Dear Thomas

You are now 8 months old and I just can't believe how fast time is going I go back to work in a couple of weeks and you will be starting nursery properly. You have been doing a few hours at nursery and you are enjoying it. I was a bit worried because you can be quite clingy to me but you have been fine. In fact I am surprised how well you have been getting on. I think the real test for both of us will be when you do your first full day at nursery and I do my first full day at work. I will miss you like crazy and there wont be a second that goes by that I wont be thinking about you and wondering whether you are ok and having fun.

Over the last few weeks you are becoming more and more of a handful, the days that you would sit in your chair whilst mummy gets things done is long gone unless you are being fed you don't like sitting in your chair for more than 5 minutes. You pull yourself up on every sort of surface available and you have had a few bumps and tumbles but I think with you we will be having a lot more of those.
You have also started to crawl properly now although you can get around so much faster and easier I kinda miss your special little crawl I'm so glad that we have a video of it so that we don't forget it.

Bedtimes are still a trauma though you really don't take after me on that front I just don't understand why babies don't like going to sleep it's a good thing I would love more of it! Plus you are always in a much better mood after a good sleep. Maybe something to think about?

I will write to you again soon. Perhaps after I have done my first few weeks at work.

All my love forever and ever
Mummy xxx

21st January
Just finished his first hour alone at nursery. Its snowing

22nd January
Bedtime teething troubles

23rd January
War wounds

24th January

25th January
Snuggled up as it is snowing again

26th January
At the first birthday party he has been invited to

27th January
8 months old and emptying his changing bag all over the floor

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I am so pleased to announce my sponsor to BritMums Live is a lovely company called Tiny Toes Baby Shoes if you hadn't already guessed. I have been a follower of Tiny Toes on Twitter for quite a number of months and so I was thrilled when they said they would like to work with me and it will be an honour to support their company.

If you don't know about it is a website selling baby shoes to look after your baby's feet right from there first pair of baby shoes to there first pair of shoes when they start to walk. Tiny Toes have a beautiful range of shoes for both boys and girls for all occasions, whether you need a nice pair of snug boots for this cold weather or a smart pair of shoes for that special occasion you are attending. Their shoes are also at great affordable prices which start from just £10 which is a complete bargain for a beautifully well made shoe and they are made right here in the UK.

This year Tiny Toes are also beginning to stock beautifully handmade clothes for girls and boys sizes starting at 1 year old. What are you waiting for why not visit their website today and check them out!

I am so excited to be attending BritMums Live and representing such a fab brand I can not wait until June. Are you going to be attending BritMums leave me a comment and let me know.
From about mid way through my maternity leave the thought of having to find a nursery was at the back of my mind and every time I thought about it I got a horrible sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I didn't want to leave my baby and the thought of going back to work and being without him filled me with dread.
I knew nothing about nurseries so the thought of choosing a nursery for Thomas to spend 11 hours a day 3 days a week worried me, what if I make the wrong choice?

I thought I would share with you some of the questions we asked or you should ask if the staff don't already tell you.

Opening times
Will you have enough time to get from work to picking your child up, is there a charge if you are late?

What qualifications do the staff have.
For obvious reasons you want to know the people looking after your child are qualified to do so. It may also be an idea to ask how long staff have been at the nursery for 

Cost per day/ Costs for holidays
Obviously cost is a biggie when choosing a nursery but don't forget you may need to pay a little more to get a really good nursery you are happy with. The nursery we chose for Thomas was the more expensive option but we are really happy with it.
Is there a discount for holidays is there a set amount you can take?
With the first nursery we looked at you could only take 3 weeks holiday at a discounted price the rest of the time you would have to pay full price.
The nursery we chose we can have as many holidays as we want but we have to the half price retainer fees 2 weeks prior to taking the holiday. Just so they know you will be coming back.
Also it might be worth checking if you need to pay for bank holidays most nurseries will charge even though they are closed.

Will they work with you at nap times and meal times.
At the minute Thomas has 2 naps one in the morning and one in the afternoon but the Nursery will try and wean him off the morning nap if they can and get him to have a longer nap in the afternoon. Which I don't mind as I think it will be better for Thomas and it will be easy for us to follow on that routine when we are at home. 
The nursery normally provides breakfast between 8-9am which Thomas will be having and then they have dinner between 11:30 and 12:30  and then a cooked meal around 3-4pm. Which means I can just give Thomas a light snack when we get home around 6:15pm which I think will suit us as I don't have to worry about making him tea and get to spend longer playing with him.

