As Christmas crept up on us I was more excited this year than ever before now Thomas is getting older and he is starting to understand more obviously he still doesn't understand why he woke up one particular morning and came downstairs to a room full of new toys and people kept asking him to rip paper all day, but this year he was actually able to open presents properly and he could be excited to see all of these new toys he received.

I spent most of Christmas Eve night putting together Thomas's bigger toys so that he could see them as soon as he got up and he could play with them straight away. After a mini meltdown I ended up at my dads house from 10pm until about 11:40 putting together Thomas's Cosy Coupe, who would have thought it would have been so difficult? Thank god for Dads. Thomas then didn't have a very good sleep and so ended up being awake until nearly 2am which wasn't brill as it left me feeling shattered most of Christmas Day.

We woke up Christmas morning and found out that Santa has left Thomas and I 
a stocking so we opened them before going downstairs. 
This was the first year I've had a stocking in ages thanks to my mum.

Opening presents was much more fun this year with lots of excited wows and ooos
but it took twice as long as last year as Thomas wanted to play with everything as
soon as he opened them.

 I like driving in my car beep beep, beep beep
It's not quite a Jaguar.
It took Thomas a little while to actually want to get in his new car but now he loves it
He just needs to learn how to go forward in it.

An excited Thomas being super cute.

Having fun and being cute with Daddy

Getting tired all the fun and present unwrapping was proving too much.

Dinner time! My dad and I made dinner whilst Thomas and David napped. 

I used my soup maker to make our soup starter. We had carrot and coriander and my dad had the 
bright idea to add chilli to add a bit of a kick he decided to add a full chilli!
It's safe to say it blew our heads off!

Dishing up dinner the meal we have been 
looking forward to all year.
There is something about Christmas dinner which makes it better
than your normal roast dinner, perhaps it's the pigs in blankets.

Thomas tucking in to his Christmas dinner
Don't worry that isn't a fruit shoot I forgot his bottle and luckily the shop was open
so I had to buy this drink the fruit shoot myself and refill with water for Thomas.

We had a lovely day and it was so nice to spend it with my dad this year and for him to get to spend the day with his grandson. Thomas had a lovely time and got more presents than he could have wished for. As Christmas is now over for another year it's time to find space for all of the new toys and to donate his old toys that he has grown out of to charity.
When I started back work in February going back part time was the only option to me Thomas was still so young and I didn't feel ready to be away from him full time I felt like there was such a lot that I could miss out on if I was at work full time like his first proper words and his first steps I just didn't want to be spending more time with the people at work than my own son. It also didn't make financial sense to return to work full time as we wouldn't actually be able to afford to pay the nursery fees so I would end up working for basically nothing.

After 11 months of working part time I have been thinking about making the change back to full time work again and a part of me wants to. Even though I would miss Thomas like mad during the week I know I would get use to it just like I got use to working again after my maternity leave and we would still get an hour or so at home each night to spend together but I don't know whether that would be enough for me would I be missing too much of Thomas? I have been very lucky with how Thomas has developed and he was crawling before I went back to work so I didn't miss that and David and I were both there when he took his first steps so I didn't miss that.

I also feel like Thomas is ready to be full time at nursery, I didn't want to go back to work full time to begin with partly because I didn't want to throw him in at the deep end straight away will full time hours. We have been very lucky in as much as Thomas has settled in at nursery so well it couldn't have gone better. It also helps that the nursery we picked is fab and I like him going there as much as Thomas does. Thomas loves going and it is how I get him ready in a morning my saying "come on Thomas we've got to take you to nursery" and he then actually helps me to get him dressed.

The main reason I want to start being full time again is that I really want to be able to start saving for a house deposit. Even though we still wont have much money left each money after paying full time nursery fees but we will hopefully be in a better position when we do come to look at mortgages. 

I've recently had a meeting at work and expressed that I have recently been pondering about going full time again to see if there is still a full time job for me there and also what the wages could be as I definitely wouldn't be able to be full time again on the wages I was on before so I am waiting to hear back on that before I make up my mind. They may turn round and say there isn't a full time job at the minute or they are unable to re-look at my salary but there is no harm in asking. We shall see what 2014 holds...
At the beginning of 2013 I said that I wanted a nice quiet year after we have had a busy few years as a family
2009 - David and I met
2010 - We got engaged on 27/5/10
2011 - We got married
2012 - We welcomed our first child in to the world on 27/5/2012

So in 2013 I was looking forward to a nice quiet year as a family to enjoy each other. 

