22nd April
New summer hat

23rd April 
Taking photos

24th April
Having lunch with mummy

25th April
Feeding himself Weetabix

26th April 
Emptying the packet of wipes 

27th April
The cheekiest most beautiful boy in the world

28th April
Sorry for the rubbish quality but this is us first thing in a morning 
when mummy is still coming round

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When you have a baby one of the most asked questions, usually from other mums is "is he/she sleeping through yet" as if it's a race for who's baby will sleep through the night first. I remember the first time Thomas slept through the night I woke I few times and checked on him and in the morning I felt lovely and refreshed. Then the next night he did it again but I woke a few times again and then struggled to get back to sleep because I kept thinking he will wake up soon so I might as well stay awake and wait.

Unless Thomas is poorly or teething he sleeps through but it got me thinking when was the last time I actually slept through the night? It certainly wasn't in the months leading up to his birth because from around 6 months I was up and down most of the night from going the toilet or needing to walk around because I was in pain. Then Thomas was born so I definitely didn't sleep through then until he was about 3 or 4 months old.

We then had a few months where Thomas slept through yet I still woke whenever Thomas stirred or whimpered in his sleep or I'd just wake up to listen out for him breathing a few times a night. So I didn't sleep through then.

Then Thomas started teething and every single night he would scream out in pain so up mummy got to soothe him and poor daddy would get kicked on to the settee so Thomas could come in our bed. I never slept properly then as the slightest movement would wake me, at least Thomas would sleep through the rest of the night.

We are currently in a gap between teething although I think it might be starting again but I still can not sleep through the night. I still wake up frequently through the night to listen to him breathe or go in to his room is he's breathing softly and I can't hear from our room (most of the time he's a heavy breather and snorer... Wonder when he gets that...David) It still wakes me when he whimpers as I'm permanently on call just in case he wakes up. At least Thomas gets a good night sleep through.

I think I will refrain from asking other mums if their baby sleeps through I'm not really bothered I'd be more jealous is the mums themselves slept through the night.

Do you sleep through?

8th April
Poorly boy

9th April
Briefly feeling better

10th April 
back to being poorly and miserable

11th April
Sleeping on mummy 

12th April
Testing out his new car seat feeling better

13th April 
Napping with Mummy as mummy is now ill

14th April
Trying to cheer mummy up with cuddles

15th April 
Making mummy better

16th April
 Looking where he's going in his big boy seat 

17th April

18th April
Sleeping beauty

19th April
Shape sorting

20th April
Itchy nose bub?

21st April
Mummy I'm tired

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You may have noticed a lack of posts for the last week or so, or you may have thought thank goodness she's shut up. My little pudding and I have been poorly. Thomas first started to get sick the Sunday before last which we later found out was gastroenteritis which meant from Sunday to Thursday we barely moved from the settee even though Thomas slept a lot most of the time in was in my arms sleeping because he just wanted to be as close as he could so of course blogging was the last thing on my mind.

Then Friday I went back to work as I had to stay off with Thomas as he obviously couldn't go nursery and then I ended up being sent home from work as I started to feel poorly and it looks like I had the bug too so I spent all weekend and Monday on my sick bed. The Friday night was awful as David was out so I was trying to look after Thomas who was still miserable and just wanted to cuddle and climb all over me whilst I was feeling awful and being sick which terrified Thomas the poor little thing.
Thankfully Thomas's Grandad took him for a few hours on Saturday so I could sleep. Sunday was awful too as David worked all day I felt so guilty for being poorly when Thomas was now alright and wanted to play and I literally had to keep dragging myself to the kitchen when Thomas wanted something. Thankfully he decided we should both have a three hour nap.

Thankfully we are both much better and back to normal so you will now be hearing more from us again.
1st April
All nice and clean

2nd April

3rd April
Late night cuddles

4th April 

5th April
Thanks for the grub mum

6th April
Playing with my rugby ball


7th April  
Poorly and sad 

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When I was little I loved to be creative whether it be painting, making things or just making up imaginary games and that is something I have always been excited to do with Thomas as he grows. I can't wait until we can get properly messy.

In the past we have done bits of painting and have done hand prints and foot prints but that was when Thomas was younger. Now he is getting older and he is good with his hands I decided to let him use some foam stampers himself.

At first I guided his hands and showed him what to do and made funny splodge noises when he stamped the foam down on the paper which he thought was hilarious. Soon he was splodging himself and smearing paint everywhere and having great fun.

Here are the beautiful paintings he created one for all his family. Thomas has already done lots of paintings at nursery and we have a lovely collection of cards and pictures he has bought home and I will treasure them for ever. They are the most precious things I have ever been given. All I need now is a nice little box to keep his art work in.

I'm so looking forward until we can try more crafts and get even more messy. I keep looking on Pinterest for ideas on creative messy play for babies. If you have any ideas please share them with me.

If you are on Instagram you may have seen a hashtag that comes around every Thursday called "Throwback Thursday" or #TBT but I will be honest I have never actually joined in on the hashtag but it inspired me to do this blog post.

The difference in my life between this time last year and now is amazing and it is all down to my beautiful son. I always knew being a mum would be a magical, amazing, life changing thing but I had no idea just how special it would be and I don't think you can even imagine it until you do become a mum. From that very first time I set eyes on Thomas I fell instantly and deeply in love with him and it is a love like no other. Each and everyday he continues to amaze me and my love for this little boy grows and grows. 

I know lots of people don't like change or are nervous or scared of change but some changes can be the best changes of your life.