Direct Cosmetics Haul*

I love me a bargain website, especially those that sell beauty products at bargain prices. There are quite a lot of these kind of sites around but I recently had the chance to try a site which is new to me which is Direct Cosmetics and after endless browsing I finally picked three products to try out.

Last year I received the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream which I love but I don't think I have actually ever mentioned it on my blog before for some reason. When I noticed an Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour product on the site I knew I had to try it especially when it was only £10.99 and my first impressions are it is really nice and already I have noticed that it is helping my lips. I will do a full review on it when I have used it for a little while longer.

Another Elizabeth Arden product I got was a hydrating face mask which at only £6.99 for a 100ml  product was a complete steal. I'm really getting in to face masks lately and I have gotten in to a little routine of applying one at least once a week and so I can't wait to try this one out to see if it is as good as the other Elizabeth Arden products I have tried. Again I will do a full review of this products when I have used it more. So keep your eyes open for that.

Lastly I chose a completely different product by Skin Doctors which is their Hair No More, which is a hair removal cream but also it has a hair growth inhibitor spray which I was quite intrigued by so I can't wait to see if it actually works, even if it keeps hair at bay for a couple of extra weeks that is a bonus for me. So I shall definitely be sharing more about this product and whether it is worth the £11.99 you can buy it for on Direct Cosmetics.

Delivery was super quick too from this site and I shall definitely be treating myself to more goodies from their after Christmas when I have some extra pennies to treat myself with. 


Getting Your Car Winter Ready*

Last Friday I drove over something at my local Aldi carpark and punctured my tyre which resulted in me having to hurry across to a local mechanic which luckily was just across the road. I should have really called somebody out but I didn't actually have my phone on me! The one and only time I ever forget my phone and this happens! Just my luck.

Whilst I was having my punctured tyre replaced I thought I may aswell get the front two replaced too as the tread on them was getting pretty low and I needed to get them replaced anyway as winter is here just in case we get any snow and ice any time soon.

As well as checking your tyres make sure you check all the levels in your car. Oil level, water level, screen wash level, The last thing you want is to break down on a cold and dark night and be stuck for ages waiting for your breakdown services. Also make sure you have anti freeze in your screen wash the last thing you need is your window screen freezing over.There are lots of guides for getting your car ready for the winterto give you lots of tips for not getting caught out again.

It might be worth keeping a little emergency kit in your car too, Things to include could be a pair of boots, an extra jumper, a torch, a high vis jackets just in case you ever break down and need to leave your car. I think I will also keep a little wallet with break down cover details and I know I will be keeping a note of my local Point S Tyres in Cheadle just in case I ever get caught with a puncture again in the future.

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Christmas Ideas - Book Advent Calendar

Last Christmas I cam across the idea of book advent calendar on Pinterest but when I saw it I think it was part way through Advent and so too late to start it, so I made note of the idea as a must for this Christmas.

One thing I would recommend when you are buying books for this is to try The Book People or The Works as they often to lots of different deals which can save a lot of money as buying 24 books at £5+ each will get expensive but I got two packs of 10 books for £9.99 on The Book People.

Now I think most people buy 24 books all about Christmas or Winter but I decided to do half and half. Half winter books and half normal books as I wanted to get Thomas lots of new books we can read all year round. I wouldn't really want to read books about Winter in July.

Next was the task of wrapping up 24 books and wow that took a long time nearly 2 hours but it will hopefully be worth it when Thomas and I can unwrap one of the books each night and snuggle up and read them. I'm just not sure how to display them come the 1st December. One things for sure Thomas wont be needing any more books for a long, long time.

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