February saw me return back to work after a wonderful 10 months on maternity leave, I wasn't looking forward to it at I was sad about leaving Thomas I was scared in case I missed out on too much with not spending every single day with him anymore but only returning part time definitely made that transition a lot easier. 

May was the month that Thomas turned 1 and that was the quickest year of my life and I adored every single second of it being a mum has completed me I finally feel like I have something that I am good at and I hope Thomas thinks so too!
May was also the month that Thomas took his first steps 

June was the when I completely stepped out of my comfort zone and went to BritMums Live, I went to my very first blogging conference and met up with so many people who I have never met before but already were friends because I have spoken to most of them every day on the internet.

July came along as we went on our very first family holiday it was the best holiday ever, completely exhausting as Thomas didn't keep still and hardly slept all week but we were on holiday as a family with our son and that was main thing.

August we got ourselves a new family car and found ourselves a new house with a garden something which I had wanted since Thomas was born.

September saw us finally move house, to a lovely home with a lovely garden and lots of space somewhere that I hope we can stay until we have enough money to buy our own house which I hope isnt't too far in the future.

As you can see we have had a lovely simple year with no fuss and thankfully lots of good times. I just hope now we can enjoy a lovely 2nd Christmas with Thomas and heres to a good 2014!

 This year I decided that Thomas and I would make the Christmas cards for our family instead of spending a fortune on shop bought cards that will probably get thrown away after Christmas I instead spent a fortune on various craft supplies that we can of course keep for future crafts so that Thomas could make his own cards for his grandparents and they will have something handmade that they can keep forever.

I bought pretty much everything from The Range which is brilliant for all different types of craft supplies from your basic painting and gluing and sticking for your little ones to much more adventurous crafts like fabric crafts and lots of really good art supplies.

Thomas loves to get messy with paints, we haven't really got the paints out much lately but I know Thomas does a lot of painting at nursery and he is always bringing home different little pictures he has done. As we haven't done any painting lately I have definitely noticed a difference in him it seems like he's gotten so much better with it he holds the paint brush properly now and instead of waiting for me to put more paint on his brush he puts it in the paint pot himself and he knows if he wants to change colour he has to get a new brush.

Thomas also had a go at stamping which he loves to do especially when I say splodge when he does it. I'm also surprised that he didn't want to taste the paint as much as he use to although he did wipe his hands around his face a colour of times.

Here are Thomas's finished masterpieces aren't they fab! We also had a little play with some glue I glued some little dots around the cards and Thomas stuck the pompoms on the cards. So far everybody who has had a card loves it so much better than shop bought cards.

We also found some little wooden tree decorations in The Range and they were really good prices the little decorations were 75p and the larger ones £1 Thomas only did 2 as I think he got a little bored after that so we have a couple to do a bit more painting with at the weekend.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been falling out of love with blogging and the whole "blogosphere" I get that more and more people are trying to make blogging a career and good luck to them but for me that has been taking the joy out of blogging for me personally. As your blog grows you start to get more and more emails with offers of weird and wonderful things that companies would like to send you to review and that is brilliant it really is sometimes you get things before they are even released and that is a lovely opportunity but it is NOT a right. It seems like a growing number of bloggers are starting up blogging and thinking that automatically means they should be getting free stuff.

I recently saw somebody on Twitter who had just starting tweeting random established bloggers and just coming out and asking how to get stuff sent to them I had a quick look on the blog and there were just a couple of posts with no more than about 100 words in each post all written in text speak and I just cringed and thought are you actually for real.

I've also seen a lot of bitching going on amongst bloggers people bad mouthing other bloggers who accept review items or who publish sponsored posts. I just sit there and think what has it actually got to do with you? Is it actually affecting you? It really does get my goat how do you know that person hasn't accepted that sponsored post so that they can do some food shopping next week or because they are a bit short at the end of the month.

