Halloween Hand Print Fun

The quickest and easiest crafts to do with toddlers has got to be hand prints after all they love getting messy don't they? The best thing of all is that you can turn them in to pretty much anything. So we made spiders or pyders as Thomas calls them and witches.

Mummy finds those black painted hands scarier than anything!

I think Thomas enjoyed making these pictures the best.


Spooky Halloween Hanging Bats

Another day another Halloween craft. Do you ever think about the amount of empty toilet rolls you throw away? I bet we get through loads but I have recently started to save them for lots of different crafts I have been thinking about doing with Thomas.

I am a bit of a silly mummy for not thinking about getting Thomas an apron for when we are doing crafts you definitely need one especially when you are letting a toddler loose with black paint!

To make the wings I cut out some wings from black paper and then glued them to the back. You could either draw the eyes on or use googley eyes like we did, Thomas dabbed on a little bit of glue and then chose two eyes to stick on.

I think they look super cute hanging from out stairs. 


Halloween Crafts - Pumpkin Plates

I love it when we get to Halloween as it's only a matter of time before Christmas and there are so many different reasons for getting crafty and lets face it we need something to keep our little ones occupied when the weather isn't that great outside. This week we have been doing lots of Halloween crafts do decorate the house.

I love watching Thomas when he is really concentrating on something and he tells me exactly what he is doing and he knows when to ask for more paint so he can carry on creating his masterpiece.

These pumpkin plates are super easy for toddlers to make. Thomas loved it he kept saying "I painting mama look" and he was very proud of his plates when he had finished. I used a bit of black paint to draw the faces on or if you have and black paper or card you could cut out the shapes and let your toddler stick them on the plate how ever they like.

I then hung the pumpkins around the room and they look super cute much better than any shop bought decorations.


Weekends Aren't The Same When You Are A Parent

When you are in your teens/ early twenties your weekends are you own. Or at least they were when I was that age. I spent my weekend nights out with friends partying, drinking and staying out until 2/3 even 4 am and that was the norm. I could do it and not feel guilty about it I was working and living at home so my money was my own other than paying my dad a bit of board each month I had the rest of my money to myself. I could go out and buy myself a new outfit every weekend ready for a night of partying.

Fast forward a few years and things couldn't be more different. Weekends as a parent are completely different. There is washing to be done, piles and piles of washing as toddlers get very dirty pretty much all of the time. There's housework to be done and then there's the weekly food shop to be bought. Add actually looking after your toddler in to the mix and sometimes I'm looking forward to a break at work on a Monday.

It's hard to believe that a few years ago I was up until the early hours of the morning at weekends when now some times I struggle to stay awake past 10pm and weekend lie ins are also a thing of the past. I don't think Thomas understands that people like lie in's at the weekend, I'm sure it's something that he will learn during his teenage years though.

Even though now I only have Thomas for a full weekend every other weekend, the weekends I don't have him I miss him and I am always looking forward to when his dad brings him back home. Of course we all like a bit of time off when we are parent but I would always prefer my weekends as a parent they are much better than any night out.
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