PicStick Photo Magnets*

PicStick transform your favourite photos into high quality glossy magnets. It couldn't be easier to do either, all you need to do is create and account on their site www.picstick.com and then you have the option to upload your photos straight from your computer, Facebook account or dropbox.

You can create them in sheets of 9 photo magnets which cost £9.99 with free worldwide shipping. I was really impressed with how fast they arrived, they only took a couple of days I was expecting them to take around a week to turn up so I was surprised when the popped through my letterbox.

They really are great quality magnets and would make a great gift so maybe one to remember for Christmas. Both of my Nans have fridges covered in magnets so I am thinking about ordering them both a sheet of magnets with photos of their grandchildren on them for an extra special personal Christmas gift.

Why don't you make use of 25% off these lovely magnets and order some today using MEMORIES25 when you check out


Oatly Wow No Cow!*

Oatly milk free

Oatly is a delicious diary free oat based milk alternative perfect for Vegetarians, Vegans or people following a dairy free diet. Even though we drink milk in our household I was still curious to see what is tastes like as it is also packed full of fibre and nutritional goodness so it might be worth buying Oatly more often to add to our diets.

Since Thomas stopped having milk in bottles he has pretty much gone off drinking milk at all and only has it when he has cereal so I thought it might be interesting to try him with a different type of "milk" to see whether it would get him drinking more of it. The chocolate milk was a hit straight away with him, he actually drank it with no fuss and asked for more!

I have tried a few different milk alternatives in the past just after Thomas turned one he went through quite a bad phase with his eczema so I cut dairy from his diet for a while as that can sometimes trigger eczema flare ups so we tried Almond milk and rice milk but neither of us were very keen on them but I actually really like the taste of these they are naturally sweet and don't leave any funny tastes in my opinion.

A recommended recipe for the chocolate flavoured drink is to make chocolate porridge with it. Now why have I never thought to try something like this before! Everybody loves chocolate and what better than starting your day with chocolate! Both Thomas and I were big fans of the chocolate porridge it was really yummy and you don't have to worry about it being full of sugar because it isn't! 


Thomas At 27 Months

I don't really do these type of update posts anymore I don't really know why to be honest, I guess when a child reaches 2 they aren't changing so dramatically as they do when they are younger so I like to space update posts a little more so that I'm not just saying the same thing all the time.

The biggest change I have noticed recently is in Thomas's speech, it is really coming on well now, his sentences are getting longer and it is as if we are starting to have conversations now. Thomas has also finally started to say his own name and it is absolutely adorable. I didn't think he would ever say it as he just called himself  "mus" yet he could say the names of most of his friends at nursery. Thomas has also started to sing along with songs he especially likes “The wheels on the bus” and “Baa baa black sheep” and I catch him singing that to himself quite often and every single time it melts me.

We have started to introduce Thomas to the potty, I wouldn't really say we are potty training at the moment because I just don't think he is ready to start properly as I don't think he properly understands yet. So maybe I will still keep trying it every so often but I don't the time is right to properly push him on the potty front just yet.

I don't want to jinx things by saying this but it seems like Thomas's tantrums have died down a lot lately. When I think back to how he was towards the end of last year and early this year the tantrums were terrible to the point where I didn't know how I could carry on coping on my own particularly with the headbanging he use to do. Over the past few months they have certainly calmed down a lot, of course we still have blips now and then where we have mini tantrums but I don't mind them so much as they aren't often at all.

Thomas's appetite gets bigger and bigger everyday! before he was 2 it was getting to be a struggle to get him to eat much at all. I would collect him from nursery and everyday they would go through what he has ate during the day and it would just be half his dinner or a couple of spoon fulls of a meal but now everyday he eats everything that is put in front of him and he even has second helpings. I have also pretty much cut out biscuits and chocolate at home in fact it's rare I even buy them anymore but Thomas seems just as excited to have a banana or blueberries (Or boobies as Thomas calls them) and a yoghurt for a snack instead of biscuits and chocolate buttons.

Thomas's current obsession is buses, he has two at home he plays with all the time. When ever we are in the car he points out every bus we seen on our journey. Most boys love trains and cars but not Thomas, show him a bus and he almost loses his head with excitement!


Dealing With Medical Negligence*

Before becoming a proper "grown up" and having a child and your own home and bills and a car to pay for each month you never really think about the consequences of being out of work for any period of time. If you are lucky enough to be living at home with your parents with no bills to pay or if you have somebody to help you out then I don't suppose you really need to worry about being out of work.

We are always in such a rush to grow up, move out, get our own house, start a family and gain our own independence. Along with independence comes responsibility we are now responsible with keeping on top of our bills each month and making sure the rent or mortgage gets paid each month.

Now more than ever the thought of being out of work for any reason especially if I was out of work due to a medical error scares me as I don't know how I would cope with not having a steady wage coming in each other. Even being paid sick pay would leave me struggling. I know I have people in my life who would help me out if worst come to worst but it would be too big an ask.

We don't know what's round the corner you could end up needing a simple medical procedure and something could go wrong due to medical negligence and that's where companies like Leo Claims come in. Leo Claims deal with medical negligence claims which are sometimes known as clinical negligence and they cover all things like dental negligence, birth injury claims or hospital negligence and many more.
So if any of these were to happen to you that would be bad enough never mind if you were out of work for a period of time due to them you know you would be able to claim compensation and they take care of everything for you so you don't have to worry about contacting the guilty party and they are also no win no fee!
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