Saying that though it does make me sad when I click on blogs that I use to enjoy reading and now I go back and all personality has gone and the blog is just one big advertisement. (Thankfully my favourites have a nice balance) I would hate to think that people might click on my blog and think that. That is why 2014 is going to be a new start for Yummy Mummy In Training I am having a break from reviews yes I will accept if I get offered something exciting that I would love to share with readers.Yes I will still do the odd sponsored post if I want but I want to inject my personality back in to my blog. I want to go back to the reason I started to blog in the first place which was to have somewhere to record Thomas's life. That is the most important reason why I blog and that is what I enjoy doing the most.
This old worn looking box is Christmas in my eyes. This box is nearly as old as me and this box has been around for nearly all of my Christmas's since I was probably around 17months old. This box has been used to house my families Christmas decorations for about 23 years give or take a few months.

This tatty old box holds so many Christmas memories for me I can remember every year my dad going up the year and he would pass this box down to my mum and then my sister and I would excitedly rummage through the box pulling out all of the shiny tacky Christmas decorations and the homemade ones that we had made ourselves at home and school. Each year we'd scrape together enough blue tac to hang our decorations around our living room.

Each year we would open the box and be greeted with the familiar and somewhat comforting musty scent or musty tinsel from spending it's life being stuck in a box up in the loft. As soon as I smell that smell I am instantly transported back to those happy childhood years of spending Christmas with my parents together. It brings back memories of the squabbles my sister and I use to have about who's turn it was to switch on the lights on the Christmas tree each day.  It brings back memories of being completely unable to sleep on Christmas eve I can remember I use to buy magazines and puzzle books in case I woke up really early so that I would have something to do after I had opened my stocking before it was time to go downstairs. Each year my sister would come in to my room to open her stocking and they being the big sister I would force her to go and wake our parents up to see if it was time to go downstairs and see if Santa had been.

Many years later I have now inherited this wonderful box as my dad gave me some decorations when David and I moved in to our first house together and he was getting rid of some of his and I just couldn't bare for him to throw this box away so I took it off his hands and it now houses our decorations that we have bought together. Every year I bring this box down from our loft and I am greeted by that same musty smell and every year I see this box and smell that smell and I know it's nearly Christmas and I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. As Thomas gets older and he will start to help me with decorating the tree I hope that in the future Thomas will also look back on this tatty old box and it bring him lots of lovely memories about his childhood Christmasses. Who knows we may even be passing this box on to him when he moves out with his own family. After 23 years this box is still going strong with a bit of brown tape it could easily last another 23 years, couldn't it?

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So, why not get started?”
There is a little garden centre really close to us which Santa has been visiting lately with his reindeers so I thought we had better take Thomas to see them so that he could tell Santa what he wanted this year for Christmas so that he wouldn't be disappointed Christmas morning. I'm not really sure which of Santa's reindeers were at the garden centre all I know is that Rudolph wasn't there as none of these reindeers had a shiny red nose.

We went inside Santa's grotto and it was full of big moving figures which Thomas was a bit unsure of and didn't want to get too close to so he didn't want to stray too far away from mummy or daddy who were there to keep him safe.

There we lovely little villages set up at eye level for Thomas so he loved to walk around looking at them and explaining to mummy and daddy in his own little way what was going on. Thomas also loved the twinkly lights and was mesmerized by them and loved pointing them out to us and saying wow. 

A quick stop for a family photo it's just a shame that the quality isn't great as it was a crappy Iphone photo but nevermind it has all three of us and and we are all smiling a lovely little family moment.

Here is Thomas again telling me about the little house with the little people outside he's saying "there" "wow"

It was finally Thomas's turn to visit Santa and even though he was a bit weary we told Santa what he wanted for Christmas which was a car, a train set and a slide and Thomas said yes and we told Santa that Thomas was a very good boy..(Most of the time) Thomas was alright at a distance but didn't really want to get too close to Santa for a photo but I don't blame him, he can be quite a scary looking person with that big white beard covering most of his face but we managed to get a little photo with Santa.

It was time to say bye bye and Thomas gave him a wave before we could go and choose a present and Thomas was a very lucky boy and got a little tool set which I am sure will come in helpful.

