A Few Blogging Tips and Tricks I Have Picked Up*

I'm not going to claim to be the best when it comes to blogging, in fact I'm no where near there are a lot of wonderful, well established bloggers out there I'm just a very small fish in a massive blogging pond. I have been blogging for about two and a half years now (that actually shocked me when I thought about how long I had been blogging for) And in that time I have picked up a few little helpful tips and tricks along the way.

Social Media is your best friend, I find that blogging relies very heavily on social media if you want to try and get your blog off the ground after all that is how you spread the word about your blog and find new readers the quickest. I use to dedicate a lot of time to social media when I had more time to spend on blogging and I definitely noticed a big difference when it came to my daily page views so it is definitely beneficial to use social media.

Post consistently, It's no secret that blogging has taken a bit of a back burner in recent months but lately I have been trying to make more of a conscious effort to blog more regularly. Now I don't mean you need to blog everyday or even every other day but just frequently enough so that your readers know to keep coming back to catch up with your blog and they know they can expect fresh content and are more likely to follow your blog.

Get to grips with SEO, SEO is pretty important if you are trying to increase your readership . By using SEO effectively it will help move your blog further up Google rankings so that your blog is returned in web searches which will bring in more readers. I am still trying to get to grips with using SEO myself but here are a few little things I have been trying to do.
Try and use good descriptive blog titles and phrase them with what you think people would type in to Google.
Pick a key phrase for your blog post and try and incorporate it a few times in to the post, preferably is should be the same if not similar to the post title, but try not to make it too obvious what you are doing.
Get in to the habit of renaming your images, this will help you images show up more in searches and so will redirect people to your blog so instead of saving images as "sgozfojfbnewo" get use to renaming them.

By trying to incorporate the above tips in to your blogging you will soon find that you blog will slowly start to grow. Don't be put off if it does take a while to get your blog off the ground but it you keep at it you will notice your hard work will start to pay off.  If you are wanting to start working with different companies and brands you will find as your blog starts to get more established you will start to get contacted more. PR companies and agencies such as Total media which is a digital agency in London as they will start to notice your blog more as it works it's way up Google rankings.

Use good clear photos I try and make sure all of my photos are nice and clear good quality photos most of the time. People tend to be drawn to photos first, I know I do, if I see a blog with big good quality photos I am more likely going to spend my time reading through their posts rather than a blog with tiny poor quality photos. They really do sell your blog.

Have a good clear layout, I am a big fan of good looking blogs, like with good photos people are drawn to easy to read, eye catching blogs. It's not something that you need to spend a lot of money on in fact it's not something you need to spend anything on. There are so many easy to follow tutorials on Google which show you basic HTML that you can use to make your layout more suited to you.

Enjoy yourself, as hard as it is you need to try not to get caught up too much with worrying about stats and followers. First and foremost you should be blogging because you enjoy it. Your readers can tell whether you put your heart in to your blogging or whether you just do it to see what you can get out of it which is completely the wrong reason to start blogging but sadly has become the main reason for a lot of people starting a blog.


Would you Consider Laser Eye Surgery?*

I would change quite a few things about myself if I could, one of the first would be my eye sight. Without my contact lenses I am blind as a bat and that is no exaggeration. I have to wear contacts or glasses at all times or else I can't see anything. I wear contact lenses full time partly because I don't like wearing glasses as I have never been able to find any that suit me but also because I hate that with glasses I can't just have a quick glance down or to the side because I can't actually see anything but a blur which probably doesn't make sense to those of you with good eyesight.

I will almost definitely get laser eye surgery at some point during my life, I have already read quite a lot about it and have spoken to a few people who have had it done and don't have a bad word to say about it. The only thing stopping me is the fact that you have to have had a steady prescription for two years which at the moment I haven't had as my eyes are forever changing as they get use to wearing contact lenses full time.

I have read and watched so many stories from people who have undergone laser eye surgery and it has changed their lives like this one for example.

If you already have perfect or near perfect vision you probably don't realise how much you take for granted. For glasses or contact lense wearers simple things like swimming can be extremely daunting when you rely so much on something to help you see properly. I would love to be able to go swimming and not be constantly worrying about getting water in my eyes ( I know you aren't suppose to wear lenses in water but otherwise I can't actually see much) As silly as it sounds I would love to be able have naps during the day or to fall asleep on the settee without worrying about having to take my lenses out first it's the silly things like that people take for granted.

I am just so hopeful that one day I can finally have corrective surgery on my eyes and then I can finally take my contact lenses out and bin my glasses for good! I would love to hear if you have had laser eye surgery and how it went.

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If you walk in to my house you will soon see that I love having family photos all around, well I say family photos there is only actually one photo of myself and Thomas the rest are just Thomas. We really need to get some more actual family photos.

A month or two ago Thomas had some photos taken at nursery but as usual they were so expensive to actually get them printed out and even more so if you wanted the photo put on to canvas so when I was asked soon after if I would like to review a canvas from www.thecanvasprints.co.uk I immediately said yes as I had the perfect photo for it.

The order was processed and it was delivered pretty quickly which I was impressed with and it come really well packaged so it didn't get damaged in the post.
I am really impressed with the size of the canvas for the price which you are looking at £30 for a 18"x12" canvas which is really good in my opinion.

The quality of the canvas is really good, the image quality is good it doesn't look blurred in the slightest which is a problem I have come across in some canvases.

Thecanvasprints.co.uk also offer various other sizes and styles of canvases such as photo splits which I think look really good especially if you have a really nice landscape photo to use, I would love one of these if I had a big enough spare bit of wall. 


My Picks For Glowing Skin

I have been looking for products to help my skin look more healthy, glowing and radiant for a while now as after I had Thomas I noticed my skin had started looking tired and dry and just generally not that good, hooray for hormones giving us bad skin.

I have a nice little selection of products now that I turn to on a daily basis which help me achieve a more glowing finish to my make up. I find it best to start with a good base for your make up and using a product like L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer. I have talked about this product before I think it is brilliant for creating a nice glowing base for your make up.

I would say my skin type is dry/ combination and so I have found that there are a few foundations I like to use for a dewy finish to my skin and they are Rimmel Perfect Match, Rimmel Wake me up, No7 Instant Radiance, L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation and lastly quite a new purchase for me Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I love all of these foundations and find they are all pretty perfect for helping me achieve the glowing finish I want to my skin and also they give me the right amount of coverage I need without looking cakey in the slightest.  As I said my skin is pretty dry so I can’t really comment on whether these foundations would suit oily skin types or they might be a bit too much for your skin.

The final product I turn to, to help with a more dewy look is  a Seventeen highlighter which I have mentioned here on my blog before it really helps to add a glow to your cheeks and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a highlighter.

What are your favourite products for glowing skin?
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