On the 27th July Thomas turned 2 months old, I can't believe how fast time is going. Everday I look at him and he seems to be getting bigger and more beautiful :)

So what's happened in his second month. He has had his 6 week check and everything is great with him he is growing nicely. On the 25th he has his 8 week injections and he was such a good boy we had a few tears but he was soon smiling at me again after but got a big niggly in the evening and didn't want to be put down so he had lots of mummy cuddles all night and the day after he woke up in a good mood again :)

Thomas's head and neck are getting stronger all the time he can keep his head up for ages now and it's not very wobbly anymore. He is a very smiley baby he loves being played with and talked to and he is almost laughing now. It makes my heart melt everytime he smiles at me he is absolutely gorgeous.

He is now drinking 5oz bottles of milk and is going about 3& 1/2 to 4 hours between feeds and at night he is sleeping pretty much straight through. Most nights he drops off about 9 and then wakes around 11ish for a bottle and then around 6 so I am getting more sleep which makes for a happy mummy :)

Cheeky chops

Feeding time is getting a little difficult if the television is on as he seems to be more interested in corrie than his bottle :)

I have recently started putting Thomas in his blow up doughnut and he loves it he will spend ages in there looking at the bright colours around him and cooing sweetly to himself. It comes with some little toys that are suppose to hang off bars that go over it but Thomas has more fun kicking them and touching them when they are in the doughnut with him. This is great for stimulating babies as there is lots of different fabrics for little fingers to touch and all of the toys make noises too. Mummys if you don't have one of these I do recommend it :)

Seriously! Where are you suppose to find the time to do everything that needs to be done around the house as well as look after a small baby. Its often 12pm before I've realised I haven't even had my breakfast never mind got dressed or even thought about tidying up.
So I have been looking around the Internet and other blogs so see if I can find some easy to stick do cleaning rotas. The best ones I have found is on http://www.athriftymrs.com/ and in particular her Housewife labels. In one particular post she details her daily cleaning routine which is rather simple to follow its basically doing things as you go along so your cleaning doesn't build up. This is one of the simplest of things that I always seem to fail to do. So I am hoping with a little inspiration from her I can keep to my own cleaning rota.

So Starting from today I am going to attempt to stick to a cleaning rota. I will try to keep up with cleaning as I go along and that way things shouldn't build up and cleaning shouldn't really take me too long.

Clean kitchen thoroughly and hoover and mop floors.(Floor in bathroom will also be hoovered and mopped as they are next to each other)
Sort through fridge and throw away any out of date food.
Sort and washing out and get it done.

Hoover living room and dining room.
Tidy any of Thomas's toys away that aren't being played with or used.
Run a duster around.
Clean mirror

Tidy dinning room
Throw away any unimportant letters that have been left lying around.
Do any washing that needs to be done.

Hoover both bedrooms through
Empty bins upstairs
Put away any clothes that have been left lying around
Dust bedrooms.

So If I manage to stick to this it shouldn't me more than an hour a day to keep the house spic and span and I should hopefully be able to get all this done whilst Thomas is having his naps.
I will also get Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off (Obviously I will still tidy as I go along)
Long before Thomas was born I have been picking up little books for him mostly from Charity shops or if I see them on Sale anywhere. When he's a little older I will start adding a bedtime story in to his bedtime routine.
My parents always read with me which I think gave me my love of books and I have always been a good little reader. So I think this is important for me to take time and read books with Thomas to get him off to a good start ready for when he starts school. Yes I know it's a long way off but like I say it's never too early.
So during my last trip to Matalan I notice they had a stand with lots of cheap books so I picked a few up for Thomas to add to his growing book collection.

We had a little read through one of the books. He loved looking at the big bright pictures he couldn't take his eyes off them.

As you can see they are cheap as chips so I would definately recommend you go check out the books in Matalan. Let me know if you come across cheap books in other places too :)
...Thomas will ever enjoy bathtime?

