18th February
First taste of an orange and it was a hit

19th February
He thinks he is so clever

20th February
I just love his bed head oh and sofa print on his face

21st February
Sharing toast with cousin Chloe

22nd February
Thomas must of spent a good 10 minutes putting his packet of baby wipes in to his seat and then taking them out again

23rd January
First time in a trolley like a big boy

24th January
Loving his new toy to stand and play with

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A couple of weeks ago I posted an admission  that Thomas wasn't a good sleeper, in fact that's putting it nicely most nights were an absolute nightmare and I was left feeling completely exhausted after a hour long fight, some nights even longer.

A couple of weeks ago now Thomas cut his first tooth, this pesky little toothy peg had been giving my little boy some right jip and I know now that was definitely to blame to the bedtime traumas. Since Thomas cut the tooth he has been a different little boy at bedtime, he is so easy to get to sleep now and falls in to a deep enough sleep I can put him straight in his cot after he's finished his bottle and then he has been sleeping through until we need to get up. On my days off I have actually woke up before him!

So want to know how I got him use to sleeping in his own cot again? at first I tried putting him to sleep with one of my tops so he could feel the warmth and my scent but that didn't fool him he still woke up, so I got in with him.... Yep if Thomas cried when I put him down which he used to do most nights I decided to get in the cot with him. Guess what he settled straight away, I did this for a couple of nights and now he's completely fine and I don't need to bother.

I know this probably wont last as soon as his next tooth starts to come through I know we will probably be thrown back to the screaming tantrums at bedtime but at least for now Thomas and I can enjoy a nice calm bedtime and a good nights sleep.
Whilst we had some reasonably nice weather I decided to take Thomas for a walk around the park and to take him on the swings for the first time. Our local park is actually really nice compared to the other parks in Stoke so it's actually quite nice to visit it.

We headed straight for the swings first and Thomas was giggling as I pushed him but he seemed more interested in watching the other children running around and playing I think he was wishing that he could go off and run with them. I couldn't really catch a photo of him smiling but I don't care as I think the photo below is absolutely gorgeous in fact I'm actually in love with it I will have to get it printed out.

After the swings Thomas had a little go on the slide which made him smile I think he enjoyed it but obviously as I was holding him I couldn't take a photo, next time we will have to take daddy with us.

We had a slow walk back through the park and sat by the pond for a while so I could show Thomas the ducks I wish I had thought to take a photo. Thomas was fascinated by them watching them on the water and then all of a sudden they just flew off he was talking to me at the time and I would love to know what he was saying to me.

Thomas and I will definitely be visiting the park again soon.
On Sunday 3rd February I attended my very first bloggers meet up. Having never been to one before I didn't know what to expect or what other bloggers would be like, I'm also a very shy person when meeting new people so I was quite nervous. As I didn't have a babysitter for the day Thomas had to come with me so we hopped on a bus to Leek I was annoyed with the weather as it was raining so my hair turned in to a horrible frizzy mess not good when you are meeting people for the first time.

When we were nearly in Leek I overheard Rachel on the bus asking if another girl knew where Spout was which was the café we were meeting in so I said that was where I was going too and after talking we realised we were both bloggers and were on our way there for the meet up so it was nice to get talking to somebody before we got there.

Spout Coffee Shop is such a cute little place and sells every type of coffee you could want and also has lots of lovely cakes which was hard for me to resist. It is also a bit like a Tardis, it seems to go on forever and upstairs is the Pamper Pit and Passion Pit which are the hair and beauty salons on the day of the meet up this is where the make up, skin care and fashion work shops were held. As I am a bit dim I didn't really take any photos as it was kinda difficult with Thomas. The photo below is of the coffee shop courtesy of Terri from helloterrilowe.blogspot.co.uk who took some lovely photos of the day.

We all had afternoon tea which was so pretty in vintage cups and saucers and cute little sandwiches  and cakes that looked too good to eat. Thomas and I had some little sandwiches and then Mummy had a scone.

