Another double whammy for you this week

18th March
Toast picnic with Mummy yum yum

19th March

20th March
Don't take photos when I'm sleeping mummy

21st March
Pinching Mummys post weigh in treats

22nd March
This is how daddy says you sleep mummy

23rd March
Eating a white chocolate bunny as a treat

24th March
Looking cheeky

25th March
My baby started to feel poorly

26th March
Getting Arty

27th March
Pub lunch & 10 months old today

28th March
Poorly and feeling sorry for himself

29th March
Easter card for mummy and daddy

30th March
Given up

31st March
Would not go to sleep even though he could barely keep his eyes open
I tried on the settee, in his cot, in our bed, back in his cot and then he finally gave up slumped back on the settee

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Dear Thomas,

You are now a big 10 months old, you have your own beautiful, cheeky personality that shines through and every single day you make me more and more proud of you. I have just been reading through the last update I wrote for you and you have changed and grown so much since then. When I last updated you had just learned how to crawl properly and now you have recently learned how to walk around using your push along walker. The look on your face when you first did it was amazing you looked so proud of yourself a big beaming smile with your mouth wide open like you do. Mummy was so proud of you my big clever boy. Now you push anything around that you find if it means being able to walk, I don't think it will be long until you start to take proper steps you just need a little more confidence.

You know have two little toothy pegs, the first one was horrible coming through and it caused you so many sleepless nights but then the second one just slipped through and I didn't even realise until Daddy pointed it out! Now you sleep like an angel most nights unless its a night before I have to go to work and then sometimes you decide to be a little monkey but I don't mind.

I have been back at work now for nearly 2 months and although it was hard leaving you at first you have settled in so well at nursery and I can tell you enjoy going because you are full of smiles every morning when I leave you and I can wave bye bye and you don't bother. You even have a best friend there another little boy who is a little older than you and you will be going to his birthday party a couple of weeks before your birthday.

I can't believe we have already started buying your 1st birthday presents and organising you party. Time definitely goes much quick once you have a child. Which is why I always try to make the most of every minute we spend together. You have recently been a little poorly with yet another cold and this one really took it out of you, I've never known you sleep so much even when you were a new born baby. In those two days when your cold was at its worst I missed you so much even though you hardly left my arms because you weren't my normal happy smiley Thomas. I'm so glad you are back to your normal mischievous self though now.

That's all for now my beautiful boy I will write to you again soon.
All my love
Mummy xxxx
After this weeks #pbloggers chat it seems quite a few other mummys are starting to think about the end of their maternity leave and pretty much everybody feels the same way I did. I started dreading the end of my maternity leave pretty much the day after I actually started my maternity leave, nothing to do with my job just the thought of having 10months with my son and then suddenly going back to old routines.
As my maternity leave went on and I had to start thinking about choosing a nursery and I thought about the time I would have to go back to work and leave Thomas I would get that horrible feeling of dread in my stomach, I would literally want to cry. How could I leave this little baby who I had spent pretty much all day everyday with since the second he was born, when the most I'd ever been away from him was a couple of hours and soon I would have to leave him for 10 and a half hours a day,  I felt absolutely awful. Sound familiar?
Even though I dreaded leaving Thomas I knew deep, deep down it would be the best for both of us. Thomas would be going to nursery playing with other children learning how to socialise and interact with other children, having lots of fun, learning new things and having a break from his old mum. I also knew it would be best for me as much as I don't want to admit it but a tiny little part of me was looking forward to being able to have adult conversation during the day and as mad as it sounds going to work is actually a nice break.

The night before I returned to work all I wanted to do was cry and I felt sick at the thought of leaving Thomas. I felt overwhelmingly sad that my 10 months of maternity leave and my 9 months of solid Thomas time had come to an end. It felt like that feeling you use to get at the end of the 6 weeks holiday but a hundred times worse.
Dropping Thomas off at nursery for his first full day was horrible I wont lie to you, I smiled for Thomas so he knew nursery was a nice happy place but as soon as I got in the car again I cried. Then I thought to myself I'm going to have to suck it up and get on with it because unless we win the lottery I've got to go to work.

It didn't take long to settle back in at work and I am being completely honest with you it really isn't as bad as you think it will be. I was talking to another mum on Twitter a few weeks before I started back and she said exactly the same thing and I didn't believe her but it is true. It is actually a nice to have a break from keeping my eye on Thomas wondering what he's getting up to when he has gone quiet round the side of the sofa, It's nice not to have to change dirty nappies for a few hours a day, it's nice to talk to adults. That doesn't mean there is not a single second that I don't think about and miss Thomas but being back at work makes me appreciate our time together so much more a colleague of mine who returned to work just before me has also said the same. From about 4pm I am clock watching wishing the time away to picking him up at 6. Every single night I feel so excited to pick him up and have a cuddle. I try to make sure we do more on my days off even if it's just going for a walk.

I think the most important thing about your return to work is that you are 100% completely happy about the childcare you have chosen. We knew as soon as we visited Thomas's nursery that it was the right one and it really does help that Thomas has settled in so well at nursery when I drop him off in the morning he is always happy and smiling he even pushes away from me most mornings now, although I think that is mainly because he can see the other babies having their breakfast that puts my mind at rest for the rest of the day knowing he is safe and happy.