We managed a smile when I was washing his hair, but as soon as I put him in the bath to wash him he screamed and screamed :( I've tried warming the water a little more and talking to him and trying to make him smile. Any other ideas?
If you read my birth story post you would know that a cesarean was not what I was wanting when I was going through my birth plan with the midwife. I had wanted a nice active calm labour and didn't really give any thought to a C-section as I was thinking I would be doing it all naturally. Thomas had other ideas though (Birth Story)
Having a Section was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. Obviously it was scary as it was an emergency c-section but there was no pain when they were actually delivering Thomas as I was able to have some of the glorious gas and air as they were giving me the epidural and then I went numb.

When Thomas had been born we were taken to recovery until I started to get some feeling back in my legs which I think took a couple of hours and even then it was only very slight movement. We were then taken to the ward to try and get some sleep. In the morning I was able to move my legs quite well but thankfully I still had no feeling in my tummy. Mid morning a midwife came to remove my catheter and drip which wasn't very pleasant, I was then encouraged to have a shower. I was a little shaky on my feet at first but taking it slowly I was fine.
I was taking paracetamol and Diclofenac which is an anti-inflammatory and I also had to give myself injections to stop my blood from clotting as I wasn't able to get up and walk that much. I also had some rather sexy green support stockings to wear. The pain killers only took the edge of the pain for a short time after the epidural had completely worn off so walking was rather painful and I couldn't straighten up properly.
Sleeping or trying to sleep was pretty awful thank god for hospital beds moving I had to sleep pretty much sitting up because lying flat was pretty impossible. During my stay in hospital I tried to move about as much as possible so that I wouldn't seize up.

Once we were discharged and were at home things were a little more difficult during the first week. We have quite a low settee so sitting down and getting back up was really painful. David had to take Thomas off me before I could stand up.
Getting in and out of bed and doing the night feeds was something I dreaded as it put quite a lot of pressure of my tummy so David had to help me with that too.
After a couple of days at home I started to get a bit down as I was in what seemed like constant pain my tummy was so painful still along with sore boobs. I just felt crap and looking after Thomas was a struggle as I couldn't just get on and do things I had to rely on David which was frustrating for me. I'm so so glad he had 4 weeks off work.
When I took the dressing off the pain was much worse as there was nothing supporting the wound and to make matters worse I had the stitches with the beads at the end which caught on everything. On the Saturday which was a week since the section I had my stitches removed made everything a lot easy and also I found it much easier to move about and I could start doing more.

Over the few weeks the pain got less and less moving about was much easier as my scar started to heal. Now nearly 6 weeks after the section I barely have any pain now, occassionally I forget myself when I sneeze and that hurts you need to support your scar when you sneeze and in the early days also when you cough.

With my next pregnancy I would definately rather have a natural birth if that is possible, but if I had to have another cesarean it wouldnt be that bad. Having a baby is more than worth the pain

If you had of asked me back in May what I would miss about being pregnant I would have said absoutely nothing. I was 14 days overdue and permantly uncomfortable suffering from terrible heartburn all the time. Not being able to put fasten my own shoes and my fingers being so swollen I couldn't even wear my wedding ring.
But now looking back at my pregnancy I had it very smooth and now I have a couple of friends who have recently announced they are pregnant and seeing their updates on facebook and twitter has made me actually miss being pregnant.

So what do I actually miss. 

*My bump believe it or not, even though in the last couple of months I was fed up of feeling like a hippo and hardly being able to lift myself of the settee (We definately need a higher one before baby number 2 in the future) My Son was in that bump growing in to the beautiful baby boy he is.

*The kicks, even though they were uncomfortable at times and kept me awake past 1am most mornings. It was my son moving about and stretching and I loved it. Lets face it, its a very very special thing Daddys will never know what it feels like.

*The Ultrasound scans. That first time we saw our baby at the 12 week scan David and I both welled up seeing this tiny little thing fluttering about on the screen was the most amazing thing ever. Wondering how he/she would look and what they would be like when they were born. Then the 20 week scan was even more wonderful when the sonographer told us we were having a little boy.

*Midwife appointments. Even though peeing in a pot every couple of weeks was a pain. I got to hear my babys heartbeat and have him checked over to make sure that everything was ok and that he was growing nicely.

*The anticipation and excitement of what to expect, wondering who he will look like and what it will be like to become parents for the first time.

*Shopping, buying all of the things our little boy would need. I use to look at his clothes all of the time take them out of the drawers unfold them, fold them imagining what he will look like in certain outfits.

