School Uniforms Don't Have To Be Expensive*

No sooner have children broke up from school for the summer holidays are shops stocking back to school items, I for one use to hate it the constant reminder of school. Although I did like having a load of new clothes for the new term and a bag full of new stationery. These days as I am getting older and more and more of my friends on Facebook have children who are nearing school age and they are talking about how pricey it is when you have children starting school and you need to go out and buy full school uniforms.

I know Thomas has only just turned 2 and when I think about how quick the last two years have gone it makes me a little sad when I think that before I know it he will be nearing school age and I will be one of those parents flapping around during the summer holidays trying to get Thomas’s school uniform ready for his very first day in reception. When I think about that is leaves me with a sinking feeling in my tummy, why does my baby have to get big?

A few days ago I saw a tweet from a fellow blogger who had just been and bought a school uniform for her two children ready for the new school term and it cost her £300! I just can’t believe how expensive it can be. When it is eventually my time to buy Thomas’s school uniform I will definitely shop around to find the best quality school uniform that is also good value for money. I mean just look at Asda they have good quality uniforms for really reasonable prices and they even come with 100 day money back guarantee so they obviously believe in the quality of their clothing. I really do hate the thought of having to spend over £100 on a school uniform that when your children are growing might not even last a term! It just seems silly that you need to spend excessive amounts of money on clothes just for school. I would much rather spend more money on clothing for Thomas that he can wear every day.

Will you be buying your childs first uniform this summer?


Potty Training Live 2014*

If you have never heard of Dry Like Me pads they are small pads which stick in to your toddlers underwear and help to protect against accidents. Unlike using pull ups which still feel like nappies and can confuse your child and delay potty training success. Dry Like Me make your child feel like a grown up as they are still wearing proper underwear but they offer protection from accidents.

As you may have read on my blog over the past couple of weeks we have started trying to get use to the potty and we have been working on getting him to understand what the potty is for. Potty training is daunting to both parents and toddlers and I will admit as a parent the whole potty training process stresses me out, not knowing what to do for the best. So I have been doing a lot of research in how to make potty training easier for both myself and Thomas and I have found the Dry Like Me website to be full of lots of useful information on potty training and how to do it successfully.

Lasy year the ladies behind "Dry Like Me" ran Potty Training Live over the summer to help parents who are starting potty training by giving weekly advice and tips to help with each stage of potty training and as it was so successful this year they are back again to help even more parents crack potty training. Below is a small list of what will be covered during each week. If you would like any more information please visit

WEEK 1 Getting Ready
WEEK 2 Going for It 
WEEK 3 Keeping Going & Troubleshooting 
WEEK 4 You Did It! 


Beauty Time Savers For Mums

It's no secret that once you have a child your usual beauty regime goes out of the window because you simply don't have the time to leisurely get ready in the mornings anymore. For me in order to have enough time to get ready for work I have to get up an hour earlier than I use to before having Thomas just so I have enough time to shower and make myself look presentable for work before I get Thomas up and ready for nursery.

At the weekends when I'm not at work I'm obviously not going to get up super early just to get ready before Thomas wakes (I'm not mad) So if James isn't around to keep his eye on Thomas whilst I get ready I have to get showered, dressed and sort my hair and make up out in super quick time.

I have rounded up a few products I turn to when I need to get ready as quick as I can.

Dry shampoo is a must have in my opinion, not washing, drying and straightening my hair can cut off at least 30 minutes from the time it takes for my to get ready. So if my hair isn't looking too bad I freshen it up with dry shampoo to get it looking better.

The next hair product I use that saves me time when I am getting ready is John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 day straight spray. I love this product I have reviewed it before here on my blog.  I'm now on my third bottle. I really do think it keeps my hair straighter for longer so there is no need to waste time straightening my hair everyday.

Another great time saver for me is Nivea In shower body moisturiser. I will be honest I tend to skip using normal moisturiser because I simply haven't the time to wait around to dry before I get dressed. So I simply use this in the shower and it leaves me with soft skin in half the time.

I use Micellar water to remove any stubborn make up and generally clean my face when I don't have time to properly cleanse and tone. It is also so much better than just using make up wipes.

I like to paint my nails but simply don't have the time to sit and do nothing whilst I wait for them to dry so I use Elegant touch rapid dry spray which dries your nails really quickly so you don't waste any precious time.

What beauty products do you use to save you time?


8 Signs You Are The Parent Of A Toddler

  1. You find yourself scared of silence, if your toddler is being too quiet chances are they are doing something they shouldn't be.
  2. You start to speak like your parents for example "If I have to tell you once more there will be trouble" or "You sound like you are making a mess in there"
  3. It gets to a point where you grow to like Peppa Pig or which ever cartoon your child is loving at the moment.
  4. You become obsessed with asking your toddler if they need a wee and being constantly on edge whilst they are nappy free.
  5. Instead of having the latest chart hit stuck in your head you find yourself singing random parts of Go!Go!Go! songs from Nick Jr throughout the day and drive yourself absolutely batty with it.
  6. You are scared to stay up too late just in case your toddler wakes up too early.
  7. Going to work is classed as time off, and you actually look forward to not having to deal with tantrums or nappy changes for 8 hours a day.
  8. You agreed most of these points 

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