 Thomas and I have never made a den before so when I heard of Britains Best Blanket Fort Competition I thought this would be the perfect excuse to make Thomas his very first den and so we got to work mummy did all of the manual labour whilst Thomas project managed and supervised the building work.

I just used the kitchen table as the frame and draped some fluffy blankets over the sides to make it a bit more cosy

I draped two of his daddy's Christmas jumpers over the chairs to make them look nice and festive and draped some fairy lights over them. I also put a spare duvet cover over the floor to make it a bit nicer than sitting on the cold laminate floor.

Thomas also took some of his teddies in to his den so he would have a little company and mummy could read his story to all of them.

Thomas loves sitting in his little den and getting cosy I think it might be difficult trying to get him to go to boring bed tonight!

One thing that every girl should have in her wardrobe for the winter is a soft knit dress. This year I have started to wear dresses a lot more but it was getting a bit too cold for my normal style of dress which is a short sleeve skater skirt. So as soon as I saw this dress I fell in love with it, the style, the colour, the details everything.

This beautiful knit dress comes to just above the knee making it the perfect length for day wear and it is in a lovely burgundy colour which is my ultimate winter colour. The dress is quite a light knit for me as I don't like really chunky knit dresses or jumpers as I tend to overheat and feel like I am going to pass out but this dress keeps me just nice.

I adore the peter pan style collar, i've never actually owned anything with this style of collar before and I love the really girly look it gives.

For a simple knit dress I love all of the cute details like the peter pan collar and then the triangle cut out on the back it just makes the dress a little more special.

My favourite part of the whole dress is the bow detail on the sleeves I love them! They just make the dress look ultra girly.

I know I will be getting lots of wear out of this dress over the winter as I think it will fast become my go to outfit. Keep your eyes peeled as I shall be featuring it in an outfit of the day post very soon.
I have been thinking of doing this post for a while now, even though I love my dressing table I'm not entirely happy with how my make up is organised inside everything just looks messy.

The dressing table is from Ikea and it is their Malm dressing table and it was £90 which I think is a complete bargain it has a glass top which makes it look really expensive and like with all of the Malm range it is really good quality for the price.

On the top of my dressing table I have some pretty looking trinkets which I think I have mentioned before on my blog when I did my room tour post but in the trinket box I keep my cotton wool pads and then in the little cup I keep little jewellery bits and bobs.

On the opposite side of my table is where I keep my brushes and palettes I can't remember where I got the holders from which is helpful I know but I got them quite a while ago now so I doubt you could find them which is a shame because I really like them and I need another brush holder as this one is over flowing a little now.

In case you want a little run down of my palettes I have they are as follows. The large one at the back is a cheap blush one that I got from Ebay quite a while ago it was from China and contains 28 blushes and was under £10 I hardly use it anymore but it's always nice to have just in case. Next to that I have the new Neutral Barry M eyeshadow palette which I reviewed here
I then have 4 Sleek palettes Storm, Sunset, The Original and Oh so Special. Then I have MUA heaven and earth palette. Finally there is the Naked palette which in a couple of weeks will be joined by number 3. Can you spot a bit of a trend here? Mostly neutral palettes I want to start experimenting more with more daring colours.

I own mostly Real Technique brushes I love them! For the price the quality is brilliant I would definitely recommend them to anybody and I am wanting to get more as I am missing a few brushes from my collection.

I also keep my beautiful Michael Kors watch, glasses and my perfume of choice in easy reach for when I am getting ready in a morning with my deodorant tucked away because let's face it they aren't very pretty.

So here is where my problem starts I store all of my make up in the dressing table drawer in cutlery trays and glossyboxes but it just looks so untidy and cramped as I am slowly out growing the drawer. In a perfect world I would love the Ikea Alex or the tall Malm drawers so I can spread out but I just can't justify that. 

What do you think? Do you have any ideas on what I can do to make my make up drawer look a bit neater and more organised?

Just lately it seems like there are newborns everywhere a couple of Twitter friends have recently given birth to beautiful little babies and it got me thinking about my newborn. Just short of 18 months ago I gave birth to a beautiful little boy as with all expectant mothers I knew I would love this tiny human unconditionally but I just didn't realise how strong and powerful that love would be and I don't think you can ever begin to understand how huge the love is until you become a parent.

