After my 12 week scan I decided to buy a doppler as one of my friends had one in a previous pregnancy and said how great it was because you have to go quite a while between scans and midwife appointments so you can still check everythings ok in the weeks in between.

I got mine quite cheap off good old Ebay I think I paid just under £10 for the doppler and then also got some ultrasound gel for £1.99 so it was a great bargain.

I first tried to use my doppler just after the scan but I think because the baby was so small it made it quite difficult to find the heartbeat which it tells you can happen. So I left it a couple of weeks and then tried it again. It is amazing to be able to hear your babies heartbeat whenever you want, it also does put your mind at rest once you've started to feel your baby move and then you think you haven't felt him for a little while you can just have a quick check.

I think it will be very useful in the later stages of pregnancy when your baby runs out of space and cant move as much you can still keep checking everything is ok. One of my friends lost her first baby at 8 months when she stopped feeling it move so it terrifies me this could happen so i'm definitely glad I have my doppler to keep an eye or ear on things. *Obviously if you do have any worries and havent felt your baby move for a while contact your midwife or maternity ward/ Hospital ASAP to get checked out*
I thought I would do a little pregnancy update i'm not going to do one every week because I don't really find much changes from week to week.

My little boy has started to move around so much now I still think it feels amazing I just can't get use to it, it makes me smile everytime. Although I'm not too keen when he decides to kick my bladder as soon as I get comfy in bed. I can even see my belly move now when he kicks out and i'm in the bath. I can't wait until David can feel him kicking properly he always seems to miss it.

My bump doesn't seem to be growing that much but I suppose I don't notice it so much as I see it every day. I'm super excited for when it gets really big, although I bet when the time comes I won't enjoy being big and uncomfy. My belly button seems a lot shallower now like its getting ready to be an outie.

The pregnancy websites say that babies can now her muffled sounds so you should start to talk to them. I haven't tried this yet as I feel a bit silly talking to my belly. I might try it next time I'm in the bath.

I think we are pretty set on a name now which is Thomas we have said right from the begining that is the name we would use if we had a little boy and to be honest we can't think of any other names that we like. I'm still reluctant to refer to him as Thomas for some reason, just in case he doesn't like a Thomas when he is born. We would be a bit stuck if he didn't though. Although I think if we do start calling him Thomas now he will be a Thomas when he is born. I don't really know what I'm talking about I'm just babbling a bit now aren't I. Have any of you Mummies felt like this before.
To my little boy

I've decided to start writing you little letters every now and then both before your even born and then when you are here with us. So that some day we can look back on these and see how our lives change when you arrive.

I'm 23 weeks pregnant now and the weeks are flying by although I'd like them to go a little quicker so you are here sooner but for now you stay where you are nice and snug and cooking nicely and squirming and kicking around in my belly. My bump is slowly begining to get bigger your daddy even commented that it's looking even bigger today.

We found out that you were a boy last week on the 4th January and we are so so happy, We had a feeling all along you were a boy but when the midwife confirmed it for us we were so excited. I still can't believe it i'm going to have a son.
On Sunday we went shopping and got lots of clothes for you using our left over vouchers we had for the wedding. We've go lots of clothes to last you for the year and you now have a better wardrobe than me! Your daddy wants you to be a mini me he had us buying you little sweatpants for when your chilling out on the settee watching rugby with him and some cardigans like what he wears for next winter. Your grandad Mark had a chuckle when he saw them because he always makes fun of your daddy because he loves wearing cardigans.

Right little man i'm off to have a bath now. Will write to you again soon.

Love Mummy

Yes we had our 20 weeks scan yesterday, well I am actually 21 nearly 22 weeks gone now. The baby is growing how he should be and everything is looking well which is the most important thing.

We are so happy it is a boy I thought all along it would be and now David has somebody to take rugby and watch rugby with when he’s a little older. I can’t wait to go shopping now at the weekend and spend some of our wedding vouchers on baby clothes he is going to be the best dressed little boy ever. So I will show you some pictures of all the clothes I buy :)
Being pregnant can be a very expensive time so any way to save a bit of money is a great help. Even though I am only half way through I have already learnt quite a few little bits. I also watched Sprinkle of Glitter videos from when she was pregnant on her channel to get some great tips. I would seriously recommend you check out her channel as she has quite a few videos of her beautiful daughter and also videos from when she was pregnant.

Don’t go overboard on buying pregnancy books especially from books shops like WH Smith and Waterstones because they will be very expensive. I have bought 2 books from Ebay and they were only a couple of pounds. You don’t need hundreds of these books as they all basically tell you the same thing. I just got one that full of questions and answers and a week by week one. You can find them here

Don’t forget there is hundreds of websites on pregnancy too so you don’t really need books I just like to have something there to hand all the time.

*Join all the parenting and pregnancy clubs and websites you can find. You get lots of free vouchers and samples. Some of the best sites I have found are these
Yeah you sometimes get a lots of bumph through the post but you do get some good sample packs.

I also got a Johnsons gift set for Christmas which I should imagine you can buy all year round and it was under £10. It had a little set of vouchers in them for money off their baby products so you can stock up.

The Boots parenting club is particularly good for freebies as you get more money off vouchers I have got a changing bag for free it’s not that pretty but it will do for when David takes the baby out.  I got a free bottle and also money off nappies and stretch mark oil and heartburn relief.

*Ebay is your friend I have got some maternity clothes from there for a couple of pounds each as I have said before you don’t want to spend lots of money on maternity clothes as you won’t be wearing them for that long.

*Take a look in charity shops. Now is not the time to be snobby have a look inside some charity shops you never know what you might find. Up to yet I have only got a couple of books but I will definitely be going again once we know the sex of the baby to see if there are any clothes worth buying. This is something else I saw on Sprinkle of Glitter’s video as she managed to find some great things. Babies grow out of clothes so quickly so you don’t want to spend a fortune on their clothes for them to wear them a couple of times. So when you think about it the clothes you pick up from charity shops will probably be in great condition as they have probably only been worn a couple of times. So as long as you give them a good wash they will be great.

*There are lots of groups popping up on facebook where local people are selling their old stuff I would recommend you check these groups out as you can sometimes spot some right bargains. So far my mum has found us a changing unit which was only £25 which is a lot cheaper than if you were to buy one new. I the other day I got a nappy holder for a fiver which was cute. Once we find out the sex I will be having another look on there.

*Don’t turn away freebies from friends who have already had children and are getting rid of their stuff. One of my kind friends from work has given us a cot mobile, baby bouncer chair, baby walker and a play mat as she was only going to throw them away and they were all in great condition. Another friend gave us a duvet cover and another smaller play mat. Don’t be too proud to accept freebies.

 These are the only tips I have come across so far I’m sure I will come across lots more so I will be sure to update you when I do J