I hope this post has helped to put your minds at rest, returning to work really isn't that bad....honest.

You have a double whammy this week

 4th March
Falling asleep stroking my arm

5th March 
First time at softplay

6th March
Stopping Mummy from tidying up

7th March
Finally realised he needs to move his legs with his walker

8th March
Bought my Mother's Day card home from nursery

9th March
brushing his toothy peg

10th March
Woke up to this on Mothers day

11th March


12th March
Trying to reach inside the washing machine

13th March
Drinking his bottle and stroking my arm

14th March
Time to get up Mummy

15th March
I'm not letting go of this spoon mummy


16th March 
 Fun with grandad while mummy is at work 

17th March
Making a mess

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Teething is a nightmare for both babies and their parents. Thomas seems like he has been teething since he was born but only has one little toothy peg to show for it up to now.
For the month leading up to him cutting his first tooth. Thomas really did suffer with it. I think he has  had every teething symptom going Broken sleep, bright red cheeks, endless amounts of slobber, umpteen soiled nappies a day, nappy rash for the first time and the symptoms of a cold on top. We had a very unhappy Thomas on our hands, I was so glad when his tooth first popped through his gum and most of the pain left him for a little while at least.

"Ta daaaa look at my toof mummy I am so clever"

I will be honest I'm not looking forward to the next time a tooth is ready to come but at least for now Thomas and I are having a rest from it and we are both having a good nights sleep ready for the next batch of sleepless nights.

I thought I would share with you some things that got us through.

Calpol - Or the magic medicine as I call it. It helps with teething pains as well as colds so all mums need some of this in their cupboard and you can give it to your baby from 2 months old but please don't use it too much only give it to your baby when you think they really need it.

Teething gel - This contains a mild local anesthetic which can also help to sooth babies gums. I found this helped Thomas as he was also able to chew on my finger which gave a bit of relief as well as getting relief from the gel.

Teething powder - I have been recommended these by a lot of other mums but when I got them Thomas seemed to finish the painful part of teething so we haven't used them yet but they are ready in the cupboard for next time.

Teething rings - These are safe for babies so chew on and can offer some relief for small babies and you can buy teething rings that you can pop in your freezer to they can cool down painful gums.

Foods to chew on - If your baby is old enough for finger foods I found Thomas enjoys a cool apple helped his gums and also was something tasty and healthy for him to chop on.

Mummy cuddles - These are also magic and there is no limit to them, you don't have to worry about over dosing them either. So when you have both had a rubbish night sleep having a nice snuggly nap day the next day who cares if your chores don't get done.
I recently decided to take Thomas to soft play for the first time. Now he is getting more mobile he is confidently crawling and standing up I thought it would be a nice new experience for him. Unfortunately when we got there he was a little tired, I was hoping he would sleep on our walk there but he only decided to drop off just before we got there so he was a little miserable anyway.

We had a little sit and play in the ball pit first but I don't think Thomas new what to make of it and wouldn't sit on his own he would only sit on knee but he did start to play with the balls and eventually did sit on his own until a little girl came and then he rushed back to my knee because she was walking around moving all the balls.

We then went and sit in the other little play area where he could crawl about and explore. Thomas liked this area a bit more and was happy to explore and play with balls there but still kept coming back to me for a cuddle every now and then.

We went to a place called Wacky Warehouse which I think are dotted all over and they have a Tots club which is for 0-5 and is on from 9:30am to 3:30pm and for under 1s it is free and for all other children it is just £2.

We will definitely visit again as it is free so even if Thomas doesn't want to stay for very long it isn't a waste of money and hopefully Thomas will start to enjoy it once he gets use to it.
Hello my cheeky little monkey

Today has been my first Mother's Day and I woke to your beautiful face and then we had cuddles and you climbed all over me and pinched my glasses as you do every morning. We shared toast in bed and got crumbs everywhere but who cares? To be honest everyday feels like Mother's day, everyday I wake up and see your beautiful face and feel truly blessed to be your mum.

My first Mothers Day card you made at nursery is the most special card I have ever had 

Everyday we spend as much time as we possibly can together even before I have to take you in to nursery we sit and have a cuddle in the car until I really have to take you in. Everyday I shower you in kisses and cuddles and you cuddle me back and just lately you think you are kissing me back as you put your head close to mine and try to eat me.

I love you so much my beautiful boy and I thank you for making everyday so special and also thank you for making being a mummy easy (most of the time) and I thank my lucky stars that I am your mummy and you are my son.

All my love
Mummy xxx
I can't believe we are going in to March already!

25th February
Playing with his toy box

26th February
 Looking super dooper cute in his pushchair 

27th February
Having fun in a huge box his Birthday present came in.

28th February 
Sleepy morning eyes are the cutest 


1st March
Finally able to get a photo of the little toothy peg

2nd March
What was in those bottles mum?

3rd March
Yes he is Mr Perfect

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