What meals will your child be eating?
It might be a good question to ask if they don't already mention, at our nursery they have meal plans displayed on the wall and all the food is prepared fresh each day which I think is important. 

How do they put the children down for a nap.
The nursery is really good with this they will do whatever you do at home if I just put him down and let him settle himself they wont start rocking him to sleep. If I rock him they rock him, if I sit with him whilst he drops off they will too. Which I think is really good as they wont disrupt your routine.
It may be a good point to talk to the nursery about if your baby uses some sort of comforter when sleeping like a dummy or a blanket. Thomas has a dummy but I have told them he only uses it when he is getting tired so not to let him have it lots during the day.

Will they tell you what activities your child has been doing during the day.
Our nursery keeps files on what the children have been doing during the day and regularly take photos of your child doing the different activities (Of course if you give permission for the photos)
They also keep a record of nappies, what your child has eaten or drank and naps throughout the day.

 Do you need to provide any bits and bobs for your child.
Our nursery has asked us to provide the basics such as nappies, baby wipes, milk, calpol, a change of clothes and photos of family. Simply because there are so many different brands some of which your child might have a reaction to and so on.

Procedures for different situations.
If you child is ill or has an accident whilst at nursery
which illnesses will mean your child is unable to attend nursery
If there has been a problem and somebody else needs to pick up your child

These are just a few question that you might find handy I'm sure that you will think of lots more when you get to the nursery. Know we have got a place for Thomas and we are happy about the choice I do feel better about going back work even though I know the first few days will be tough. It will be harder for me than Thomas.
Let me introduce to you the best hair tool ever to touch my hair! I gave my hubby a list of items to choice for me for Christmas and I am absolutely over the moon he picked this. I put the Make it big hot air styler on my list after seeing Miss Budget Beautys Gift guide - for her I had been wanting the Babyliss version of this for ages but after hearing this was a good alternative and less than half the price I put this on my Christmas list.

The beauty of this is that you can give yourself an easy at home blow dry with out having to mess about with a hairdryer and barrel brush. The hot air blows through the bristles so it drys and styles your hair at the same time meaning you cut down the time it takes to do you hair (Perfect for us mums who don't get that much time to get ready anymore) If like me you wear your hair straight you don't need to dry your hair and then straighten it after as this hair styler leaves your hair looking straight. Also it adds volume to your hair so that it doesn't just look limp against your head.

The Styler can be used on wet or damp hair. I find it is easier to use on towel dried hair. I section my hair horizontally and do it in about 4 sections starting with the hair closest to the nape of your neck. I find it much easier to do small sections of hair at a time, don't use big clumps of hair at once as obviously you will have to go over it numerous amounts of time before your hair drys. When using this I curl my hair under at the ends and it is so easy to do and looks really nice. You can also use the styler to flick your hair out or curl all over. I can't wait to try curling it all over but I think I need my hair to grow a lot longer than it is first because the barrel is pretty big so I wouldn't be able to really curl my hair over it very well.

As you can see the styler has 2 different heat settings as well as a cool shot setting with helps to set your hair. The green button is for removing the barrel so that you can clean any hairs away so that it doesn't get clogged up.

The only difference between this and the Babyliss Big hair I think it that the barrel on this doesn't rotate which to be honest I don't think it really matters, this is so easy to use and it doesn't give you arm ache.

I absolutely love this, I haven't used my normal hair dryer or straighteners since I got it, in fact I've stored them away somewhere now. Another great point about this is that it's brilliant for traveling too as you don't need to take away a hair dryer and straighteners just take this in your case.

This little beauty costs just £16.50 and is exclusive to Tesco so you can purchase it here

January 14th 
Pinching Mummys banana

January 15th
Just chilling sucking his thumb

January 16th
Hiding under the table

January 17th
Stopping mummy from doing the cleaning

January 18th
Thomas's first time in the snow

January 19th
Double trouble

January 20th
All the toys Thomas has and he messes up the candles so he can get up here and bang

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If you have you checked Facebook, Twitter or Instagram recently you will know it has been snowing. I never normally get excited about snow in fact I normally hate it because it means tackling the roads in order to get work and back but this year I am actually glad we have got snow at the minute, I just hope it goes before my maternity leave finishes and then I don't want any more for the rest of the year.