I miss those first weeks of newborn-ness so much, I miss the new-ness, I miss the tiny-ness I miss that magical time in our lives. I even miss the night feeds, I know I have said that before but I do. I loved and cherished that special quiet time we shared together Thomas would be restful and enjoy the boobie or the bottle and I would just gaze at him in silence. At the time I use to be eagerly awaiting the time when he would sleep through, I didn't know just how special those times would be and how much I would miss them.

Have you ever seen such a satisfied little face?
Completely sozzled on mummy milk

17 and a half months on and the newborn has grown in to a toddler a tantrum throwing cheeky little toddler.  I couldn't love him more, with every single day I love him more and more. I love the little boy that he is growing in to I love watching his personality grow, everyday he does something new and everyday he does something that has me in stitches it's like he knows how to make you laugh. 

Thomas is also very good at cheering you up I only ever lay down on the settee when I'm not very well and he must know that, whether he senses it or just the miserable look on my face tells him that something isn't right with mummy but he will come and rest his head on the settee next to me or he will give me a kiss. Once I was watching something sad on the tele and I started to tear up and he offered me his dummy which obviously sent me over the edge he just amazes me.

Thomas is not only my son but he is already my little friend and I just hope that we will always have our close bond and so many more wonderfully funny times together. 

After nearly 2 years of pining for a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch I finally own on. I have loved these watched since they first became a popular thing amongst the blogging community but not being one to jump on the hype straight away it took me a long time before I finally decided that I needed one in my life, or on my wrist.

As this is quite a heft purchase for me I made sure that I did my research in to all of the different styles of watch from Michael Kors. I even tried a few different ones on as I know they are quite a chunky watch and I only have small wrists.

I finally made the decision to get the MK5128 in rose gold and I adore it. I love the chunkiness of the watch its quite a masculine size but the rose gold makes it super feminine. I had to have 4 links taken out of the strap but now it fits my wrist perfectly and doesn't look out of place on a small wrist. 

This is probably one of my most expensive purchases but I adore it already and I am so glad that I finally have it. I have already had quite a few comments on my watch in particularly in the colour as I guess rose gold is still quite a unique colour if you aren't in the blogging world.

 Pic Source

As parents we put enough pressure on ourselves all year round to be the best parent that we can be but at Christmas the pressure steps up a gear. It's as if parents go in to some sort of competition against each other to see who can out do each other with presents.

It got me thinking does social media and blogging make us put even more pressure on ourselves by trying to keep up with each other. I have been guilty of uploading photos of Thomas's presents last Christmas and what he had for his birthday not to brag because we get him a modest amount of presents we don't go over the top because I don't see the point as he doesn't even understand what is going on yet. There have been times though when I have seen others upload photos of huge piles of presents and I have thought to myself have we got him enough?

This is only my second Christmas as a parent and I think my dad's views on Christmas has worn off on me already. My dad has always said buying children lots of presents takes away what Christmas is all about. It makes me so sad when children expect to have piles of presents as if it is some kind of right, I have seen children like this being so ungrateful it makes me want to take all their gifts away. I would hate for Thomas to grow up like this.

We have so many people asking us what they can get Thomas for Christmas and the truth is he doesn't really want or need much. You are soon in danger of buying him things that are aimed for older ages and then next year we will be in the same position of not knowing what to get him. I have told many people if they want to get him a present then put something in his savings, something that he will need a lot more later on in life and that is what I am doing. I have bought him a few presents but not many at all and I haven't spent a lot but I will put the rest of the money that I would have spent on him in to his savings account because I know he will need that money a hell of a lot more when he comes to buy his first house than he needs some naff toy just because I felt he needed more things to unwrap Christmas morning.

I have already seen tweets off parents who feel guilty because they haven't got their child much so here is what I say.

Will your child have parents that love them? Will they have a nice warm home on Christmas day? Will they have a full belly? Will you give them lots of cuddles and kisses? Will you share a happy day full of smiles and laughter? That is all they need presents are just a nice extra but that shouldn't be the main focus of Christmas.

Even if you aren't religious Christmas should be more about spending time with your families not worrying in case you haven't got somebody enough presents that will sap the fun right out of the day straight away.