Thomas and I went and sat in the skincare workshop and it was great to try out some of the products and they best ways to use them.

It was a lovely day and it was great to meet other bloggers and finally meet people who I have been speaking to on Twitter for a while. A big thank you to Maxine from  http://agirliknow.blogspot.co.uk for organising a lovely relaxed day and to Edwina Simone, Lydia Leith, Misco Chocolates, Kieron at Barratts, Coulson Macleod, Teapigs and Spout for providing goodies for the little goodie bag we all received.

Here are all of the lovely bloggers we met 
Charlotte Ginger Girl Says
Joanna Minty Essence
Kieron The Totality
Amelia xameliax
Sara Waiste

Photo courtesy of Maxine :)
This is an old post I have found in my drafts

I wanted to try something crafty with Thomas and I heard a few people talking about doing salt dough with their little ones so I thought that I would give it a go with Thomas and see how it turned out.
Salt dough is such a quick and easy thing to make and a super cheap activity I can remember when I was younger my sister and I use to make this with our nan . It is made from items everybody has in their kitchen cupboards. 

I found a simple recipe for salt dough on the internet all you need is
 1 cup of water, 1 cup of salt and 2 cups of plain four 
and then use your hands to make it in to a dough. 
If you feel it's too watery then just add more flour. 

Now I wanted to try to make Santa christmas decorations using Thomas's hand print but we couldn't quite get them right and when we did and put them in the oven I don't know what happened but I only left them in the oven on the lowest setting as it said on the internet for about 25 minutes before I checked on them and they had risen! Complete fail.

The only one that survived the oven was this Thomas's hand print inside mine :)

Trying to get a 6 month old to cooperate with salt dough is pretty difficult all Thomas was to do is clench his hands up and mush the dough between his fingers the little tinker! I am looking forward to when he is a bit older and we can have another go. Perhaps next time they wont rise in the oven.
11th February 
Bed head to be proud of

12th February 
Playing peekaboo

13th February
Clever boy who holds his own bottle pretty much all the time...when he can be bothered

14th February 
 Thomas loves his bubble baths like mummy

15th February
Morning bottle time before nursery

16th February
First time on a swing

17th February
I'm going mummy....I'm leaving you 

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Your house is not as tidy as it use to be...
Your living room floor is covered in toys...
Your laundry basket is full...
Your child has dropped his dinner of the floor again...
Your dark circles are getting darker...
Your hair could do with a wash...
You are never on time anymore...
Your tummy will never be the same again...
You still can't fit in to those pre-pregnancy jeans...
You can't remember the last time you ate a meal undisturbed...
You can't remember the last time you had a full 9 hours sleep...

...When you get to see your beautiful childs face everyday


4th February
All the toys and he would rather play with the DVDs

5th February
All fresh and clean out of the bath

6th February
New trike from Nanna

7th February
First full day at nursery :(

8th February
Being a cheeky chops

9th February
Peeking under the door as Daddy has gone

10th February
Fallen asleep on Daddy

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....Sharing a competition with you all. Do you like what I did there?

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 (My new bits and bobs to take to work, I certainly wont forget Thomas will I)

Well that's is my maternity leave is over and tomorrow I go back to work, I can't believe how fast those 10 months have gone I feel like all I have done is blinked and boom 10 months have passed. I lay in bed last night just thinking about the past 10 months, that first month before Thomas arrived the waiting game I played each day wondering if I would start with any labour pains trying to keep myself busy tiding the house everyday or reading books making the most of my time before the little whirlwind came along. One week I read the whole Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella which is about 6 books if I remember rightly. Oh how times have changed its taken me a month to get less than half way through my current book.

I was also thinking about those early weeks after Thomas was born when he started to teach me how to be a mum,  the night feeds and how precious they actually were, when it felt like Thomas and I were the only people awake in the world. The early, early mornings when Thomas use to wake up at around 4 - 4:30 and wouldn't want to go back sleep so we had to go downstairs and eventually he would fall asleep in his swing chair so I could nap, Oh how I love that chair I wish it still had the same effect on him now.

