Let me start by saying Wow, visiting Ragdale Hall was my first spa experience and I was well and truly spoilt. I was lucky enough to be invited to Ragdale Hall to review their Clarins Mum & Me Spa day package. It was obviously an opportunity that I just couldn't turn down.

When we arrived at Ragdale Hall we were greeted and shown to the Garden Room and we have a nice cup of tea whilst we were handed our robes and then we were greeted by a lovely lady Joni who gave us a tour of Ragdale and pointed out all of the different rooms and where we could go to relax. After the little tour we go changed in to our costumes and big chunky white robes and explored a little ourselves before having lunch.

Lunch was a healthy buffet which was lovely everything was really tasty and I got to try lots of things that I probably wouldn't even have thought to try otherwise.

The spa is absolutely beautiful I seriously could have stayed there forever, there are so many different places you can escape and chill out. There are places you can sit, chill and chat and silent rooms where you can go for complete peace and quiet. Ragdale Hall has seriously thought of everything.

My favourite little room to escape to was the Candle Pool which is a little cavern that you walk down in to and it is lit by flickering candles and a star-lit ceiling the pool is heated to a constant 34ºc which makes it perfect to just lie back and relax in.

I also enjoyed the Thought Zone which is the perfect place to sit and relax with soft changing music, images and colours to help you drift on in your own thoughts.

As part of the Clarins Mum and Me Day we were treated to a Clarins Serenity Facial which lasted for 40 minutes and that was amazing. It was my first ever facial and I can't believe I had never had one before. My skin felt amazing afterwards and I felt so relaxed I could have just fell asleep right there and then. Alongside the facial we also had a skin consultation and were told which products would best suit our skin types and they were recorded so that we could buy the products that were used during the facial.

There are so many different beauty treatments and spa treatments that you can add to your spa day so that you leave feeling amazing and relaxed. The next time I go I will definitely be adding more treatments to my day.

I would definitely visit Ragdale Hall again we had an amazing day and were truly spoilt I didn't want our day there to end. The staff in the spa are so lovely and friendly which definitely makes your day much more special and I would recommend Ragdale to anybody who is looking for a spa day. 

I don't think I have ever talked about wee and poo as much as I do these days I am constantly asking Thomas if he needs a wee and not to forget he needs to wee on the potty and not in his pants. Whenever I talk to Thomas's dad our main topic of conversation is wee or poo related. It has seriously taken over my life!

Potty training has been one of the most frustrating things I have had to do as a parent. Like how do you make a toddler understand the feeling of needing to wee and then make them understand that after 2/3 years they have got to stop just letting go in their nappies and they have to do their business in a potty.

After feeling like Thomas would never get using the potty this last week he has done brilliantly we there has been 1 or 2 accidents at nursery which may be down to not getting there in time but at home we haven't had any accidents, I don't really have to remind him about using the potty either he tells me when he needs to sit on the potty. The only thing we are having a little problem with is pooping he's still not keen on doing that on the potty and gets himself worked up so I have to sit with him and hold his hand and try to keep him on the potty until he's finished but we will get there I'm sure.

I am so proud of my little man and how well he is doing and you can see on his face that he is proud of himself. If you are struggling a bit with potty training keep with it! You will be pleasantly surprised at how it all just clicks with your child.

Thomas is still not potty trained and he is 34 months old, now I'm not sure whether that's the norm or whether he's a little late. I know people always say it's better to wait until boys are a little older before you start trying to potty train them as they can be a little slower to grasp it than girls. I have tried potty training before with Thomas on a few different occasions but soon stopped as he just didn't seem to be getting it at all.

People at nursery and members of my family have now started to make comments about when is Thomas going to get out of nappies and I'm beginning to feel under pressure to get Thomas using the potty. I recently made the decision to get Thomas out of nappies and this time there is no going back. I do feel Thomas is more ready now to be out of nappies but at the moment I'm dealing with Thomas just being very stubborn as he doesn't want the inconvenience of being in his big boy pants because that mean's he has to keep stopping what he is doing for me to plonk him on the potty for 5 minutes.

Thomas has been wearing his pants for about 2 weeks now, I have stopped putting him in nappies at home now except for over night because we definitely aren't there yet. Like with anything we are having good days and bad days. One day I will pick Thomas up from nursery and he will have had 1 accident all day and then the next day I pick him up and he will have had 3 or 4 accidents but we are persevering and we will get there eventually. Until then the washing machine is on every single night.

It's hard work this potty training lark is and definitely the most stressful thing I have had to do as a parent so far, does that sound mad? I am constantly on edge worrying if he will wee on my settee or if we will get to nursery in time and hoping we wont get stuck in traffic on the way. Every 10 minutes I find myself reminding Thomas he is wearing his big boy pants and to tell mummy if he wants a wee. I wonder if it would be a good idea to record myself and then play it on loop?
From the 5th April 2015 parents will now qualify for Shared Parental Leave which means that parents will be able to share parental leave during their baby's first year of life. This is brilliant for families where the mother is the main breadwinner if she doesn't want to take her full maternity leave she can share the leave with her partner. So you don't have to spend your maternity leave worrying about money.

It would also be great to help with family bonds, I know sometimes dads can feel a little left out when mums get to spend the first 9 months of their baby's life together and the dad only gets evenings and weekends.

What do you think, would it suit your family to share parental leave?