So earlier on today Thomas and I got all wrapped up to go outside and see the snow. When we first went outside Thomas looked really puzzled like he was thinking "Well it doesn't normally look like this when we leave the house" I was actually surprised at how deep it was, well over ankle height and it's still falling.

We didn't stay out too long as obviously it was bitterly cold and Thomas wasn't too keen on the snow blowing in his face but we did stay out long enough to take a little photo of Thomas and I with the snow.

He wouldn't look up at the camera because of the snow in his face. I hope we have snow next year so we can build a snow man, but can we have it on when I'm not working?

Before the EVO came in to our lives mummy use to dread going shopping, especially when the shops were busy as my old pushchair was such a big heavy thing it was a struggle to move about and tight gaps...well they were literally a no go. With the Evo getting in and out of lifts are a doddle the turning circle with this pushchair is brilliant we can now move out of the smallest of gaps.
I know i'm asleep on most of these pics but silly mummy didn't get any when I was awake but I just can't help falling asleep when i'm all snug in my pushchair.

The basket below is brilliant for storing mummy's smaller bags the only problem like mummy has said before is that it isn't that easy to get to when I'm sitting looking at mummy but she doesn't mind as she gets to see my beautiful face which is more important. Maybe when i'm a bit older she will move me around but I don't think she is very keen on that idea. Mind you neither am I, I like being able to see my mummy when we are out it makes me feel safe plus we can talk to each other in our special way.

Daddy needed new trainers and this time we can help him look ( I say we can help but I fell asleep as I was so snug and comfy) as we can fit down these narrow aisles normally we have to wait out of the way in some shops. Which I don't like because i'm nosey I like to have a look around not today though as I was pretty tired, it's hard work being a cheeky monkey

Even Daddy doesn't mind pushing the EVO in his words "I like it. it's very move-able" Yes Daddy, yes it is. Daddy also commented on how light it was too when he was getting it out of the car.

I don't mind going shopping anymore with mummy as long as I'm in my Evo as it's comfier me and makes shopping easier for mummy.

I hope you liked my first my thoughts on my Evo I thought I had better give my opinion too seeing as thought I'm the one who has to sit in it.
It it is that time of the week again

Monday 7th January
Playing with Grandad Winder. I love his little face on this photo he was having so much fun 

Tuesday 8th January
Beautiful Morning Smile

Wednesday 9th January 
Being a good boy in Nando's whilst mummy and daddy have food.

Thursday 10th January
Concentrating on a baby biscuit

Friday 10th January
Bubbly bathtime fun

Saturday 12th January
Doing some work on his laptop

Sunday 13th January
Today is a tigger sweats kinda day

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Since my last update I have had 2 pretty good days, all of my meals have been healthy and I haven't been snacking which I think is definitely because of Skinny Sprinkles My only problem is the calorie counting, It just isn't for me at all the fitness pal app is telling me I should be eating 1200 calories a day but that is so hard even when you are eating healthily.

I have also started a little weight loss chat group with some fellow bloggers who are wanting to loose weight but like me were looking for friends for some motivation. So far we are all doing really well I can't wait until we can share our successes with each other.

I think I have also made my mind up to try Slimming World. After speaking to so many other people who have done really well on it I think it could be the diet for me. As I said I'm not a points counter and this diet sounds like its pretty free. So hopefully I will be starting that in a couple of weeks I have been talking to David about it and he is happy for me to go for it. I was worried about the price but it will only work out to be about £20-25 a month and when you think about it you could spend more than that on take-aways a month (Not that I would even be having take aways as they are part of my spending ban)
Just before Christmas I did a review on a couple of products from KOKO as I loved them products decided to purchase one of these feeders from them too. I had been thinking about buying one of these for a while and saw @NicolaBear987 was giving one a go I thought it might be interesting to see it Thomas would use one.