Pregnancy is the most amazing thing ever and I'm already looking forward to the next although not for at least 2 or 3 years. The end result a beautiful baby is worth all the morning sickness, heartburn, sleepless nights and stretch marks.

On the 27th June my little boy was 1 month old, I can not believe just how fast the month went! He is already changing so fast he's beginning to fit in to more and more clothes as he is getting chunkier he is getting proper little rugby player thighs which his Daddy is very proud about.

So at 1 month what can Thomas do?

He has started to smile and no it's not just wind as he smiles when his Daddy and I talk to him and play with him I'm still trying to get a proper smiley picture.

He is holding his head up for around 10 minutes now on his own. He has held his head on his own for a few seconds to a minute since he was a day old, but now his neck is getting stronger and stronger.


He is becoming more and more alert everyday and is staying awake a lot longer during the day. He loves it when you carry him around so he can have a good look around and he loves looking at big pictures you can tell he is taking in all of the different colours.

He has started to sleep a bit longer during the night now. He usually has a feed around 10:30 -11pm and then wakes between 3 and 4 and then wakes again between 6:30 and 7 and he naps most of the morning away too which is good it means I get a chance to have a snooze too. He feeds lots now during the evening tanking himself up so he can sleep longer. I think in the next couple of weeks we will put his feeds up again as he is draining most of his bottles then he may even miss out the feed in the middle of the night.

We can finally dress him in more outfits Yippeeee. During the first couple of weeks he could only wear sleepsuits and 2 dungaree outfits. My mum had to go out to but some newborn trousers for him but even them have only just started fitting him.

Just a quick post to show off my new tattoo dedicated to my beautiful boy. I absolutely adore it, i'm already planning my next one. I have been bitten by the tattoo bug again.
*Please note these are my own opinions*

Towards the end of my pregnancy when I started to think about how I would feed Thomas it seemed the only option for me would to breastfeed it gets pushed on to pregnant ladies so much you feel like its the only thing you should do, even considering bottle feeding seems like it is frowned upon by many midwives but for some women it just doesn't seem to work.

After I gave birth I had skin to skin with Thomas and he latched on properly himself and I thought wayhayy this is going to be a doddle. How wrong was I? The next day we tried feeding him again and he seemed to forgot what to do. I did have lots of midwives on hand to help which did help with showing me what do to but I felt like I had to force Thomas's head to stay in place which I didn't like to do, he kept wanting to pull away and just suck the very end of the nipple which began to make me sore. The more I moved Thomas away for get him latched on properly the more he screamed in frustration and the more I got frustrated. We then saw a breastfeeding nurse who showed me different positions none of which Thomas really liked.
The whole experience was beginning to make me sore I was beginning to dread feeding time. On day 2 Thomas decided not to latch on at all but the midwife still kept thrusting him on me make my nipples so sore having to deal with that as well as a sore tummy from having a Cesarean was beginning to get me down. I then had rather a moody midwife who told me to express some milk and then she didn't actually stick around to show me how. When I couldn't express anything because my milk hadn't come in they decided to feed him some formula to make sure he was getting some food.

I stuck at breast feeding over the next few days and when I went home I began to get really down and teary over it and absolutely dreaded the next time he would need a feed because it was so painful. I persevered and tried to use a Tommee Tippee hand pump which was next to useless and didn't work.
When I next saw the midwife I explained the problems that I was having and I asked about turning to bottle feeding as it was beginning to get too much for me, I was quite suprised when she had a positive reaction, she told me to do whatever was best for Thomas and I. So we changed to the bottle to take some pressure of me. I did try to still do a couple of breast feeds during the next couple of days even though Thomas and I were a lot calmer as he wasn't as hungry it was still very difficult to get him to latch on.

I made the decision to stop breast feeding to be honest I felt awful about it and got very teary when I spoke to my husband about it, I felt like I was failing. The health visitor made me feel better though as she told me Thomas had the best stuff, the colostrum during the first few days. Looking back now though I know I made the best choice by stopping as I would have got more and more down and you don't want anything spoiling your first few weeks as a new mum.

Will I give it a go in the future? Of course I will, I will try again with my next child if that doesn't work and I was to have more children I would still try. I'm not completely against breast feeding. It just didn't work for me and Thomas this time.