Thomas has grown and changed so, so much he's gone from being a baby although I don't think we actually had a proper little baby in to a little boy. I am so proud to be his mummy and he makes me proud every single day and I know he always will do. I just hope that I don't miss any of his firsts whilst he's at nursery. That scares me so much.

Even though some times I feel like I've needed a break and some "me" time I am thoroughly thankful for every single second I get to spend with Thomas I do have some regrets though for the last half of my maternity leave since David started driving and we didn't have the car anymore Thomas and I couldn't really get out much as getting a bus is a pain I don't do it unless I really have to but it also means I haven't been able to visit friends who are also on maternity leave as much as I would have liked. When I go back to work though David will be getting a scooter so I will have the car on my days off so hopefully Thomas and I can do some fun things I also want to start going swimming with him when I can fit back in my costume.

I'm trying to be positive about going back to work, well it's a waste of time being negative about it because I don't really have any choice in the matter so I might as well get on with it. Thankfully I am able to work part time and it will be a nice balance I will spend 3 days at work and get adult conversation and have a bit of a break but I am also spending more time with Thomas than I am at work. I think once I get in to the swing of things it will be nice by the end of tomorrow it will probably feel like I've never been away. It just feels so weird after 10 months of not working spending all day with Thomas its done and I'm back at work anybody else found that?

A little late this week but I didn't really feel like blogging on Sunday night.

28th January
Having a pamper session

29th January
Mmm what have you got Daddy

30th January
Helping Mummy take blog photos

31st January
(Sorry this photo is smaller than the others)

1st February
Being silly

2nd February
In the middle of playing with Grandad

3rd February
Keeping this one super close my beautiful precious boy

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There I said it! Thomas IS NOT a good sleeper. We can't just magically place him in his cot after a nice warm bottle and watch him drift off peacefully and no he doesn't sleep from 7:30 right through for 12 lovely long hours. Nope at the minute bedtimes are a daily struggle a time of the day I have come to really dislike. What normally happens is Thomas finally drifts off in my arms and then when I put him down he wakes so I try talking softly to him and stroke his face but he doesn't want to know cue screaming and thrashing about god knows what our neighbors think. This normally happens quite a few times until I leave him to fall in a deep enough sleep and then he finally stays asleep in his cot for a couple of hours until he wakes up screaming which I think may be due to his teeth.

We use to have such a good routine Thomas was asleep by 7:30 almost every night normally he fell asleep during his bottle and then we carefully placed him in his bed and there he stayed until around 6-6:30am but at the beginning of December he caught a cold and wasn't sleeping very well as he couldn't breath through his nose. So that disrupted his sleeping pattern and once the cold went we just couldn't get Thomas back in to that routine no matter how hard I tried and this has obviously gone on for weeks now and now his gums are really hurting which makes him wake up screaming so they aren't helping matters so I really am at a loss.

I know at the minute I'm not helping myself because it gets to the point during the night where I am just too tired to fight anymore to get him to settle off I just end up bringing him in to our bed and so David gets kicked out ( I can't remember the last time he spent the whole night in our bed) so I know I am just making it harder for myself. Other than leaving him screaming his head off which I just cannot do I'm stuck. I have heard that controlled crying does work for some but personally I couldn't do it plus I think Thomas is too young for that.

I really don't know what to do to get our routine back, I normally try do put Thomas to bed now around 8-8:30 which I think is a bit too late but any earlier than that and he just screams and we go through the whole bedtime trauma until about 8pm anyway. So I think the only way forward is to try and get the bedtime settled for around 8 and then once that is sorted I will start bringing it forward by perhaps half an hour until we are at a time that is better for Thomas. Does that sound like a plan? I will also be putting him down with a t-shirt that I have been wearing to see if the warmth of that and my scent may help him feel a bit more settled in his cot like I am really there.

I will maybe do another post in a months time and let you know if we are having any success with bedtime.
Have you had any troubles with bedtime? What did you do that helped?