Stop Waiting Around

 Since starting my blog I have been receiving lots of parcels and packages with things to review as well as doing most of my shopping online as I can't manage going shopping for big things and trying to carry them home with a pushchair.  When I was on maternity leave this was fine as I was in most mornings but on the odd occasion I would have to go out early and end up missing the postman, Sometimes I missed him by just nipping upstairs. Now i'm back at work I end up missing all the parcels you can guarantee when I am at home there will be nothing delivered.

The only thing that annoys me with the postal service is the little red note you get when you miss the delivery and then you need to go in search of the sorting office which is normally somewhere far, far away. Using a company like Parcelforce you don't need to worry about missing your parcel you can easily arrange for it to be redelivered using their website or you can have it delivered to your local post office so you don’t have to go in search of the sorting office.

Parcelforce is also great for sending parcels, I have always been put off from selling my larger items on Ebay as I can’t be bothered to sort out a courier but after looking on the website I can’t believe how easy it actually is all you need is a set of scales so you can see how much you item weighs and then the calculates the cost and you then choose your service and then organise for the parcel to be collected from your house and then you know it’s in safe hands and will get delivered safely.
Right so now I’m going to start ebaying everything that isn’t nailed down now I know sending large packages wont be a problem.

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  1. I hate the stupid red card too! Every time I go out haha!