I can have a quick spritz throughout the day to make sure I stay smelling nice.

Make up bag - Just in case I need a quick touch up.

Purse for obvious reasons, I also have 4 blog business cards I can not believe that I threw the rest of them away by accident during a recent clean up I am beyond gutted.

Phone so I can stay up to date with tweets during the day. It will also be handy for tracking down other bloggers that I want to meet.

Pad and small pencil case, Yes I realise taking a pencil case makes me a bit dorky but I hate having pens floating around in my bag just in case the leak.

The itinerary and tickets so I can make sure I don't miss anything I want to attend.

Ipad - I don't think I will bother with wi-fi in the hotel but I have my book I am currently reading so I can read before bed.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything... I don't think I have. See you all there!

Going to Britmums Live wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for www.tinytoesbabyshoes.com I would love it if you could check them out.

The time has come to buy my little toddler his first pair of proper shoes He is getting so big *Sniff sniff*. For me the only place to go for that special first pair of big boy shoes was Clarks for their First shoe experience.
We took Thomas to have his feet measured and the young man who measured his feet was very friendly and patient when Thomas wouldn't keep his foot still and struggled against having them measured.

We chose a pair of shoes and then Thomas got to try them on and have a little walk about the shop in them. You then get a photo taken of your little one trying on their new shoes which then gets put in to a card with your childs name and todays date on it. As you can see from the photo Thomas is very excited about his new shoes.

The shoes we chose were the Cruiser Play pre walkers I chose these because they feel like a good quality shoe and will give your baby's foot support but isn't too ridged that your baby wont be able to move their foot properly. Plus the style and design of the shoe means that it will go with pretty much any outfit choice meaning you can get lots of wear out of the shoe

Clarks recommend you go for another fitting in around 8 weeks so have the fit checked and maybe move in to a proper walking shoe when your toddler is use to wearing a shoe properly.

I have not been asked to write this review and no money was exchanged

You may remember a while back I announced that I was attending Britmums Live 2013 thanks to my sponsor www.tinytoesbabyshoes.com/ I can't believe how fast it has actually come round, it all kicks off on FRIDAY! I am currently switching between feeling very excited and very nervous. I hate meeting new people, I'm very shy person and I'm not very good at striking up a conversation with a stranger so please don't think I'm rude.

Name: Sarah
Blog: Yummy Mummy In Training
Twitter ID: @mummytraining27

Height: 5"7

Hair: I'm not really sure what colour it will be but you can see the style above

Eyes: Blue

Is this your first blogging conference? Yes it will!

Are you attending both days? Yes.

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2013? Meeting lots of Twitter friends for the first time and learning lots to do with blogging.

What are you wearing? Still undecided but I will hopefully post my outfits later this week.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2013? More knowledge about blogging and hopefully how to make my blog bigger and better. And of course making lots of new friendships.

Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows: I can't actually think of anything i'm quite boring.

I can't wait to see and chat to as many of you as possible so if you spot me then please come and say hi :)

Are you looking for a new pair of sandals just in case we get a summer this year? Well look no further than Clarks  I will be honest I haven't really paid much attention to Clarks before as I thought they were more for young children or older people but after browsing the site they do have lots of styles of shoes for the younger generation.

I chose a pair of mushroom suede smart sandals which could either be dressed down for every day wear or they could be smartened up. I really like the stud detail on the sandals I'm not normally a stud fan as I think sometimes they can look a bit tacky but they suit the style of these sandals. The wedge heel and platform also help to elongate the leg and give you a bit of added height but are also easy to walk in and don't hurt your feet too much which makes them suitable to wear during the day.

Overall I really like these sandals all I need now is for some nice weather to actually wear them. Although I am thinking of wearing them to BritMums Live which I am attending next week maybe I will do a post of my outfit I am thinking of wearing.
One Sunday afternoon when the sun was out I decided to take Thomas to the park with my big little sister and younger cousin. I'm trying to get Thomas use to grass because for some reason he doesn't like it touching him I don't know whether it's just the feel of it but it really bothers him when he has bare skin touching grass.

After a while he wouldn't sit still so I had to sit him on a changing mat so we would sit down.

Sharing ice cream with his cousin

Enjoying being pushed around in his trike.

27th May

28th May
Sitting at his new desk

29th May
New toy waiting when Thomas got home from nursery

30th May
I turned the dining room in to a toy room 

31st May
Waking up just for a snuggle

1st June
Late presents from Auntie Sammie

2nd June
Helping mummy on the computer

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6th May 
Casually flicking through a mag 

7th May
Talking to Daddy on the phone

8th May
Kissing his monkey book

9th May
Playing the triangle

10th May

11th May
All partied out

12th May
Chilling in the sun

13th May
Disturbing mummy taking photos

14th May

15th May 
Sleepy byes

16th May
Enjoying milk before bed

17th May
Happy Birthday Paige

19th May 
First steps

20th May

21st May
Brushing mummys hair

22nd May 
Snuggley time

23rd May
Cake Smashing Time

24th May
Just look at those lashes

25th May
I didn't pinch the biscuit...wasn't me...Can't prove anything

26th May
 Bedtime bottle

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