My First Dabble In To Revolution Make Up

Revolution make up has only recently launched in Superdrug and of course if you follow beauty blogs like I do it seems like many were sent PR samples to test out and create a buzz among the beauty blogging world. I was intruiged to see what the brand would be like in comparison to Superdrug's MUA range as it seems to be extremely similar to it but I have been unable to see whether they are actually both from the same company.

I visited my local Superdrug and had a quick look at the stand but like the MUA stand it was looking rather bare and muddled they don't seem to care much what the cheaper make up stands look like. So I was instantly put off I didn't really want to have to forage for make up.

I had been after some new blushers for a while now as I was getting bored with my current ones that I keep flitting between, so when I noticed the blush palette in "Sugar & Spice" for just £6 I put it straight in my basket.

I decided not to get any of the eye shadow palettes even though they looked fab and the "Iconic" palettes are suppose to be really good dupes for the Urban decay Naked Palettes but as I have all three of them I didn't really feel the need to pick up the dupes as well.

The only other thing that really stuck out to me were the nail varnishes for just £1 each I had to get a couple to see what the quality of them was like. So I got two beautiful Autumnal colours "Devil Inside" and "Are you still available?" I must say they are pretty darn good for £1 they take a couple of coats to get a good finish but I find that to be the same for most brands. They last a good couple of days which I will be honest isn't brilliant but I don't tend to keep the colour on my nails for that long anyway.

I think I may have to have another trip to Superdrug in the near future perhaps when the fuss surrounding the brand has died down a little and I will try out a few more of their products.


Getting Big

Ever look at your child and think "Gosh when did you get so big" I seem to be doing that a lot lately, whenever Thomas says something new or does something that seems so grown up. Just simple things like pulling out a book and climbing up on the settee getting himself comfy and then sitting there flicking through his book. The other day when I gave him a yoghurt for his pudding he said "Ohh ank you mama" before gobbling his yoghurt all up. I stand there looking at him my heart completely melted.

When Thomas was much younger I used to look forward to a time we could have little conversations and I could watch him playing with his toys. Now we have got to that point when I watch him growing up as much as I love to see him develop and grow I still get a little pang of sadness that my baby is growing up and it's happening too fast for my liking it is so bittersweet. It wont be long until he is ready for school life will zoom by so fast I can't bare to think about it.
I just hope I can keep all of these simple little memories safe forever

I could sit and watch him playing for hours and not get bored it fascinates me to watch him and wonder what on earth goes through that beautiful little head of his. Thomas has recently starting making little conversations between his toys when he is playing most of which I can't understand but it sounds fun whatever is going on and he gets himself ever so excited.

Right now he is playing with one of his favourite toys his Little People London Bus and I don't know what is happening but two of the little figures seem to having quite a heated discussion I would love to know what about.

The slight downside to Thomas becoming older and wiser is that he is getting more head strong and he doesn't like me telling him what to do much and often thinks he's too big for simple things like holding mummy's hand... he's 2 for heavens sake. There will soon come a time when he thinks he is too cool for anything to do with his mama.


Dettol Laundry Cleanser *

We are constantly being told that washing at high temperatures is bad for the environment but I never stopped to think about whether or not our clothes were actually getting washed properly. When I recently read that 1 in 4 items of children's clothing were contaminated with bacteria after being washed at 40c

It turns out that low temperature washing actually creates a breeding ground for germs. Everybody knows that children who are at nursery or school tend to pick up a lot of cold and bugs. It's hardly surprising when children tend to prefer wiping their runny noses on jumper sleeves instead of tissues and cough and splutter on each other.

Unfortunately washing clothes at 40 just doesn't kill all bacteria but using a disinfectant like Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser in your wash will help to kill 99.9% of bacteria even in low temperatures. I will definitely be using this with every wash especially now we are coming up to cold and flu season I don't want Thomas to be bringing home every cold that happens to be going around at nursery.

The good thing about the Dettol Laundry Cleanser is that is doesn't smell of chemicals it has a lovely fresh cotton scent so it leaves your clothes smelling fresh.


Breville Blend Active Review

I had seen reviews of the Breville Blend Active popping up on various blogs over the past couple of months and I had been intrigued to see what it was actually like, whether it was really as good as it sounds. When I spotted it in The Range for £24 I decided to take the plunge in a bid to start being a little more healthy. As soon as I bought it I dragged my mum to Tesco so that I could buy lots of fruit to test out the Blend Active when I got home.

You can use the Blend Active to make Smoothies, Shakes and slushies. It comes with two 600 ml bottles with leak proof lids perfect if you are taking you smoothie out and about. I really like the fact that you make the smoothie in the bottle because obviously it saves on washing up which lets face it nobody likes making lots of washing up for themselves.

I was going to buy a book on smoothies but lets face it we have the internet where you can find hundreds if not thousands of different smoothie recipes so there isn't much point in spending money of smoothie books when you could jot down the recipes in a notebook.

I have only had the Blend Active for about 2 weeks now but I love it already! I have been having a smoothie every morning for my breakfast and I find them so filling. They are also quick and easy to prepare so it is much easier than sitting down and eating breakfast I can just blitz it and then take it work and sip it at my desk whilst I work and I don't feel the need to sit munching on biscuits for my breakfast.

One of my favourite smoothies so far has to be banana, pineapple, low fat natural yoghurt and porridge oats. With the added porridge oats it makes it super filling

Another smoothie I have been loving is a Summer fruits smoothie where I use mixed frozen summer berries which you can buy from Tesco, banana, low fat natural yoghurt, porridge oats and a little bit of Oatly. I love it and I'm not much of a fan of the mixed summer fruits on their own but mixed together in a smoothie I love them!

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