I really like the concept of these as it is an easy way to get your baby eating foods that normally they wouldn't be able to eat for a while such as grapes as you know babies would choke on them. The holes in the net part of the feeder are too small for any lumps to escape that your baby would choke on but they can still get the juices of the fruit. We tried Thomas with some chunks of apple so that he could enjoy a chew on it but with out the risk of him choking

It didn't take long for him to realise what is was for and he was soon chewing and sucking on the feeder. This will also be good for his gums as I could cool the apple down and give it him to suck and chomp on to help cool his gums down and it tastes nicer than a teething ring. I can't wait to try out different fruits with Thomas now.

  • That smile, oh that beautiful smile
  • His beautiful laugh that in itself makes me laugh.
  • His cheeky personality
  • The way he snuggles up to be when he sleeps in my bed
  • The dopey look he has when he has just woken from a nap
  • I love watching him play and wondering what is going through his mind
  • I love our squealing competitions
  • I love it when we have funny 5 minutes he giggles his head off and I end up in tears with laughter
  • His teeny little toes
  • His chubby little hands
  • I love how he crawls he has his own little funny way and I love it so much better than the proper way
  • I love how he looks when he is asleep
  • I love that he is a mummys boy
  • I love that he is super ticklish 
  • I love that he still falls asleep on me from time to time
  • I love how he has my nose
  • I love it when he sucks his thumb
  • I love it when he snores
  • I just love Thomas and everything about him
Last night I stepped on the scales for the first time in over a month and I was pretty disgusted when the digits showed up on the screen. I seriously need to do something about it, you see I am one of those people who moan and complain about their weight yet still find it so hard to find the motivation to actually do anything about it even though I hate my body at the minute.

I think my main problem is being at home all day every day I am so close to food all the time and especially now there is still Christmas chocolates floating around. Whenever I get a bit bored I head to the cupboards. I really need David to either eat all the snacks or hide them somewhere!

In my quest to stop my terrible snacking habits I am going to be trialing Skinny Sprinkles over the next couple of weeks. Skinny Sprinkles is a weightloss drink for those of us who are snackers or who's portion sizes are too big.
There are a few clever ingredients that are in Skinny Sprinkles are Glucomannan which helps to make you feel full as it absorbs water so when it reaches your tummy it swells giving you the full feeling, it then turns in to a sort of gel solution. This is why when you are mixing the solution you need to drink it within 5 minutes.

The second ingredient is Inulin which helps prevent the sugar rush and also helps to reduce sugar cravings. Also as Inulin isn't absorbed you don't take in any extra calories. It also is a carbohydrate storage so it means it makes the energy you absorb from the carbs you eat last longer so that you feel more energised and it keeps hunger at bay for longer.

There is also a natural caffeine, Yes a natural caffeine! That comes from Guarana and Green tea so it will leave you feeling more alert and energises without the need of your usual morning coffee, which will also cut calories.

Skinny Sprinkles are not meant to be used as a meal replacement, you are suppose to drink them if you are feeling the need to snack or half hour before a meal so that you can try and cut your portion sizes down. For this reason I think I will get on well with them, I don't think I could hack diets like the Cambridge diet or other diets similar where you are using meal replacements, although how I am feeling at the moment I think I would give anything a go!

I will update you on my progress after my first week using them so make sure you stick around. In the mean time check out Skinny Sprinkles website
If you read my post that I posted on the 2nd (Project 365) You will know Nicola and I are pairing up and doing the project 365 together. It is time for my first update.

January 1st
Happy New Year baby boy

January 2nd 
Morning kisses with Mummy

January 3rd 
Being a clever monkey

January 3rd
Bed head

January 5th
Thomas is so big

January 6th
Snuggles with Grandad

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In 2013 I have decided to do Project 365 as a way to record our daily life. I thought this may be a nice easy thing to do as to be honest I take at least a photo a day anyway.  I am pretty sure that it will be mainly Thomas bases as a way to record his daily life. I will be recording things such as his first day at nursery, his first birthday, his first steps and his first holiday, it will make a great record to look back on at the end of the year to see how much my baby has grown.

I am going to be doing the Project 365 alongside Nicola from that we can spur each other on and I think we will also be linking up with each other on weekly updates.
So I hope you stick around for my first update on Saturday but here is my first photo from the 1st January which is captioned "Happy New Year baby boy"