L'oreal Collection Exclusive Lipstick Julianne's Nude

I really do love lipsticks and I am trying to get in to the habit of wearing them more as I have so many sitting in my make up drawer that are just crying out to be used more. If you look at my lipstick collection you will find many different shades of pink. I don't really stray far away from pink.

I have tried on a number of different occasions but I chicken out of ever going out with a bright and vibrant colour on my lips. I was recently browsing boots looking for a little treat and I saw that there was a 3 for 2 deal on L'oreal products so I decided to treat myself to a few products.

I was browsing the new Collection Exclusive range and the shade that immediately caught my eye was Julianne's nude so I popped it in my basket.

Just look at that beautiful dusky pinky/ rose colour. I think it has fast become one of my favourite lipsticks

I think this shade definitely suits a paler skin tone which makes it perfect for me, it adds a lovely subtle colour to your lips. The lipstick has quite a creamy consistency and it feels so smooth when you apply it to your lips and it's not too high maintenance making it perfect for everyday use. That is one thing I love about lipsticks of this kind of colour they are just so easy to use. I recently tried to apply a red and it just looked awful you really need to be so precise when you apply brighter colours otherwise they just look messy.

I think I will have to have another look at the rest of the lipsticks in this collection to see if any others catch my eye.


Keeping Cosy This Autumn/ Winter Season

I love this time of year there is nothing I like more that getting all snuggly and cosy and relaxing in front of the tele under a blanket or getting in to bed with a good book and just keeping warm. There was something about my previous house that meant that I just couldn't get cosy in there I don’t know what it was but already I love my new little house it just feels perfect for this time of the year and all of the visitors I have had so far have mentioned how cosy my house feels, Maybe it is because the rooms are a little smaller more snug.

I wanted to share with you some of the little touches I have been adding to my new home to make it feel a little more cosy 

I also love cushions and blankets for making a room look more cosy and comfy. They are also fab for layering.

I haven't had a bed with a head frame for so long, well ever really so I am so happy I finally have this bed. I love the flower fairy lights I have hung from it.

As you can see I love candles at this time of year they are my number one must have if you are wanting to make your home looks more cosy.

 I am absolutely in love with my new bedroom it feels so relaxing when I sit in there it is a perfect place to chill when I have had a long day. I just want to put a few more pictures up in the room and then it will be perfect.

A little moving in present to myself was these little candle houses they were only £12 from Asda and I love them. I uploaded a photo to Instagram and facebook and I got so many compliments on them and I know a couple of people have actually gone out and bought them. 


Essence LongLasting Lipstick in Love Me

I had seen various Essence products floating around the blogging world but until recently I don't think they had been readily available in the UK until they have recently started being stocked in Wilkos stores. I thought I would pick up a couple of products to see what they are like. Essence is a budget friendly brand and had very affordable products which look quite good quality.

I bought one of their lipsticks in the shade Love Me it is a beautiful dusky rosy pink shade. For £2.50 the quality is brilliant it is very highly pigmented, I know sometimes when you buy a cheaper lipstick the colour pay off isn't always great

It has a creamy and moisturising finish I thought it might be quite drying on your lips with it being a cheaper lipstick but it is really quite creamy and it feels like a much more expensive lipstick. I just love the colour it is perfect for me a beautiful everyday pink and as you know if you have been reading my blog for a while I don't like bright lip colours. I will definitely be buying more lipsticks from the range the next time I am in Wilkos.


#ClarksMoments Maxi Hehe Fst Boots*

As I have mentioned before we love Clarks shoes and as you may have seen Thomas was lucky enough to get a new pair of boots ready for the Autumn/ Winter to keep his tootsies nice and toasty. I picked these lovely boots as I loved the colour they look perfect for this time of year. I love the pop of mustard yellow with the brown it makes the boots more fun for toddlers.

The boots are also surprisingly easy to get on even on a toddlers uncooperative feet as they have little zips down the side meaning you can open them up quite wide and your toddler can easily push their foot in and there is a little toggle at the back you can pull them on with ease. The leather is also soft and flexible making them super comfortable for your toddler no need to worry about them rubbing and they can still move easily with them on as you don't want their movements to be restricted.

Thomas loves his new boots.

*c/o Clarks Shoes
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